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183107C-SHS CSI STA-RCSI Consumer Staples Index17.914%61.242%53.270%73.779%Details | Quote
203107C-SHS CSI STACSI Consumer Staples Index15.942%66.419%54.910%56.863%Details | Quote
383136HGI MSCIA50-RMSCI China A 50 Index10.819%37.356%37.885%98.565%Details | Quote
483132C-SHS CSI HLC-RCSI Healthcare Index10.575%18.473%18.327%34.545%Details | Quote
503175F SAMSUNG OILS&P GSCI Crude Oil Index Excess Return10.377%14.035%5.978%--Details | Quote
683150HGI CSI500-RCSI Smallcap 500 Index10.235%38.235%0.584%--Details | Quote
783128HS AINDTOPETF-RHang Seng China A Industry Top Index 9.978%34.783%49.623%131.776%Details | Quote
803087X DBFTSEVIETFTSE Vietnam Index9.576%20.260%21.311%-2.802%Details | Quote
903128HS AINDTOPETFHang Seng China A Industry Top Index 9.560%41.013%54.397%112.468%Details | Quote
1003136HGI MSCIA50MSCI China A 50 Index9.338%43.451%42.725%79.307%Details | Quote
1103132C-SHS CSI HLCCSI Healthcare Index8.894%23.501%22.300%25.415%Details | Quote
1282843AMUNDI A50-RFTSE China A50 Index8.595%30.746%33.672%--Details | Quote
1382822CSOP A50 ETF-RFTSE China A50 Index8.539%29.862%33.132%95.562%Details | Quote
1482832BOSERA FA50-RFTSE China A50 Index8.525%32.136%29.804%80.381%Details | Quote
1502843AMUNDI A50FTSE China A50 Index7.961%36.850%38.320%--Details | Quote
1603150HGI CSI500CSI Smallcap 500 Index7.829%45.324%2.886%--Details | Quote
1782823ISHARES A50-RFTSE China A50 Index7.783%------Details | Quote
1802832BOSERA FA50FTSE China A50 Index7.724%38.230%34.423%68.428%Details | Quote
1903135F CSOP OIL ETFBofA Merrill Lynch Commodity index eXtra CLA Index (Excess Return)7.627%12.224%5.540%--Details | Quote
2003024WISE SSE50ETFSSE50 Index7.585%33.086%31.463%72.756%Details | Quote
2102823ISHARES A50FTSE China A50 Index7.429%35.986%37.226%79.689%Details | Quote
2202848DBMSCIKOREAMSCI Total Return Net Korea Index7.392%19.358%45.555%44.161%Details | Quote
2302822CSOP A50 ETFFTSE China A50 Index7.331%35.664%37.369%80.696%Details | Quote
2409846ISHARESCSI300-UCSI 300 Index7.330%------Details | Quote
2503049X DBCSI300CSI300 Index7.152%34.641%31.988%56.446%Details | Quote
2683170ISHARESKS200-RKOSPI 200 Net Total Return USD Index6.982%11.161%34.777%--Details | Quote
2783100EFUND CSI100-RCSI 100 Index6.928%27.813%27.813%80.771%Details | Quote
2803100EFUND CSI100CSI 100 Index6.770%34.358%33.241%67.319%Details | Quote
2902835MR KOSPI200 ETFKOSPI 200 index6.748%14.725%37.513%36.268%Details | Quote
3009170ISHARESKS200-UKOSPI 200 Net Total Return USD Index6.383%15.385%38.889%--Details | Quote
3103170ISHARESKS200KOSPI 200 Net Total Return USD Index6.352%16.040%39.192%--Details | Quote
3282846ISHARESCSI300-RCSI 300 Index6.126%24.018%----Details | Quote
3303008C-SHS CSI 300CSI 300 Index5.817%26.955%24.557%30.247%Details | Quote
3403167CSOP NEW CHINAS&P New China Sectors Index5.625%32.955%----Details | Quote
3583127MR CSI300 ETF-RCSI 300 Index5.479%23.310%21.579%66.228%Details | Quote
3683180CAM CES A80-RCES China A80 Index5.340%24.474%25.434%83.639%Details | Quote
3703097F MR OIL ETFS&P GSCI Crude Oil Enhanced Index Excess Return5.336%1.339%-3.404%--Details | Quote
3803041VALUE KOREA ETFFTSE Value-Stocks Korea Index5.296%7.472%27.788%9.740%Details | Quote
3903160BMO JAPAN HDGMSCI Japan 100% Hedged to USD Index5.283%13.070%31.140%--Details | Quote
4003180CAM CES A80CES China A80 Index5.082%29.661%29.881%70.569%Details | Quote
4102827X WISECSI300ETFCSI 300 Index5.020%35.789%29.866%50.000%Details | Quote
4283188CAM CSI300-RCSI 300 Index4.887%23.743%22.118%72.791%Details | Quote
4383137CSOP CES A80-RCES China A80 Index4.870%22.312%17.773%56.137%Details | Quote
4483120EFUND CES 120-RCES China 120 Index4.734%23.345%28.727%42.222%Details | Quote
4583008C-SHS CSI 300-RCSI 300 Index4.695%20.867%21.031%39.158%Details | Quote
4603127MR CSI300 ETFCSI 300 Index4.627%29.002%25.424%53.962%Details | Quote
4703153MR A HEALTH ETFS&P Pan Asia ex-JANZ Health Care 504.577%12.500%----Details | Quote
4803120EFUND CES 120CES China 120 Index4.494%29.567%35.656%33.068%Details | Quote
4902846ISHARESCSI300CSI 300 Index4.326%28.747%40.206%64.050%Details | Quote
5083156GFI MSCI A I-RMSCI China A International Index4.301%18.614%14.717%--Details | Quote
5103188CAM CSI300CSI 300 Index4.233%29.031%26.059%60.178%Details | Quote
5282811HT CSI300 ETF-RCSI 300 Index4.225%21.911%21.311%68.182%Details | Quote
5383010ISHARES AXJ-RMSCI All Country Asia ex Japan Index4.176%14.079%29.296%--Details | Quote
5409834ISHARESND100-UNASDAQ 100 Index4.167%11.940%31.579%--Details | Quote
5583149CSOP MSCI A I-RMSCI China A International Index4.131%20.758%16.908%--Details | Quote
5603149CSOP MSCI A IMSCI China A International Index4.100%25.841%20.611%--Details | Quote
5782834ISHARESND100-RNASDAQ 100 Index4.092%6.324%27.017%--Details | Quote
5803126VG FTSE JAPANFTSE Japan Index3.992%13.508%22.358%38.123%Details | Quote
5983162ISHARESMSCIAI-RMSCI China A International Index3.973%20.476%18.779%--Details | Quote
6082836ISHARES INDIA-RS&P BSE SENSEX Index3.907%5.016%19.417%--Details | Quote
6103145BMO ASIA HIGHDVNASDAQ Asia ex Japan Dividend Achievers Index3.878%16.451%33.919%30.309%Details | Quote
6202811HT CSI300 ETFCSI 300 Index3.828%27.049%22.738%55.514%Details | Quote
6383129CSOP 300SMART-RCSI 300 Smart Index3.759%16.358%15.966%--Details | Quote
6402834ISHARESND100NASDAQ 100 Index3.552%10.837%31.011%--Details | Quote
6509836ISHARES INDIA-US&P BSE SENSEX Index3.484%9.594%22.727%--Details | Quote
6603086BMO NASDAQ100NASDAQ 100 Index3.415%10.898%30.999%--Details | Quote
6703137CSOP CES A80CES China A80 Index3.372%27.027%20.926%43.491%Details | Quote
6803156GFI MSCI A IMSCI China A International Index3.337%23.133%17.878%--Details | Quote
6983074ISHARESMSCITW-RMSCI Taiwan Index3.304%5.762%21.644%--Details | Quote
7003162ISHARESMSCIAIMSCI China A International Index3.233%25.562%22.382%--Details | Quote
7102805VG FTSE ASIAXJThe FTSE Asia Pacific ex Japan, Australia and New Zealand Index3.138%15.295%30.978%32.670%Details | Quote
7203054MR ASIA CON ETFS&P Emerging Asia Consumer Index3.074%14.579%22.983%17.523%Details | Quote
7303129CSOP 300SMARTCSI 300 Smart Index3.046%21.739%19.588%--Details | Quote
7402802ISHARES EM ASIAMSCI EM Asia Index3.044%18.830%34.578%31.784%Details | Quote
7502836ISHARES INDIAS&P BSE Sensitivity Index2.895%8.962%22.611%14.074%Details | Quote
7609010ISHARES AXJ-UMSCI All Country Asia ex Japan Index2.882%18.017%32.345%--Details | Quote
7783115ISHARESHSI-RHang Seng Index2.767%14.350%----Details | Quote
7803065DBMSCISGMSCI Singapore Investable Market Total Return Net Index2.622%11.269%27.442%8.087%Details | Quote
7982833HS HSI ETF-RHang Seng Index2.608%14.350%27.104%--Details | Quote
8003074ISHARESMSCITWMSCI Taiwan Index2.602%10.799%26.056%--Details | Quote
8103010ISHARES AXJMSCI All Country Asia ex Japan Index2.578%17.635%33.158%33.573%Details | Quote
8203056MR GL CON ETFS&P Global Consumer Enterprises Index2.273%8.521%25.465%23.606%Details | Quote
8303040MR MSCI CN ETFMSCI China Index 2.226%30.492%45.975%50.109%Details | Quote
8403055DBMSCICHINAMSCI China TRN Index2.215%29.789%44.946%--Details | Quote
8503036DBMSCITAIWANMSCI Total Return Net Taiwan Index2.206%10.978%25.296%32.776%Details | Quote
8602833HS HSI ETFHang Seng Index2.205%19.597%31.705%37.061%Details | Quote
8709074ISHARESMSCITW-UMSCI Taiwan Index2.174%10.156%24.779%--Details | Quote
8803115ISHARESHSIHang Seng Index2.099%19.433%----Details | Quote
8909115ISHARESHSI-UHang Seng Index2.086%19.037%----Details | Quote
9002800TRACKER FUNDHang Seng Index2.027%19.819%32.007%37.541%Details | Quote
9183118HGI MSCI CN A-RMSCI China A Index1.986%18.647%11.646%59.600%Details | Quote
9203073SPDR GREATCHINAFTSE® Greater China HKD Index1.975%19.364%31.738%36.529%Details | Quote
9303084VALUE JAPAN ETFFTSE Value-Stocks Japan Index1.966%8.036%18.627%19.212%Details | Quote
9482828HS H ETF-RHang Seng China Enterprises Index1.954%11.418%20.128%--Details | Quote
9503015X DBNIFTY50Nifty 50 Index1.923%7.306%20.099%13.395%Details | Quote
9602801ISHARES CHINAMSCI China Index1.805%29.655%45.062%47.644%Details | Quote
9703118HGI MSCI CN AMSCI China A Index1.805%24.229%16.369%47.169%Details | Quote
9803140VG S&P 500S&P 500 Index1.760%9.209%22.112%--Details | Quote
9902825WISECSIHK100ETFCSI HK 100 Index1.550%19.635%32.927%33.810%Details | Quote
10003043DBMSCIPACEXJMSCI Pacific Ex Japan Trn Index1.544%8.481%18.228%13.586%Details | Quote
10109146ISHARESDAX-UDAX Index1.460%11.200%31.132%--Details | Quote
10203007DBFXIC50FTSE China 50 Index1.439%21.077%29.466%30.165%Details | Quote
10303020X DBMSCIUSAMSCI Total Return Net USA Index1.427%8.820%21.745%34.800%Details | Quote
10483146ISHARESDAX-RDAX Index1.320%5.498%26.860%--Details | Quote
10503060VALUE TW ETFFTSE Value-Stocks Taiwan Index1.261%4.967%19.672%10.924%Details | Quote
10602828HS H ETFHang Seng China Enterprises Index1.213%16.800%24.454%19.305%Details | Quote
10783095VALUE A SHARE-RFTSE Value-Stocks China A-Share Index1.144%18.425%15.902%--Details | Quote
10803121BMO AP REAL ESTMSCI AC Asia Pacific Real Estate Index1.113%13.424%21.924%--Details | Quote
10902838HS FCI50 ETFFTSE China 50 Index1.093%21.071%28.979%26.650%Details | Quote
11002819ABF HK IDX ETFiBoxx ABF Hong Kong Index1.031%3.617%3.066%8.183%Details | Quote
11183012AMUNDI HK35-RHang Seng HK 350.765%7.761%20.436%--Details | Quote
11203171COMSTAGE DAXDAX TR Index (performance index)0.680%10.028%31.229%--Details | Quote
11302821ABF PAIFiBoxx ABF Pan-Asia Index0.613%3.514%0.719%1.251%Details | Quote
11403146ISHARESDAXDAX Index0.559%9.645%31.068%--Details | Quote
11503027X DBMSCIRUSSIAMSCI Russia Issuers Capped 25% Index0.515%8.454%16.613%15.303%Details | Quote
11603095VALUE A SHAREFTSE Value-Stocks China A-Share Index0.484%23.328%18.622%--Details | Quote
11703177COMSTAGE DIVDAXDivDAX Index (price index)0.483%13.078%33.918%--Details | Quote
11803019X DBMSCIWORLDMSCI Total Return Net World Index0.457%8.642%21.547%26.619%Details | Quote
11903099X DBMSCIINDOMSCI Indonesia TRN Index0.415%3.245%7.946%11.224%Details | Quote
12083081VALUEGOLD ETF-RPhysical Gold Bullion0.377%0.377%-3.797%19.420%Details | Quote
12183122CSOP CNSTBOND-RCiti Chinese Government and Policy Bank Bond 0-1 Year Select Index0.338%1.401%0.338%--Details | Quote
12203092DBMSCITHAIMSCI Thailand TRN Index0.316%15.684%25.777%14.708%Details | Quote
12303102XIE GARY ETFCLSA GARY Net Total Return Index0.191%13.543%26.113%--Details | Quote
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