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HS Composite MidCap Index
Index Constituent Turnover
0.000 B
Prv Cls 5,249.41
Open --
High --
Low --
CodeSequenceNameNominalChange%ChangeTurnoverCurrencyLatest NewsRelated
00008PCCWunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]HSBC lifts PCCW (00008) to HK$5.1News
00014HYSAN DEVunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDHK property firms seen to show steady earnings growth News
00043C.P. POKPHANDunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDC.P. Pokphand (00043) tips turnaround to loss for 1QNews
00045HK&S HOTELSunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDHK&S Hotels (00045) 4Q HK hotel occupancy up 3 ppts to 84%News
00087SWIRE PACIFIC Bunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDSwire Properties (1972) to sell residential unit to ChairmanNews
00119POLY PROPERTYunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDPoly Property (0119) 1Q contracted sales down 3% to Rmb9.7bnNews
00123YUEXIU PROPERTYunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDYuexiu Property's March contracted sales up 27% to Rmb5.3bnNews
00127CHINESE EST Hunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChinese Est (00127) raises stake in Evergrande to 6.5%News
00136HENGTEN NETunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDHengTen Net (00136) year net up 21x to Rmb96.22m; no divNews
00142FIRST PACIFICunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDFirst Pacific year net up 17% to US$121m; div HK5.5 ctsNews
00148KINGBOARD CHEMunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDKingboard Chem (0148) year net up 11% to HK$5.59bn; div HK$1News
00152SHENZHEN INT'Lunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa cuts Shenzhen Int'l (00152) to HK$16.5News
00165CHINA EB LTDunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChina EB Ltd year net up 1.8% to HK$4.15bn; div HK60 ctsNews
00168TSINGTAO BREWunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDTsingtao Brewery year net up 21% to Rmb1.26bn; div Rmb42 ctsNews
00173K. WAH INT'Lunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]HSBC remains positive on HK property companiesNews
00177JIANGSU EXPRESSunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]HSBC lifts Jiangsu Expressway (00177) to HK$11News
00178SA SA INT'Lunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Citi lifts Sa Sa Int'l (00178) to HK$5.2 News
00179JOHNSON ELEC Hunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]CS restarts Johnson Elec (00179) at HK$30.2News
00200MELCO INT'L DEVunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]CICC starts Melco Int'l Dev (00200) at HK$35.1News
00215HUTCHTEL HKunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Morgan lowers HutchTel HK (00215) to HK$3.4News
00220U-PRESID CHINAunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa lifts Uni-Presid China (00220) to HK$8.5News
00241ALI HEALTHunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDAli Health (00241) to place shares to parent's subsidiaryNews
00242SHUN TAK HOLDunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDShun Tak (00242) to sell 2 Macau property units to directorsNews
00272SHUI ON LANDunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDShui On Land (00272) to further issue Rmb600m senior notesNews
00285BYD ELECTRONICunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Morgan chops BYD Electronics (00285) to HK$10News
00303VTECH HOLDINGSunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa upgrades Vtech Holdings (00303) to "buy"News
00308CHINA TRAVEL HKunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChina Travel HK (00308) tips annual profit to jump over 200%News
00315SMARTONE TELEunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]SmarTone to expand enterprise solutions bizNews
00316OOILunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDOOIL (00316) year net turns black to US$138m; no divNews
00317COMECunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Morgan lifts COMEC (00317) to HK$17News
00330ESPRIT HOLDINGSunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]HSBC lowers Esprit Holdings (00330) to HK$3.5News
00336HUABAO INTLunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDHuabao Int'l (336) 1H net down 3.6% to Rmb457m; div HK16 ctsNews
00338SHANGHAI PECHEMunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Nomura lifts Shanghai Pechem (00338) to HK$5News
00341CAFE DE CORAL Hunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]MacQ starts Cafe De Coral (00341) at HK$26.33News
00345VITASOY INT'Lunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDVitasoy Int'l 1H net down 14% to HK$397m; div HK3.8 ctsNews
00358JIANGXI COPPERunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDJiangxi Copper year net up 97% to Rmb1.65bn; div Rmb20 ctsNews
00363SHANGHAI IND Hunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDShanghai Ind year net up 8.5% to HK$3.15bn; div HK48 ctsNews
00390CHINA RAILWAYunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChina Railway (00390) 1Q new contracts value up 21.3%News
00400COGOBUYunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDCogobuy (00400) to buy ez-robot.cn platform businessNews
00405YUEXIU REITunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Credit Suisse restarts Yuexiu REIT at HK$6.1News
00410SOHO CHINAunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Morgan downgrades SOHO China (00410) to HK$4.1News
00425MINTH GROUPunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Nomura trims Minth Group (00425) to HK$48News
00439KUANGCHIunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDKuangChi (00439) sees huge decline in annual profitNews
00440DAH SINGunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDDah Sing (00440) year net up 186% to HK$5.4bn; div HK$1.03News
00460SIHUAN PHARMunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDSihuan Pharm year net down 15% to Rmb1.45bn; div Rmb1.3 ctsNews
00489DONGFENG GROUPunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]CS downgrades Dongfeng Motor to HK$9.84News
00493GOME RETAILunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDGOME Retail (493) to buy Tianjin warehouse firm at Rmb89.61mNews
00494LI & FUNGunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Macquarie lifts Li & Fung (00494) to HK$5.15News
00506CHINA FOODSunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]UBS lifts China Foods (00506) to HK$4.97News
00511TVBunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDTVB (00511) year net down 51% to HK$244m; div HK$1News
00522ASM PACIFICunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]CS lifts ASM Pacific (00522) to HK$158News
00552CHINACOMSERVICEunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChina Com Ser year net up 7% to Rmb2.71bn; div Rmb14.11 ctsNews
00570TRAD CHI MEDunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDTrad Chi Med's drug clinical trial shows positive resultsNews
00576ZHEJIANGEXPRESSunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDZhejiang Expressway (0576) forms JV to invest in PPP projectNews
00582LANDING INTLunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDLanding Intl (00582) severs ties with Lantai entitiesNews
00586CONCH VENTUREunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDConch Venture year net up 72% to Rmb3.4bn; div HK50 ctsNews
00590LUK FOOK HOLDunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Jefferies lifts Luk Fook (00590) to HK$39News
00604SHENZHEN INVESTunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDShenzhen Invest granted up to HK$1.5bn term loan facilityNews
00606CHINA AGRIunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChina Agri year net up 114% to HK$3.04bn; div HK20.9 ctsNews
00636KERRY LOG NETunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Morgan cuts Kerry Log Net (00636) to HK$13News
00658C TRANSMISSIONunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDC Transmission (00658) sees annual profit to decrease 60%News
00665HAITONG INT'Lunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Citi lifts Haitong Int'l (00665) to HK$6.1News
00670CHINA EAST AIRunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]HSBC lowers China Eastern Airlines to HK$4.6 News
00680NAN HAI CORPunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDNan Hai Corp (0680) to buy Beijing property from Sino-i TechNews
00694BEIJING AIRPORTunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Goldman ups Beijing Airport (00694) to HK$12.5News
00696TRAVELSKY TECHunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Macquarie cuts Travelsky Technology to HK$22.8News
00698TONGDA GROUPunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]CS lowers Tongda Group (00698) to HK$2News
00699CAR INCunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDCAR Inc (00699) to issue Rmb400m senior notesNews
00732TRULY INT'Lunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDTruly Int'l (00732) Mar net turnover down 17.6% to HK$1.68bnNews
00737HOPEWELL INFRunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDHopewell Infra (00737) 1H net up 34% to Rmb359m; no divNews
00751SKYWORTHDIGITALunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDSkyworth (00751) Shenzhen unit 1Q net soars 119% to RMB67mNews
00753AIR CHINAunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]HSBC cuts Air China (00753) to HK$7.5News
00754HOPSON DEV HOLDunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDHopson Dev (00754) 3-month contracted sales down 3.3%News
00763ZTEunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDZTE (00763) to seek legal channels to solution on penaltyNews
00777NETDRAGONunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDNetDragon (00777) to buy education platform at US$137.5mNews
00778FORTUNE REITunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDFortune REIT (00778) year distributable income up 3.8%News
00806VALUE PARTNERSunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Macquarie lifts Value Partners (00806) to HK$8News
00817CHINA JINMAOunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChina Jinmao (00817) March property contracted sales up 46%News
00867CMSunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Credit Suisse lifts CMS (00867) to HK$23.3News
00868XINYI GLASSunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]JP Morgan lifts Xinyi Glass (00868) to HK$15News
00881ZHONGSHENG HLDGunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]UOBKH raises Zhongsheng (00881) to HK$20News
00884CIFI HOLD GPunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDCIFI Holdings (00884) to issue 3-year notes of US$500mNews
00902HUANENG POWERunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]HSBC upgrades Huaneng Power (00902) to HK$6.2News
00914CONCH CEMENTunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]CS lifts Conch Cement (00914) to HK$55News
00916CHINA LONGYUANunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]UBS lifts China Longyuan (00916) to HK$8.5News
00931CHINA LNGunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChina LNG (00931) to form tank container equipment JVNews
00934SINOPEC KANTONSunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDSinopec Kantons year net up 20% to HK$1.2bn; div HK7 ctsNews
00958HN RENEWABLESunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]UBS lifts Huaneng Renewable (00958) to HK$4.1News
00968XINYI SOLARunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDWind & solar generators to gain from China's quota systemNews
00981SMICunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDSMIC (00981) year net down 52.3% to US$180m; no divNews
00996CARNIVAL GROUPunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDCarnival Group (00996) to raise HK$779m from shares placingNews
01030FUTURE LANDunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDFuture Land (01030) rating upgraded to "BB"; outlook stableNews
01055CHINA SOUTH AIRunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]HSBC trims China Southern Airlines to HK$5News
01060ALI PICTURESunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDAlibaba Pictures (01060) issues profit warningNews
01066WEIGAO GROUPunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]DB downgrades Weigao Group (01066) to HK$5.5News
01083TOWNGAS CHINAunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]HSBC lifts Towngas China (01083) to HK$8News
01099SINOPHARMunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Credit Suisse cuts Sinopharm Group to HK$37.9News
01112H&H INTL HLDGunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa lifts H&H Holdings (01112) to HK$68.4News
01117CH MODERN Dunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]HSBC ups China Modern Dairy (01117) to HK$1.57News
01141CMBC CAPITALunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChina Soft Power (00139) adds 124m shares in CMBC CapitalNews
01171YANZHOU COALunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDYanzhou Coal (01171) Australian unit 1Q coal sales up 84%News
01186CHINA RAIL CONSunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Morgan cuts China Rail Cons (01186) to HK$11.6News
01199COSCO SHIP PORTunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]UBS cuts COSCO Shipping Port (01199) to HK$9.9News
01208MMGunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDMMG (01208) 1Q copper cathode production up 11%News
01211BYD COMPANYunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Citi cuts BYD Company (01211) to HK$75.9News
01212LIFESTYLE INT'Lunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Citi starts Lifestyle Int'l (01212) at HK$17News
01269FIRST CAP GPunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDFirst Cap (01269) to issue US$47m notes to ZH Int'l (00185)News
01282CHINA GOLDJOYunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChina Goldjoy (01282) further adds stake in Landing (00582)News
01293GRAND BAOXINunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDGrand Baoxin to buy Jaguar Land Rover 4S dealership storesNews
01308SITCunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus] Morgan lowers SITC Int'l (00960) to HK$6.48News
01313CHINARES CEMENTunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Credit Suisse lifts CR Cement (01313) to HK$10News
01316NEXTEERunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Nomura cuts Nexteer (01316) to HK$14News
01333CHINA ZHONGWANGunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChina Zhongwang year net up 23% to Rmb3.53bn; div HK15 ctsNews
01336NCIunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChinese P&C and life insurers 2017 results improve - Moody'sNews
01339PICC GROUPunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDPICC Group (01339) units' 3-month premium income up 0.2%News
01347HUA HONG SEMIunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Nomura restarts Hua Hong Semi (01347) at HK$19News
01357MEITUunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDMeitu (01357) Chairman Cai Wensheng adds 2.1m sharesNews
01363CTEGunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDCTEG (01363) chairman adds 1m shares yesterdayNews
01382PACIFICTEXTILESunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDPacific Textiles unit receives recognition in energy savingsNews
01432CHINA SHENGMUunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChina Shengmu (01432) tips turnaround to loss for FY2017News
01458ZHOU HEI YAunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDZhou Hei Ya (1458) year net up 6.4% to Rmb762m; div HK12 ctsNews
01508CHINA REunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Nomura lowers China Re (01508) to HK$2.04News
01515CRPHOENIXHEALTHunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDCR Phoenix Health (01515) to buy Beijing commercial propertyNews
015303SBIOunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Morgan lifts 3SBio Inc (01530) to HK$21News
01628YUZHOU PPTunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDYuzhou Properties (01628) March sales down 11% to Rmb4.54bnNews
01638KAISA GROUPunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDKaisa Group (01638) sales up 5.4% to RMB3,057m in MarchNews
01668CHINASOUTHCITYunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChina South City year contracted sales up 39% to HK$12.03bnNews
01680MACAU LEGENDunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDMacau Legend (01680) tips annual loss to increase over 85%News
01766CRRCunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Morgan reduces CRRC Corp (01766) to HK$8.9News
01776GF SECunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDGF Securities (01776) March net profit down 34% to Rmb369mNews
01788GUOTAI JUNAN Iunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDGuotai Junan year net up 26.7% to HK$1.23bn; div HK4.5 ctsNews
01813KWG PROPERTYunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDKWG Property (01813) March pre-sales up 34.8% to Rmb5.06bnNews
01816CGN POWERunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDCGN Power (01816) 1Q on-grid power generation up 15.5%News
01882HAITIAN INT'Lunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDHaitian (01882) buys automatic processing line for HK$248mNews
01888KB LAMINATESunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDKB Laminates year net down 13% to HK$3.76bn; div HK52.6 ctsNews
01898CHINA COALunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChina Coal (1898) March coal output down 4.5%; sales up 1.9%News
01919COSCO SHIP HOLDunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDCOSCO SHIP (01919) general manager Xu Zunwu retiresNews
01958BAIC MOTORunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]CS downgrades BAIC Motor (01958) to HK$8.33News
01970IMAX CHINAunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Goldman lifts IMAX China (01970) to HK$31.01News
01999MAN WAH HLDGSunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa cuts Man Wah Holdings (01999) to HK$7.8News
02038FIHunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Macquarie trims FIH Mobile (02038) to HK$2.2News
02039CIMCunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDCIMC (02039) year net up 3.6x to Rmb2.5bn; div Rmb27 ctsNews
02128CHINA LESSOunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChina Lesso (02128) buys 26.28% stake in Xingfa Alum (00098)News
02186LUYE PHARMAunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDLuye Pharma new drug approved for Phase III clinical trialsNews
02196FOSUN PHARMAunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]HSBC ups Fosun Pharmaceutical (02196) to HK$58News
02202CHINA VANKEunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChinese developers cashed up & ready for rougher ride - S&PNews
02232CRYSTAL INTLunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]HSBC lifts Crystal Int'l (02232) to HK$9News
02238GAC GROUPunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChinese P&C and life insurers 2017 results improve - Moody'sNews
02269WUXI BIOunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDWuXi Bio (02269) to raise HK$3.97bn from shares placingNews
02314LEE & MAN PAPERunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]UBS lifts Lee & Man Paper (02314) to HK$14.77News
02333GREATWALL MOTORunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDGreat Wall Motor (02333) sales volume up 3.3% in MarchNews
02338WEICHAI POWERunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]CS lowers Weichai & Sinotruk to "underperform"News
02356DAHSING BANKINGunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDDah Sing Banking year net up 2% to HK$2.19bn; div HK$0.31News
02357AVICHINAunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Morgan lifts AviChina (02357) to HK$6.85News
02380CHINA POWERunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Jefferies lifts China Power (02380) to HK$1.98News
02386SINOPEC SEGunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDSinopec SEG (02386) 3-month new contract value up 363%News
02588BOC AVIATIONunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDBOC Aviation (02588) 1Q aircraft utilisation at 100%News
02600CHALCOunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]HSBC lowers Chalco (02600) to HK$4.7News
02607SH PHARMAunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Citi ups Shanghai Pharma (02607) to HK$26.2News
02611GTJAunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDGTJA (02611) net profit up 11.7% to Rmb1.2bn in MarchNews
02689ND PAPERunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]UBS ups Nine Dragons Paper (02689) to HK$21.29News
02727SH ELECTRICunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Citi trims Shanghai Electric (02727) to HK$2.5News
02777R&F PROPERTIESunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDR&F Properties, HNA Real Estate to develop Haikou projectNews
02778CHAMPION REITunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDHK property firms seen to show steady earnings growth News
02858YIXINunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]UBS trims Yixin Group (02858) to HK$6.28News
02883CHINA OILFIELDunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChina Oilfield buys RMB1.4bn wealth management productNews
02899ZIJIN MININGunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDZijin Mining year net up 90.7% to Rmb3.5bn; div Rmb9 ctsNews
03323CNBMunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]HSBC lifts CNBM (03323) to HK$9; "hold"News
03360FE HORIZONunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDFE Horizon (03360) substantial holder to sell 230m sharesNews
03377SINO-OCEAN GPunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDSino-Ocean (03377) Mar contracted sales up 26% to Rmb8.02bnNews
03380LOGAN PPTunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDLogan Property (03380) to issue US$300m senior notesNews
03383AGILE GROUPunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChinese developers cashed up & ready for rougher ride - S&PNews
03396LEGENDHOLDINGunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDLegend Holdings approved for H-share full circulation trialNews
03606FUYAO GLASSunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Citi lowers Fuyao Glass (03606) to HK$33.2News
03618CQRC BANKunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Goldman up target multiples for Chinese banksNews
03800GCL-POLY ENERGYunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]UOBKH lifts GCL-Poly Energy (03800) to HK$1.11News
03808SINOTRUKunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]CS lowers Weichai & Sinotruk to "underperform"News
03888KINGSOFTunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Nomura lowers Kingsoft Corp (03888) to HK$26News
03898CRRC TIMES ELECunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]HSBC cuts CRRC Times Electric (03898) to HK$48News
03899CIMC ENRICunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDCIMC Enric (03899) to hold stake in CIMC Qianhai at Rmb100mNews
03900GREENTOWN CHINAunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDGreentown China (03900) March sales down 33% to Rmb6.7bnNews
03908CICCunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDCICC (03908) to issue US$600m floating rate notesNews
03969CHINA CRSCunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDChina CRSC (03969) 1Q signed external contracts up 18.2%News
03993CMOCunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]Deutsche Bank lifts CMOC (03993) to HK$6.4News
06030CITIC SECunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDCITIC Sec (06030) net profit down 2% to Rmb887m in MarchNews
06060ZA ONLINEunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDZA Online (06060) 3-month premiums at Rmb2.22bnNews
06088FIT HON TENGunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDFIT Hon Teng (06088) to buy Belkin International for US$866mNews
06099CMSCunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDCMSC (06099) net profit down 43.5% to Rmb284m in MarchNews
06818CEB BANKunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKD[I-bank focus]CS restarts CEB Bank (06818) at HK$3.7News
06881CGSunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDCGS (06881) net profit down 13% to Rmb368m in MarchNews
06886HTSCunchange0.0000.000%0.000HKDHTSC (06886) net profit down 20% to Rmb1.96bn in MarchNews
87001HUI XIAN REITunchange0.0000.000%0.000CNY[I-bank focus]HSBC cuts Hui Xian REIT (87001) to RMB4.05News
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