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HS China (HK-listed) 100 Index
Index Constituent Turnover
7.568 B
Prv Cls 8,182.00
Open 8,252.71
High 8,268.14
Low 8,223.00
CodeSequenceNameNominalChange%ChangeTurnoverCurrencyLatest NewsRelated
00004WHARF HOLDINGSup22.100+0.100+0.455%2.875MHKD[I-bank focus]HK residential price correction looms - BofAMLNews
00135KUNLUN ENERGYup9.020+0.160+1.806%107.543MHKD[I-bank focus]Citi upgrades Kunlun Energy (00135) to HK$8.7News
00144CHINA MER PORTup14.940+0.040+0.268%3.435MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC raises China Merchants Port to HK$20News
00148KINGBOARD HLDGup25.500+0.300+1.190%3.272MHKD[I-bank focus]Citi cuts Kingboard Holdings to HK$40.5News
00151WANT WANT CHINAdown6.580-0.110-1.644%16.929MHKDWant Want China (151) issues Rmb500m private placement notesNews
00165CHINA EB LTDup13.840+0.220+1.615%2.157MHKDChina EB Ltd (00165) sells 157m A shares of EB SecuritiesNews
00175GEELY AUTOup15.080+0.140+0.937%148.300MHKDOutlook for auto sector stable into 2019 despite tariffsNews
00257CHINA EB INT'Lup6.720+0.060+0.901%21.418MHKDChina EB Int'l (00257) rights issue 22.49% over-subscribedNews
00267CITICup11.280+0.020+0.178%11.643MHKDCITIC (00267) interim net down 5% to HK$30.67b; div HK$0.15News
00270GUANGDONG INVup13.800+0.040+0.291%6.626MHKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa ups Guangdong Invest (00270) to HK$15.7News
00291CHINA RES BEERdown31.750-0.150-0.470%32.536MHKD[I-bank focus]Credit Suisse lifts CR Beer (00291) to HK$43.5News
00322TINGYIdown14.380-0.120-0.828%19.906MHKD[I-bank focus]Credit Suisse raises Tingyi (00322) to HK$18.2News
00371BJ ENT WATERup4.180+0.010+0.240%5.669MHKD[I-bank focus]Citi lifts Beijing Ent Water (00371) to HK$5.6News
00384CHINA GAS HOLDdown23.250-0.100-0.428%26.628MHKD[I-bank focus]UBS upgrades China Gas (00384) to "neutral"News
00386SINOPEC CORPup7.810+0.040+0.515%100.404MHKD[I-bank focus]Risks of crude refining margins to emergeNews
00390CHINA RAILWAYunchange7.5000.0000.000%24.482MHKDChina Railway (00390) unit CRHEEC gets nod to list on NEEQNews
00392BEIJING ENTdown40.800-0.300-0.730%9.306MHKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa lifts Beijing Enterprises to HK$43.5News
00425MINTH GROUPup32.700+0.200+0.615%7.146MHKD[I-bank focus]Jefferies cuts Minth Group (00425) to HK$38.5News
00489DONGFENG GROUPup7.950+0.120+1.533%6.625MHKDOutlook for auto sector stable into 2019 despite tariffsNews
00586CONCH VENTUREup26.500+0.250+0.952%12.708MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC raises Conch Venture (00586) to HK$36News
00607FULLSHAREup3.610+0.050+1.404%14.933MHKDFullshare (00607) sees 1H net turn black to RMB472mNews
00656FOSUN INTLup13.880+0.040+0.289%22.349MHKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa starts Fosun Int'l (00656) at HK$22News
00683KERRY PPTup27.250+0.750+2.830%18.052MHKDKerry PPT (00683) unit wins bid for Wuhan land at RMB6.4bnNews
00688CHINA OVERSEASup25.700+0.300+1.181%71.805MHKDChina Overseas August contracted sales up 39% to HK26.2bnNews
00700TENCENTup328.600+4.400+1.357%1.577BHKDChina Vanguard (08156) cooperates with Tencent CloudNews
00728CHINA TELECOMup3.830+0.010+0.262%8.333MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC restarts China Telecom (00728) at HK$4.7News
00753AIR CHINAup7.400+0.080+1.093%19.517MHKD[I-bank focus]Jefferies upgrades Chinese airlines to "buy"News
00762CHINA UNICOMup9.570+0.020+0.209%20.108MHKDChina Unicom (00762) 4G user addition up 4.075m in AugustNews
00772CHINA LITup48.600+0.700+1.461%6.633MHKDChina Lit (00772) says lawsuit against units withdrawnNews
00813SHIMAO PROPERTYup21.700+0.100+0.463%7.665MHKD[I-bank focus]China property sector oversold - GoldmanNews
00836CHINA RES POWERup14.020+0.160+1.154%20.679MHKD[I-bank focus]Credit Suisse raises CR Power (00836) to HK$20News
00857PETROCHINAup6.190+0.030+0.487%128.484MHKD[I-bank focus]UBS lowers PetroChina (00857) to HK$7.8News
00867CMSdown10.340-0.280-2.637%14.287MHKD[I-bank focus]Credit Suisse lowers CMS (00867) to HK$15News
00883CNOOCdown14.380-0.300-2.044%179.421MHKD[I-bank focus]CNOOC's outperformance to continue in 4Q - CSNews
00902HUANENG POWERup5.190+0.060+1.170%2.792MHKD[I-bank focus]CS upgrades Huaneng Power (00902) to HK$6.5News
00914CONCH CEMENTup47.450+0.500+1.065%86.413MHKD[I-bank focus]NDRC to ensure sustainability of investmentNews
00939CCBup6.760+0.070+1.046%244.080MHKD[I-bank focus]China banks' loan growth looks sustainableNews
00941CHINA MOBILEdown76.250-0.650-0.845%125.249MHKDTrigiant (01300) wins bid for China Mobile (00941) projectNews
00960LONGFOR GROUPdown22.000-0.250-1.124%4.310MHKD[I-bank focus]China property sector oversold - GoldmanNews
00966CHINA TAIPINGup26.900+0.100+0.373%11.544MHKD[I-bank focus]Typhoon Mangkhut lifts 7bp in P&C claim ratioNews
00981SMICdown8.560-0.060-0.696%38.903MHKDSMIC (00981) buys 14% stake in JCET at RMB517mNews
00992LENOVO GROUPup5.350+0.100+1.905%40.411MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC raises Lenovo Group (00992) to HK$4.8News
00998CITIC BANKup4.940+0.050+1.022%13.757MHKD[I-bank focus]Investors bearish to banks on uncertaintiesNews
01044HENGAN INT'Lup72.050+0.450+0.628%50.916MHKD[I-bank focus]Jefferies lifts Hengan Int'l (01044) to HK$92News
01060ALI PICTURESup1.000+0.030+3.093%4.354MHKDAli Pictures unit sells online dissemination rights to YoukuNews
01088CHINA SHENHUAup17.560+0.220+1.269%84.527MHKDChina Shenhua (01088) Aug coal output up 9.5%; sales up 5.8%News
01093CSPC PHARMAup16.740+0.160+0.965%60.113MHKD[I-bank focus]China's GPO policy negative for foreign firmsNews
01099SINOPHARMunchange37.8000.0000.000%9.538MHKD[I-bank focus]Credit Suisse ups Sinopharm (01099) to HK$41.3News
01109CHINA RES LANDdown28.500-0.200-0.697%31.616MHKD[I-bank focus]China property sector oversold - GoldmanNews
01114BRILLIANCE CHIdown12.440-0.020-0.161%37.354MHKDOutlook for auto sector stable into 2019 despite tariffsNews
01169HAIER ELECup21.700+0.400+1.878%58.682MHKD[I-bank focus]Goldman cuts Haier Electronics to HK$30.6News
01177SINO BIOPHARMup7.430+0.040+0.541%34.885MHKD[I-bank focus]China's GPO policy negative for foreign firmsNews
01193CHINA RES GASdown35.200-0.250-0.705%19.408MHKD[I-bank focus]Nomura raises CR Gas (01193) to HK$36News
01211BYD COMPANYup53.500+1.850+3.582%111.028MHKDOutlook for auto sector stable into 2019 despite tariffsNews
01288ABCup3.760+0.060+1.622%28.565MHKD[I-bank focus]China banks' loan growth looks sustainableNews
01336NCIup36.800+0.250+0.684%17.751MHKD[I-bank focus]Typhoon Mangkhut lifts 7bp in P&C claim ratioNews
01339PICC GROUPup3.400+0.070+2.102%13.134MHKD[I-bank focus]Typhoon Mangkhut lifts 7bp in P&C claim ratioNews
01357MEITUunchange5.5700.0000.000%13.289MHKDMeitu (01357) to buy back up to US$100m sharesNews
01359CHINA CINDAup2.000+0.040+2.041%6.978MHKDChina Cinda (01359) interim net down 3% to RMB8.62b; no divNews
01378CHINAHONGQIAOup5.510+0.090+1.661%3.493MHKDChina Hongqiao (01378) buys back 622,500 sharesNews
01398ICBCup5.640+0.080+1.439%119.808MHKD[I-bank focus]China banks' loan growth looks sustainableNews
01658PSBCup4.910+0.050+1.029%6.286MHKDPSBC (01658) interim net up 22.3% to RMB32.5b; no divNews
01766CRRCup7.000+0.090+1.302%13.045MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC cuts CRRC Corporation (01766) to HK$8.6News
01776GF SECup10.200+0.140+1.392%3.215MHKD[I-bank focus]Stock-pledged lending seen long overhang News
01800CHINA COMM CONSdown7.920-0.050-0.627%12.643MHKDChina Comm Cons (01800) forms JV for Jiangsu PPP projectNews
01816CGN POWERup1.860+0.010+0.541%947,700HKD[I-bank focus]UBS upgrades CGN Power (01816) to "buy"News
01833PA GOODDOCTORup44.850+0.550+1.242%510,530HKD[I-bank focus]HSBC trims PA Good Doctor (01833) to HK$55.6News
01918SUNACup26.450+0.250+0.954%39.463MHKDSunac (01918) August contracted sales up 32% to RMB40.32bnNews
01929CHOW TAI FOOKup7.970+0.020+0.252%7.930MHKD[I-bank focus]Chow Tai Fook sees choppy start to 2Q FY2019News
01988MINSHENG BANKup5.800+0.020+0.346%16.288MHKD[I-bank focus]Concerns over Chinese banks' margins loomNews
02007COUNTRY GARDENup11.080+0.100+0.911%50.389MHKDCountry Garden (02007) to issue US$975m senior notesNews
02018AAC TECHdown78.000-2.150-2.682%57.228MHKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa lowers AAC Technologies (02018) to HK$85News
02020ANTA SPORTSup36.900+0.750+2.075%50.364MHKD[I-bank focus]UBS lowers Anta Sports (02020) to HK$35.71News
02202CHINA VANKEup26.850+0.200+0.750%15.449MHKD[I-bank focus]China property sector oversold - GoldmanNews
02238GAC GROUPup8.390+0.250+3.071%37.727MHKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa sees limited downside for auto sectorNews
02313SHENZHOU INTLdown95.000-0.100-0.105%21.225MHKD[I-bank focus]Shenzhou paves way to garment capacity growthNews
02318PING ANup78.250+0.700+0.903%387.461MHKD[I-bank focus]Typhoon Mangkhut lifts 7bp in P&C claim ratioNews
02319MENGNIU DAIRYup24.750+0.250+1.020%34.629MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC lowers Mengniu Dairy (02319) to HK$29.1News
02328PICC P&Cup8.930+0.040+0.450%9.414MHKD[I-bank focus]Typhoon Mangkhut lifts 7bp in P&C claim ratioNews
02333GREATWALL MOTORup5.260+0.180+3.543%59.548MHKDOutlook for auto sector stable into 2019 despite tariffsNews
02382SUNNY OPTICALdown90.000-5.550-5.808%237.145MHKD[I-bank focus]UBS upgrades Sunny Optical (02382) to "buy" News
02601CPICup29.100+0.250+0.867%128.738MHKDCPIC (02601) units' 8-month premium up 14.7% to RMB239.4bnNews
02628CHINA LIFEup17.680+0.200+1.144%53.439MHKD[I-bank focus]Typhoon Mangkhut lifts 7bp in P&C claim ratioNews
02688ENN ENERGYup74.200+0.100+0.135%30.016MHKD[I-bank focus]Nomura lifts ENN Energy (02688) to HK$94.4News
02689ND PAPERup9.070+0.130+1.454%41.849MHKD[I-bank focus]Citi cuts ND Paper (02689) to HK$15.5News
02799CHINA HUARONGup1.470+0.030+2.083%7.722MHKDChina Huarong (02799) withdraws A share offering applicationNews
03320CHINARES PHARMAup12.680+0.380+3.089%22.352MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC raises CR Pharma (03320) to HK$14.7News
03328BANKCOMMup5.780+0.030+0.522%15.290MHKD[I-bank focus]China banks' loan growth looks sustainableNews
03333EVERGRANDEup26.350+0.150+0.573%60.366MHKDSEA Holdings (00251) buys US$31m Evergrande (03333)'s notesNews
03377SINO-OCEAN GPup3.740+0.070+1.907%6.373MHKD[I-bank focus]China property sector oversold - GoldmanNews
03799DALI FOODSup5.720+0.120+2.143%903,810HKD[I-bank focus]Credit Suisse cuts Dali Foods (03799) to HK$8News
03888KINGSOFTdown14.700-0.020-0.136%12.795MHKD[I-bank focus]Nomura lowers Kingsoft Corp (03888) to HK$17.5News
03898CRRC TIMES ELECup44.750+0.050+0.112%1.161MHKD[I-bank focus]UBS cuts CRRC Times Elec (03898) to HK$53.4News
03968CM BANKup30.700+0.500+1.656%99.274MHKD[I-bank focus]Morgan raises CM Bank (03968) to HK$36.2News
03988BANK OF CHINAup3.490+0.060+1.749%70.683MHKD[I-bank focus]China banks' loan growth looks sustainableNews
06030CITIC SECup13.760+0.140+1.028%9.964MHKD[I-bank focus]Stock-pledged lending seen long overhang News
06808SUNART RETAILup9.400+0.010+0.106%3.601MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC lowers Sun Art Retail (06808) to HK$10.3News
06837HAITONG SECunchange7.3700.0000.000%6.028MHKD[I-bank focus]Stock-pledged lending seen long overhang News
06881CGSup3.650+0.030+0.829%3.243MHKD[I-bank focus]Stock-pledged lending seen long overhang News
06886HTSCup11.120+0.120+1.091%1.395MHKD[I-bank focus]Stock-pledged lending seen long overhang News
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