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CodeNameNominal%ChangeTurnoverMkt CapCurrency% YldP/EP/E Range
00097HENDERSON INVunchange0.6300.000%204,1501.920BHKD6.34917.500PENews | Chart
00121C.P. LOTUSdown0.100-0.990%19,9301.102BHKD0.00011.047PENews | Chart
00162CENTURY GINWAdown0.300-3.226%1.978M344.908MHKD0.00022.095PENews | Chart
00244SINCEREup0.155+1.307%14,868142.428MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
00273MASON GP HOLDunchange0.1400.000%8.789M6.247BHKD0.000PENews | Chart
00289WING ON COunchange26.7000.000%0.0007.846BHKD3.5962.956PENews | Chart
00312SHIRBLE STOREup1.570+18.045%42.181M3.917BHKD0.52969.377PENews | Chart
00602JIAHUA STORES Hdown0.285-1.724%322,575295.688MHKD8.3517.871PENews | Chart
00759CEC INT'L HOLDup0.510+2.000%1.189M339.757MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
00814JINGKELONGdown1.460-6.410%424,750265.954MHKD5.05510.753PENews | Chart
00825NWDS CHINAup1.600+1.266%427,7402.698BHKD0.000160.000PENews | Chart
00831CR ASIAunchange3.3000.000%0.0002.516BHKD5.75816.709PENews | Chart
00848MAOYE INT'Lup0.570+1.786%871,0502.930BHKD6.8072.416PENews | Chart
00974SKLunchange1.8500.000%0.000537.345MHKD0.00040.875PENews | Chart
00980LIANHUAdown1.680-1.177%297,020625.968MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
00984AEON STORESdown3.950-1.003%137,6651.027BHKD11.139PENews | Chart
01212LIFESTYLE INT'Ldown14.240-1.521%33.394M22.036BHKD4.4806.913PENews | Chart
01700SPRINGLANDdown1.540-3.145%6.043M3.234BHKD5.1959.074PENews | Chart
02136LIFESTYLE CHIdown2.800-0.709%921,6704.100BHKD0.00014.730PENews | Chart
02213YI HUA HLDGunchange1.0100.000%209,9001.013BHKD0.000PENews | Chart
03308GOLDEN EAGLEdown7.920-5.714%6.427M13.221BHKD6.2899.174PENews | Chart
03368PARKSON GROUPdown0.590-4.839%1.057M1.554BHKD0.000PENews | Chart
06808SUNART RETAILdown9.490-1.351%67.505M90.532BHKD1.68628.921PENews | Chart
Remark:  Quote data is at least 15-min delayed. Data updated on: 19/10/2018 16:40
  P/E Range is the comparison of P/E of that stock with the industry, left hand side indicating lower P/E and getting larger towards the right hand side.
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