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Code Name   Nominal Turnover
02318PING ANdown58.7001.912B
Real time quote last updated: 20/07/2017 16:59
%Gainers More 更多 %Gainers
Code Name   Nominal %Change
02018AAC TECHup123.600+5.822%
00144CHINA MER PORTup24.450+3.602%
00688CHINA OVERSEASup26.150+2.750%
00135KUNLUN ENERGYup7.720+2.387%
%Losers More 更多 %Losers
Code Name   Nominal %Change
00151WANT WANT CHINAdown5.270-1.679%
00012HENDERSON LANDdown45.250-1.630%
01044HENGAN INT'Ldown59.000-1.255%
00083SINO LANDdown12.840-1.079%
Last updated: 20/07/2017 16:38
%Gainers More 更多 %Gainers
Code Name   Nominal %Change
01359CHINA CINDAup3.060+4.082%
01816CGN POWERup2.270+2.252%
01211BYD COMPANYup50.450+1.001%
00916CHINA LONGYUANup5.690+0.887%
%Losers More 更多 %Losers
Code Name   Nominal %Change
00753AIR CHINAdown7.380-2.767%
00489DONGFENG GROUPdown9.780-1.012%
02628CHINA LIFEdown25.500-0.971%
02333GREATWALL MOTORdown9.830-0.907%
Last updated: 20/07/2017 16:38
Profit / (Loss) Attributable to Shareholders (K$)HKD 71,758
EPS / (LPS)HKD 0.087
NBV Per Share ($)HKD 0.520
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