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HV2 has long been acclaimed as for the most intelligent financial information provider with precise real-time stock quotation in the market. Our product is renowned for its stability, reliability and proficiency, which has been commended by individuals and organizational investors since its release.

HV2 provides quotation streaming of real-time stocks, futures and various derivatives products, together with latest financial market information and analysis. Remarkable functions, delicate page layout, multiple analytic tools and cross-platform design together make us feel confident that we are providing excellent, innovative technology in the field. HV2 can undoubtedly help investors to view the market from different angles for a precise market trend forecast, enabling a sensible trading decision with a higher success rate in investment.


Product Highlights

Desktop application

Our product is not restricted by page interface but supports multiple screen displays. Simultaneously, it can display more than 40 function windows at the same time. Users can adjust the position of the screens and the size of the pictures according to their own preferences.

Analytic functions are more comprehensive

It is provided with more comprehensive analytic functions, which help to provide reference materials and data for high success rate in trading for profit.

Leased line and internet are transmitted at high speed

Equipped with leased line for digital optical fiber and also broadband network for data transmission, providing users with more choices.

Cross-device service

Single login system enables toggling between desktop computers and mobile devices, including notebooks, tablets and mobile phones.

Key Features

Capital Flow

Analysis data: It provides transaction analysis of individual stocks for today, previous 5 trading days and previous 20 trading days. This includes transaction amount, short selling records, capital flow and price-volume transaction analysis.

Capital flow: It calculates the net value of intraday active buying transactions and active selling transactions combined. A positive number represents capital inflow while a negative number shows capital outflow.

HV2 also records initiative buy/sell ratios of both retail investors and non-retail investors for today as well as previous 5 trading days, which helps users to forecast the market trend.

Capital flow
Sector 360

Financial Heat Map: It has more than 33 preset sectors, newly-added sectors, e.g. newly listed shares, futures and stock options. Users can check constituent stocks according to different kinds of business natures and indexes.

Individual stocks can be sorted by market capitalization, transaction amount and number of shares traded. In other words, the higher the relevant value in real-time ranking, the bigger the size of the box.

Sector 360
Transaction Summary

Price transaction charts / top 20 transaction prices: It uses bar charts to illustrate price distribution of all transactions in the present trading day or shows the top 20 transacted prices.

Transaction table: It uses a comprehensive table to illustrate price distribution of transactions in the present trading day, separated into automated trading data and non-automated trading data.

Filtering function: It uses transaction time, trade type, initiative buy/sell flag, number of shares traded, transacted price and turnover to filter daily transactions.

Transaction analysis within 11 days: It provides information for all transaction records within the latest 11 trading days for downloading.

Transaction Summary
SH-SZ-HK Quota Balance

Data for quota balance: It shows the real-time quota balance of both Northbound trading and Southbound trading at the top. The middle part illustrates quota balance as well as capital flow in bar charts (a blue bar represents capital inflow, a red bar represents capital outflow). The bottom part lists historical records of quota balance, hence providing convenience for users to monitor capital movement between Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Top 10 transactions: Besides showing daily/monthly top 10 turnover for individual shares in SH-SZ-HK Stock Connect, it also ranks top 10 cumulative turnover for individual shares in the past 5 trading days/months. In addition, top 3 individual shares with biggest turnover are highlighted in different colors (red, green and purple).

SH-SZ-HK Balance Quota
Stock Screener

Make use of suggested strategies: Preset suggested investment strategies are based on fundamental analysis, technical analysis and both analyses combined.

My strategy: Other than suggested investment strategies, users can set up their own strategies by selecting stocks in “My strategy” with their preferred criteria.

Stock Screener
Broker's Transaction

Tracking most active brokers (by securities): Find out which brokers have the biggest turnover from buy/sell orders they have placed and display it in both bar charts and tabular form.

Tracking most favorite securities (by broker): View the top 20 brokers by turnover and display which securities they trade most, counting responsive buy, responsive sell and both combined respectively.

Tracking bulk trades (by industry): All equity securities are classified into 33 business natures before net capital inflow, total turnover with 5-day average and a summary of source of capital for responsive trades are displayed.

Broker's Transaction

etnet HV2 – Tutorial

System Requirement

Suggested Computer Specifications
  • CPU
  • i5 or above
  • Memory
  • 8GB or above
  • Internet Connection
  • With broadband
  • Operating System
  • Windows 10 or above (Not applicable to MAC)
  • Firewall
  • Turn on TCP / IP output Ports 80 & 443
  • Proxy Server
  • Can support part of Proxy Servers

Upgraded Services


Supports Microsoft RTD (Real Time Data) technology, which can update real-time index, securities, futures and options data, allowing you to download the data to Excel for real-time analysis and production of different reports.


The streaming quotation service specially designed for mobile phones and tablets allows customers to check real-time Hong Kong stock quotation any time and anywhere. Users can lay hold of all financial information in a flash.


Provide real-time quotation of Shanghai and Shenzhen A shares with focus on top 50 A-shares, China Index constituent stocks, Shanghai Stock Connect and Shenzhen Stock Connect, Shanghai Stock Exchange risk warning board, A-share company information, etc.

Futures Price Depth

Show detailed information of each contract month's futures transactions such as gold futures, H-share index futures, Hang Seng Index futures, Mini-Hang Seng Index futures, HSI Volatility Index futures, etc.

Stock Options

In addition to providing market prices for each contract month, you can also view other useful information such as highest/lowest price, previous day's trading volume, open interest, greeks, etc.

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