09/01/2017 10:10

Great Wall Motor (02333) sales volume up 26% in 2016

[ET Net News Agency, 9 January 2017] Great Wall Motor (02333) said its production and
sales volume in December amounted to 141,897 units and 150,548 units, an increase of
50.12% and 57.26% from a year earlier.
In 2016, the accumulated production and sales volume amounted to 1.09 million units and
1.07 million units, an increase of 25.85% and 26.01% year-on-year. Great Wall Motor has
exceeded the full-year target of automobile sales for 2016 by 13.1%, which was set at
950,000 units. Its sales volume target for the year 2017 is 1.25 million units. (HL)

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