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Hong Kong Financial Event Memorandum (Aug 23 - Aug 26)

Hong Kong Financial Event Memorandum (Aug 23 - Aug 26)


#Financial Events:#

#09:00 SOUTH CHINA FIN (00619) EGM - 28/F, Bank of China Tower
#09:00 Radio Interview: Priscilla Lau Pui King Attending, Former Deputy, National
People's Congress - 1/F, The Center
#09:45 ZLKG (02772) Interim Results Announcement Press Conference
- 5/F, Island Shangri-La Hong Kong
#10:00 DRAGON RISE GP (06829) AGM - 24/F Hyatt Regency
#10:00 ASIA SATELLITE (01135) EGM - 12/F Harbour Centre
#10:00 IDG ENERGY INV (00650) AGM - 10/F, United Centre
#10:00 RONGZHONG FIN (03963) AGM - 2/F, J Plus
#10:00 Tuen Mun King Sau Lane & King Fung Path Residential land Bidding
- Government Office
#10:30 IMS GROUP (08136) AGM - Unit 1201, Block C, Seaview Estate
#10:30 NAMESON HLDGS (01982) AGM - 6/F, Sha Tin Clubhouse, Sha Tin
#10:30 KNT HOLDINGS (01025) AGM - 24/F, Admiralty Centre 1
#10:30 WAN LEADER (08482) AGM - Room 1804, Tower 1, Admiralty Centre
#11:00 EXTRAWELL PHAR (00858) AGM - Basement 2, Regal Hongkong Hotel
#11:00 CHINA SMARTPAY (08325) AGM - 2/F., Hotel Jen Room Hibiscus
#11:00 BOILLHEALTHCARE (01246) AGM - Room 1703-1704, World-Wide House
#11:00 LEAP HLDGS GP (01499) AGM - 7/F, Nexxus Building
#11:00 C OVS NUOXIN (00464) AGM - Unit 1908, 9 Queen's Road Central, Central
#11:00 HUABANG FIN (03638) AGM - 33/F, Enterprise Square Three
#11:00 CHINA LIFE (02628) Interim Results Announcement Press Conference
- 3/F, JW Marriott Hotel
#11:15 POWERLONG (01238) Interim Results Announcement Press Conference
- Lower Lobby Level, Conrad Hong Kong
#11:30 HUAXIHOLDINGS (01689) AGM - Basement 2, The Charterhouse Causeway Bay Hotel
#11:30 ENN ENERGY (02688) Interim Results Announcement Press Conference
- 3/F, JW Marriott Hotel
#11:30 MONGOL MINING (00975) Interim Results Announcement Press Briefing
- Level 5, Island shangri-La Hong Kong
#12:00 ZHONGYU GAS (03633) Interim Results Announcement Media Luncheon
- Shop 401A, 4/F, Shun Tak Centre
#12:30 AIA (01299) Interim Results Announcement Press Conference
- 33/F, AIA Center
#13:45 GS1 Hong Kong Food Safety Forum 2019 - N201, 2/F, New Wing, HKCEC
#14:00 OOH HOLDINGS (08091) AGM - Room Three, Level 8, The Wave
#14:30 DTXS SILK ROAD (00620) EGM - Level 3, JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong
#14:30 SILVER BASE (00886) AGM - 2/F, Mandarin Oriental
#14:30 KATO (HK) HLDGS (02189) AGM
- portion of Level 5, The CapitolL, OHAS Park Road, Tseung Kwan O
#15:00 TSUI WAH HLDG (01314) AGM - 24/F, Admiralty Centre 1
#15:00 STELUX HOLDINGS (00084) AGM - Unit 901, 9/F, Stelux House
#15:15 CG SERVICES (06098) Interim Results Announcement Press Conference
- 4/F, Four Seasons Hotel
#15:30 LEE KEE (00637) AGM - 2/F, Eaton HK, Maggie A
#16:00 KARRIE INT'L (01050) AGM - 24/F, Admiralty Centre 1
#16:00 GOLDIN FIN HOLD (00530) EGM - 25/F, Goldin Financial Global Centre
#16:15 Hong Kong Association of Bank Meeting - 5/F, Prince's Building
#16:35 EVERG HEALTH (00708) Interim Results Announcement Press Conference
- Lower Lobby Level, Conrad Hong Kong
#17:30 BRILLIANCE CHI (01114) Interim Results Announcement Press Conference
- 1/F, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong
#17:45 AAC TECH (02018) Interim Results Announcement Press Conference
- M/F, Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong

Result Announcements:
Interim: CHINA AEROSPACE(00031), CROSS-HAR(HOLD)(00032)Dividend
GRAND OCEAN AR(00065)Dividend, Y.T. REALTY(00075)Dividend
TAI SANG LAND(00089)Dividend, YUSEI(00096), AVIC IHL(00161)Dividend
ORIENT VICTORY(00265)Dividend, KONG SUN HOLD(00295)Dividend
GLORY SUN LAND(00299)Dividend, OOIL(00316)Dividend, HUABAO INTL(00336)Dividend
CORE ECON INV(00339)Dividend, ASIA ENERGY-NEW(00351)Dividend, SINOPEC CORP(00386)
TONTINE WINES(00389)Dividend, YIP'S CHEMICAL(00408)Dividend
CASH FIN SER GP(00510)Dividend, TC ORI LIGHT(00515)Dividend
IMAGI INT'L(00585)Dividend, CARRY WEALTH(00643), BONJOUR HOLD(00653)Dividend
KING STONE ENGY(00663), HAITONG INT'L(00665)Dividend
ZHONGAN GROUP(00672)Dividend, TYSAN HOLDINGS(00687)Dividend
SHOUGANG INT'L(00697)Dividend, EVERG HEALTH(00708)
WORLD HOUSEWARE(00713)Dividend, SWSI(00812)Dividend, JINGKELONG(00814)
HUADIAN FUXIN(00816), LEOCH INT'L(00842)Dividend, ZHONGCHANG INTL(00859)Dividend
KAISA HEALTH(00876)Dividend, BISON FINANCE(00888)Dividend
DAOHE GLOBAL(00915)Dividend, BESUNYEN(00926)Dividend
EFORCE HOLDINGS(00943)Dividend, AEON STORES(00984)Dividend
ANHUIEXPRESSWAY(00995), FUTURE LAND(01030)Dividend, CELESTIAL ASIA(01049)Dividend
LEYOU TECH H(01089)Dividend, DA MING INT'L(01090)Dividend
I-CABLE COMM(01097)Dividend, SINOPHARM(01099), BRILLIANCE CHI(01114)Dividend
HARBIN ELECTRIC(01133), MOMENTUM FIN(01152)Dividend, CHINA RES GAS(01193)Dividend
KAI YUAN HLDGS(01215)Dividend, CH INNOVATION(01217)Dividend
C C LAND(01224)Dividend, DATANG ENVIRO(01272)Dividend, SUNLIT SCI(01289)Dividend
CHINA HUIRONG(01290)Dividend, GRAND BAOXIN(01293), AIA(01299)Dividend
WAI CHI HOLD(01305)Dividend, SITC(01308)Dividend, CHINA NEWCITY(01321)Dividend
CHINATOUYUN-NEW(01332)Dividend, CHINA ZHONGWANG(01333)Dividend
PICC GROUP(01339)Dividend, CHINAHONGQIAO(01378)Dividend
HIDILI INDUSTRY(01393)Dividend, HUNGFOOKTONG(01446)Dividend
MS GROUP HLDGS(01451)Dividend, HENGTOU SEC(01476)Dividend
IA FIN LEASING(01563)Dividend, CHINA ART FIN(01572)Dividend
HUIXIN CREDIT(01577)Dividend, YADEA(01585)Dividend, CHINA LEON(01586)Dividend
VINCENT MED(01612)Dividend, HILONG(01623)Dividend, REF HOLDINGS(01631)Dividend
ROYAL CHINA INT(01683)Dividend, SAMPLE TECH(01708), PROSPEROUS IND(01731)Dividend
KINGLAND GROUP(01751)Dividend, S-ENJOY SERVICE(01755), SCHOLAR EDU(01769)Dividend
VIXTEL TECH(01782)Dividend, XINTE ENERGY(01799)Dividend
HUAYUEXPRESSWAY(01823)Dividend, REALWAY CAPITAL(01835)Dividend
CHINA KEPEI(01890)Dividend, CHINA COAL(01898), FEIYANG GROUP(01901)
TEN PAO GROUP(01979)Dividend, TSAKER CHEM(01986)Dividend
XINGHUA PORT(01990)Dividend, ASIARAY(01993)Dividend, KEE(02011)
AAC TECH(02018)Dividend, RUIFENG POWER(02025)Dividend, JOLIMARK(02028)Dividend
SHENGJINGBANK(02066), JS INNOV(02116)Dividend, TITANS ENERGY(02188)Dividend
GOLDWIND(02208), CASABLANCA(02223)Dividend, SOLIS HOLDINGS(02227)Dividend
TK GROUP HLDG(02283)Dividend, PICC P&C(02328)Dividend, BAOYE GROUP(02355)
AVICHINA(02357), COOLPAD GROUP(02369)Dividend, CPIC(02601)
TEXHONG TEXTILE(02678)Dividend, GREENTOWN SER(02869)Dividend
PEIPORT HOLD(02885)Dividend, CHINA STATE CON(03311)Dividend
CHINA FLAVORS(03318)Dividend, CNBM(03323)Dividend, ZHENGYE INT'L(03363)Dividend
XIAMEN PORT(03378)Dividend, CHINA TING(03398)Dividend, CLIFFORDML(03686)Dividend
MEITUAN-W(03690), EEKA FASHION(03709)Dividend, XINXIN MINING(03833), BQD(03866)
CSSC SHIPPING(03877)Dividend, CRRC TIMES ELEC(03898)
GREENTOWN CHINA(03900)Dividend, CICC(03908), UNITED LAB(03933)Dividend
CM BANK(03968)Dividend, CAPITAL ENV(03989)Dividend, BQD 17USDPREF(04611)
CMB 17USDPREF(04614)Dividend, APEX ACE HLDG(06036)Dividend, CSC(06066)
CG SERVICES(06098)Dividend, JIUTAI RCB(06122), EGL HOLDINGS(06882)Dividend
JINMA ENERGY(06885)Dividend, KANGLI INT HLDG(06890)Dividend
Final: VONGROUP(00318)Dividend, LIFE HEALTHCARE(00928), ANACLE(08353)Dividend

Economic Figures:
US: Jul New Home Sales


#Financial Events:#

#16:00 CS HEALTH (00286) EGM - Rooms 2709-10, North Tower, Concordia Plaza

Result Announcements:
Interim: SHENGLI PIPE(01080)Dividend, HENG HUP(01891)Dividend
MILLION CITIES(02892)Dividend

Economic Figures:
GE: Jul Import Price Index


Result Announcements:
Interim: CONCH VENTURE(00586), CHAOWEI POWER(00951)Dividend, JXR(01951)
ZHENRO PPT(06158)Dividend


#Financial Events:#

#10:00 BOSIDENG (03998) AGM - 35/F, Central Plaza
#10:00 NATIONAL ELEC H (00213) AGM - 43/F, Gloucester Tower, The Landmark
#10:00 COMTEC SOLAR (00712) EGM - 5/F, BOC Group Life Assurance Tower
#10:30 PT INTL DEV (00372) AGM - 10/F, United Centre
#10:30 JIANGSU EXPRESS (00177) Interim Results Announcement Press Conference
- 5/F, Island Shangri-La Hong Kong
#11:00 WWPKG HOLDINGS (08069) AGM - Unit 706-8, Lippo Sun Plaza
#11:00 VISTAR HOLDINGS (08535) AGM - 24/F, Admiralty Centre 1
#11:00 CARRIANNA (00126) AGM - 1/F, 151 Gloucester Road, Wanchai
#11:00 CH DYNAMICS (00476) AGM - M/F, Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong
#11:00 AUX INTL (02080) AGM - Room 1703-1704, World-Wide House
#11:00 ANHUIEXPRESSWAY (00995) Interim Results Announcement Press Conference
- 7/F, Conrad Hong Kong
#11:00 C C LAND (01224) Interim Results Announcement Press Conference
- 2/F, Four Seasons Hotel
#11:15 ZHENRO PPT (06158) Interim Results Announcement Press Conference
- 4/F, Four Seasons Hotel
#11:30 ROYAL CHINA INT (01683) EGM - 21/F, Wyndham Place
#12:30 DLC ASIA (08210) AGM - 7/F, South West Tower, Convention Plaza
#14:00 GREAT HARVEST (03683) AGM - 10/F, CKK Commercial Centre
#14:30 CT SOLARPOWER (08111) AGM - Basement, Gloucester Luk Kwok Hong Kong
#14:30 SINOPEC CORP (00386) Interim Results Announcement Press Briefing
- Level 5, Island shangri-La Hong Kong
#15:00 PRIMEVIEW HLDG (00789) AGM - 9/F, Gloucester Tower, The Landmark
#15:00 EEKA FASHION (03709) EGM - Portion 2, 12/F., The Center
#15:00 GREENTOWN CHINA (03900) Interim Results Announcement Press Conference
- 4/F, Four Seasons Hotel
#16:30 REGINA MIRACLE (02199) AGM - 24/F, Admiralty Centre 1
#16:30 SHENZHENEXPRESS (00548) Interim Results Announcement Press Conference
- 4/F, Sun Hung Kai Centre
#16:30 ZA ONLINE (06060) Interim Results Announcement Press Briefing
- Island shangri-La Hong Kong

Result Announcements:
Interim: C AUTO INT DECO(00048)Dividend, REGAL INT'L(00078), INT'L STD RES(00091)Dividend
ENM HOLDINGS(00128), KECK SENG INV(00184)Dividend, SHUN TAK HOLD(00242)Dividend
GT GROUP HLDG(00263)Dividend, TINGYI(00322), NEWOCEAN ENERGY(00342)
FORTUNE SUN(00352)Dividend, CENTURY C INT'L(00355), SOFTPOWER INT(00380)Dividend
KUANGCHI(00439)Dividend, TRISTATE HOLD(00458)Dividend
SANDMARTIN INTL(00482)Dividend, PACIFIC ONLINE(00543)Dividend
FUTURE WORLD FH(00572), CHINA OIL & GAS(00603)Dividend
FUTURE BRIGHT(00703)Dividend, BOE VARITRONIX(00710)Dividend
PERFECTECH INTL(00765)Dividend, BC TECH GROUP(00863), CHINA QINFA(00866)Dividend
CHINA FIN INV(00875)Dividend, SOUNDWILL HOLD(00878)Dividend
LONGFOR GROUP(00960)Dividend, HUARONG INT FIN(00993)Dividend
GOODBABY INTL(01086), MAINLAND HOLD(01100)Dividend, KINGWORLD(01110)Dividend
CH MODERN D(01117)Dividend, DREAM INT'L(01126)Dividend, CMBC CAPITAL(01141)
TANG PALACE(01181)Dividend, S.A.S. DRAGON(01184)Dividend
SPT ENERGY(01251)Dividend, MEITU(01357)Dividend, JUJIANG CONS(01459)Dividend
BEST FOOD HLDG(01488)Dividend, NC HEALTHCARE(01518)Dividend, CEFC FIN INV(01520)
RS MACALLINE(01528)Dividend, CNLP(01589)Dividend, YUZHOU PPT(01628)Dividend
TONG REN TANG(01666)Dividend, SDITC(01697)Dividend, TU YI HLDG(01701)
TRIO IND ELEC(01710)Dividend, TS WONDERS(01767)Dividend
AK MEDICAL(01789)Dividend, PM PACKAGING(01820)Dividend, CMEC(01829)Dividend
SAI LEISURE(01832)Dividend, CIMC VEHICLES(01839), REGAL REIT(01881)
HAITIAN INT'L(01882)Dividend, C&D INTL GROUP(01908)Dividend
FIRE ROCK(01909)Dividend, CR HOLDINGS(01911)Dividend, BAIC MOTOR(01958)
NEW HIGHER EDU(02001)Dividend, SSY GROUP(02005)Dividend
ANTA SPORTS(02020)Dividend, E-HOUSE ENT(02048)Dividend
XIWANG PROPERTY(02088)Dividend, KN HOSPITAL(02120), CHINA LESSO(02128)Dividend
SMART-CORE(02166)Dividend, FOSUN PHARMA(02196), CHINA SANJIANG(02198)Dividend
NVC LIGHTING(02222)Dividend, HUARONG INV(02277)Dividend
SHENZHOU INTL(02313)Dividend, GREATWALL MOTOR(02333)Dividend
BWI INT'L(02339)Dividend, JIU RONG HOLD(02358)Dividend
JIAYUAN INTL(02768)Dividend, CHINARES PHARMA(03320)Dividend, BOCOM INTL(03329)
ANTON OILFIELD(03337)Dividend, LOGAN PPT(03380)Dividend, HANHUA FIN(03903)
CHINA CRSC(03969), CTIHK(06055)Dividend, ZA ONLINE(06060)Dividend
AUSTAR(06118)Dividend, KIMOU ENVIRON(06805), PROSPER CONS(06816)Dividend
WINOX(06838)Dividend, FLAT GLASS(06865)Dividend

Economic Figures:
HK: Jul Export, Import, Trade Balance
US: Jul Durable Goods Orders; Aug Dallas Fed Manufacturing Outlook Index
JP: Jun Coincident Index, Leading Index
GE: Aug Ifo Business Climate Index

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