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Jewellery & Watches - All China Stocks
CodeNameNominal%ChangeTurnoverMkt CapCurrency% YldP/EP/E Range
00084STELUX HOLDINGSdown0.770-6.098%8.492M858.109MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
00104ASIA COMM HOLDup0.400+14.286%10.492M548.403MHKD0.00020.352PENews | Chart
00116CHOW SANG SANGup18.540+0.325%1.555M12.509BHKD2.37316.916PENews | Chart
00256CITYCHAMPunchange1.8300.000%4.522M7.961BHKD2.732217.857PENews | Chart
00280KING FOOK HOLDup0.440+2.326%328,270392.870MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
00398ORIENTAL WATCHup1.950+2.094%2.099M1.090BHKD2.76967.944PENews | Chart
00417TSE SUI LUENdown2.220-1.333%795,807555.383MHKD2.39223.545PENews | Chart
00442HIFOOD GROUPunchange3.4000.000%23,800586.840MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
00444SINCEREWATCH HKunchange0.1130.000%196,540562.966MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
00475ZHONG FA ZHANdown1.180-1.667%35,260396.065MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
00513CONTINENTAL Hup0.154+13.235%1.403M929.041MHKD0.00010.556PENews | Chart
00590LUK FOOK HOLDup28.450+1.066%40.285M16.527BHKD3.87316.416PENews | Chart
00620DTXS SILK ROADunchange5.0000.000%1.504M2.777BHKD0.000PENews | Chart
00764ETERNITY INVup0.190+1.604%108,548714.266MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
00789PRIMEVIEW HLDGunchange0.1000.000%0.000551.984MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
00860O LUXE HOLDdown1.680-0.592%13.632M9.993BHKD0.000PENews | Chart
00887EMPEROR WATCH&Junchange0.3750.000%2.391M2.581BHKD0.453PENews | Chart
01327TIME2Uup0.055+1.852%147,298186.624MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
01466AFFLUENTPARTNERup6.950+1.906%19.228M2.315BHKD0.000PENews | Chart
01470PROSPER ONEup0.850+6.250%2.620M640.000MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
01856ERNEST BORELdown1.560-1.266%279,330548.950MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
01929CHOW TAI FOOKup8.210+1.358%40.474M81.000BHKD5.09726.928PENews | Chart
02033TIME WATCHup1.090+5.825%1.297M2.142BHKD4.7629.292PENews | Chart
02882HKRHunchange0.0800.000%118,875281.792MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
03326PERFECT GROUPdown2.860-1.038%35.963M3.902BHKD0.465111.427PENews | Chart
03389HENGDELIup0.440+7.317%89.745M1.921BHKD64.368PENews | Chart
06838WINOXdown1.750-1.685%10,680890.000MHKD5.71418.041PENews | Chart
08026PROSTEN HEALTHunchange0.2850.000%366,225345.125MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
08351LARRY JEWELRYdown0.475-3.061%10.172M1.655BHKD0.000PENews | Chart
Remark:  Quote data is at least 15-min delayed. Data updated on: 22/01/2018 16:00
  P/E Range is the comparison of P/E of that stock with the industry, left hand side indicating lower P/E and getting larger towards the right hand side.
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