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RT Nominal down0.830 -0.020 (-2.353%)
Announcement Date Financial Year Particular Ex-date Book Closed Date (From) Book Closed Date (Until) Payable Date
19/06/20192019/03Fin Div RMB 1.96 cts or HKD 2.23 cts12/08/201914/08/201916/08/201923/08/2019
19/06/20192019/03Sp Div RMB 0.49 ct or HKD 0.56 ct12/08/201914/08/201916/08/201923/08/2019
27/02/20192019/03No 2nd Int Div--------
15/08/20182019/03Int Div RMB 2.45 cts or HKD 2.7996 cts28/08/201830/08/201803/09/201810/09/2018
15/08/20182019/03Sp Div RMB 2.45 cts28/08/201830/08/201803/09/201810/09/2018
21/03/20182017/12Fin Div RMB 1.42 cts or HKD 1.76 cts14/05/201816/05/201818/05/201828/05/2018
21/03/20182017/12Sp Div RMB 2.84 cts or HKD 3.52 cts14/05/201816/05/201818/05/201828/05/2018
16/08/20172017/12Int Div RMB 2.9 cts29/08/201731/08/201704/09/201711/09/2017
16/08/20172017/12Sp Div RMB 20.22 cts29/08/201731/08/201704/09/201711/09/2017
22/03/20172016/12Fin Div RMB 2.13 cts or HKD 2.39 cts15/05/201717/05/201719/05/201726/05/2017
22/03/20172016/12Sp Div RMB 2.13 cts or HKD 2.39 cts15/05/201717/05/201719/05/201726/05/2017
17/08/20162016/12Int Div RMB 2.59 cts or HKD 3.0298 cts30/08/201601/09/201605/09/201612/09/2016
17/08/20162016/12Sp Div RMB 2.59 cts or HKD 3.0298 cts30/08/201601/09/201605/09/201612/09/2016
22/03/20162015/12Fin Div RMB 2.78 cts or HKD 3.326 cts20/05/201624/05/201626/05/201602/06/2016
22/03/20162015/12Sp Div RMB 2.25 cts or HKD 2.692 cts20/05/201624/05/201626/05/201602/06/2016
19/08/20152015/12Int Div RMB 1.57 cts or HKD 1.9 cts01/09/201503/09/201508/09/201515/09/2015
19/08/20152015/12Sp Div RMB 2.1 cts or HKD 2.55 cts01/09/201503/09/201508/09/201515/09/2015
25/03/20152014/12Fin Div RMB 4.44 cts or HKD 5.61 cts22/05/201527/05/201529/05/201505/06/2015
25/03/20152014/12Sp Div RMB 5.91 cts or HKD 7.47 cts22/05/201527/05/201529/05/201505/06/2015
21/08/20142014/12Int Div RMB 0.52 ct or HKD 0.65 ct04/09/201406/09/201411/09/201418/09/2014
21/08/20142014/12Sp Div RMB 0.7 ct or HKD 0.88 ct04/09/201406/09/201411/09/201418/09/2014
18/03/20142013/12Fin Div RMB 0.64 ct or HKD 0.81 ct19/05/201421/05/201423/05/201430/05/2014
18/03/20142013/12Sp Div RMB 0.85 ct or HKD 1.08 cts19/05/201421/05/201423/05/201430/05/2014
21/08/20132013/12Int Div RMB 0.5 ct or HKD 0.63 ct05/09/201307/09/201311/09/201318/09/2013
21/08/20132013/12Sp Div RMB 0.67 ct or HKD 0.84 ct05/09/201307/09/201311/09/201318/09/2013
20/03/20132012/12Fin Div RMB 0.43 ct or HKD 0.53 ct20/05/201322/05/201324/05/201331/05/2013
20/03/20132012/12Sp Div RMB 0.57 ct or HKD 0.71 ct20/05/201322/05/201324/05/201331/05/2013
22/08/20122012/12Int Div RMB 0.53 ct or HKD 0.65 ct05/09/201207/09/201211/09/201218/09/2012
22/08/20122012/12Sp Div RMB 0.7 ct or HKD 0.86 ct05/09/201207/09/201211/09/201218/09/2012
27/03/20122011/12No Fin Div--------
24/08/20112011/12Int Div RMB 1.19 cts or HKD 1.45 cts06/09/201108/09/201112/09/201120/09/2011
24/08/20112011/12Sp Div RMB 1.59 cts or HKD 1.94 cts06/09/201108/09/201112/09/201120/09/2011
22/03/20112010/12Fin Div RMB 3.59 cts or HKD 4.27 cts04/05/201106/05/201112/05/201119/05/2011
22/03/20112010/12Sp Div RMB 6.17 cts or HKD 7.33 cts04/05/201106/05/201112/05/201119/05/2011
25/08/20102010/12Int Div RMB 4.16 cts or HKD 4.76 cts07/09/201009/09/201013/09/201020/09/2010
25/08/20102010/12Sp Div RMB 4.16 cts or HKD 4.76 cts07/09/201009/09/201013/09/201020/09/2010
24/03/20102009/12Fin Div RMB 3.91 cts or HKD 4.45 cts05/05/201007/05/201012/05/201019/05/2010
24/03/20102009/12Sp Div RMB 9.04 cts or HKD 10.28 cts05/05/201007/05/201012/05/201019/05/2010
09/09/20092009/12Int Div RMB 3.82 cts or HKD 4.33 cts25/09/200929/09/200902/10/200909/10/2009
09/09/20092009/12Sp Div RMB 1.27 cts or HKD 1.44 cts25/09/200929/09/200902/10/200909/10/2009
25/03/20092008/12Fin Div RMB 3.76 cts or HKD 4.27 cts07/05/200911/05/200914/05/200921/05/2009
25/03/20092008/12Sp Div RMB 5.59 cts or HKD 6.34 cts07/05/200911/05/200914/05/200921/05/2009
10/09/20082008/12Int Div RMB 2.71 cts or HKD 3.09 cts29/09/200802/10/200806/10/200815/10/2008
10/09/20082008/12Sp Div RMB 0.88 ct or HKD 1 ct29/09/200802/10/200806/10/200815/10/2008
01/04/20082007/12Fin Div RMB 1.09 cts06/05/200808/05/200815/05/200823/05/2008
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