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Date   Code Name No. of Shares Issued Issue Price Total Fund Raised Type % of issued shs Raising Method
22/03/2024 03893CROSSTEC25.920MHKD 0.260HKD 6.740MShares20.000Placing/Issue
(Business Development)
22/03/2024 08299GRAND T G GOLD310.638MHKD 0.141HKD 43.800MShares5.188Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
22/03/2024 02195UNITY ENT174.603MHKD 0.126HKD 22.000MShares17.460Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of business in provision of contracting service & distributorship of building materials in Hong Kong)
22/03/2024 01421KINGBO STRIKE19.009MHKD 0.400HKD 7.604MShares22.788Rights Issue/Open Offer
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development Rts 1 for 2 (on non-underwritten basis))
21/03/2024 01709DL HOLDINGS GP64.370MHKD 3.500HKD 225.295MShares4.427Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment)
20/03/2024 09926AKESO24.800MHKD 47.650HKD 1.182BShares2.949Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development Net proceeds equivalent to approx USD 150 mil)
20/03/2024 00286AIDIGONG1.478BHKD 0.042HKD 62.090MShares33.333Rights Issue/Open Offer
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment Rts 1 for 3)
20/03/2024 02363TONGDA HONG TAI71.164MHKD 0.580HKD 41.275MShares104.539Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment Unsubscribed arrangement on non-underwritten basis open offer)
20/03/2024 00110CHINA FORTUNE26.000MHKD 0.260HKD 6.760MShares12.290Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base)
20/03/2024 08613ORIENTAL PAY----HKD 2.849MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base Total Proceeds of HKD 0.31 mil will be set off against the indebted amount)
19/03/2024 08195LEGENDARY EDU22.656MHKD 1.320HKD 30.000MShares5.404Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
18/03/2024 01280QIDIAN GUOFENG530.000MHKD 0.350HKD 185.500MShares201.417Consideration Issue
(Debt Repayment)
15/03/2024 03395JX ENERGY33.000MHKD 0.220HKD 7.233MShares6.736Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base The gross proceeds & net proceeds equivalent to approx CAD 1.26 mil. & 1.24 mil.)
15/03/2024 00860APOLLO FMG445.652MHKD 0.460HKD 205.000MShares77.265Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment Net proceeds of HK$39 mil will be set off against the outstanding amount of the 2024 convertible bonds)
13/03/2024 00702SINO OIL & GAS----HKD 529.360MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Debt Repayment)
13/03/2024 00702SINO OIL & GAS696.500MHKD 0.100HKD 69.650MShares20.819Consideration Issue
(Debt Repayment)
13/03/2024 00702SINO OIL & GAS----HKD 794.040MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Debt Repayment)
13/03/2024 00362C ZENITH CHEM108.000MHKD 0.100HKD 10.800MShares11.446Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base)
13/03/2024 00702SINO OIL & GAS400.000MHKD 0.100HKD 40.000MShares11.957Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment)
12/03/2024 08475E-STATION GTECH1.582MHKD 0.632HKD 1.000MShares2.786Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of western cuisine restaurant operations business in Hong Kong)
11/03/2024 08093MILLION STARS101.600MHKD 0.125HKD 12.700MShares17.350Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment)
07/03/2024 00419HUAYI TENCENT----HKD 120.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base)
07/03/2024 00931CHINA HK POWER697.674MHKD 0.430HKD 300.000MShares11.674Consideration Issue
(Debt Repayment Loan Capitalisation)
07/03/2024 02778CHAMPION REIT35.740MHKD 1.616HKD 57.755MShares0.591Consideration Issue
(Fee Payment)
06/03/2024 01613SYNERTONE60.000MHKD 0.401HKD 24.100MShares19.979Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
06/03/2024 00115GRAND FIELD GP----HKD 100.969MConvertible Bonds0.000Consideration Issue
(Bonds/Notes Replacement After share consolidation)
06/03/2024 01661WISDOM SPORTS310.000MHKD 0.139HKD 43.100MShares19.461Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
04/03/2024 08547PACIFIC LEGEND15.516MHKD 0.210HKD 3.260MShares7.299Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
04/03/2024 08028TIMELESS56.000MHKD 0.173HKD 9.688MShares19.908Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment)
04/03/2024 02956SHIN HWA W-OLD845.250MHKD 0.034HKD 28.739MShares20.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment)
04/03/2024 00582SHIN HWA W-NEW845.250MHKD 0.034HKD 28.739MShares20.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment)
01/03/2024 02448SPACE GROUP11.729MHKD 0.680HKD 7.976MShares20.212Rights Issue/Open Offer
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment Rts 4 for 1 consolidated sh (on non-underwritten basis))
29/02/2024 02888STANCHART----USD 1.000BConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development Issue Perpetual Subordinated Contingent Convertible Securities; Before Sept 2030: 7.875%, & interest rate reset for each 5 years thereafter)
29/02/2024 02668PAK TAK INT'L950.000MHKD 0.336HKD 319.200MShares20.299Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of business in iron ore & iron concentrate powder production & sales;Consideration equivalent to RMB 290 mil)
28/02/2024 08239CAPITAL FIN15.640MHKD 0.500HKD 7.800MShares20.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment)
26/02/2024 02135RAILY AESMED139.269MHKD 0.148HKD 20.600MShares33.333Rights Issue/Open Offer
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development Rts 1 for 3 consolidated shs (on non-fully underwritten basis); Net subscription price equivalent to approx RMB 0.138)
23/02/2024 08365HATCHER GROUP7.136MHKD 1.400HKD 9.990MShares19.999Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base)
23/02/2024 08460BASETROPHY GP345.000MHKD 0.120HKD 41.400MShares300.000Rights Issue/Open Offer
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development Rts 3 for 1 (on non-underwritten basis))
22/02/2024 00821VC HOLDINGS----HKD 84.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment)
21/02/2024 03330LINGBAO GOLD32.538MHKD 1.340HKD 43.600MH2.748Placing/Issue
(Business Development)
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