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02149 貝克微
Listing Date2023/12/28
Listing Price27.470
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BaTeLab Co. is one of the analog IC patterned wafer providers in China. Its deliverable products are analog IC patterned wafers with completed built-on circuits, which can then be fabricated into individual IC chips after standard and straightforward packaging and testing steps performed by its downstream customers at its discretion or using its available packaging and testing solutions.


According to report, The Group is the largest provider of analog IC patterned wafers in China in terms of revenue in 2022, accounting for a market share of 1.7% of the total market size of RMB21.3 billion in China in the same year.


The Group offers approximately 400 types of diversified industrial grade analog IC patterned wafer products across seven sub-categories, namely switching regulators, multi-channel Ics and PMICs, linear regulators, battery management ICs, monitoring and modulating ICs, driver ICs, and linear products, in the power management category and the signal chain category as of 10 December 2023.


Its customers primarily include companies principally engaged in distribution and sales of electronic components, semiconductors and modular circuits. Its products are applied in different industry verticals, including automotive electronics, healthcare, industrial automation, industrial Internet of Things, industrial lighting, instrumentation, communications, electric power, energy storage and consumer electronics. It generated revenue primarily from sales of patterned wafers to its distributor partners.

MarketHong Kong (Main Board)
Business NatureSemiconductors
Major Business AreaChina
Board Lot100
No. of Offer Shares15.00M H shares
No. of International Offer Shares13.50M H shares
No. of HK Offer Shares1.50M H shares
Offer Price$27.47 - $38.45
Stock Code2149
Sponsor(s)China International Capital Corporation Hong Kong Securities Limited
Underwriter(s)China International Capital Corporation Hong Kong Securities Limited, China Galaxy International Securities (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, CMB International Capital Limited, GF Securities (Hong Kong) Brokerage Limited, Guotai Junan Securities (Hong Kong) Limited, ABCI Securities Company Limited, ICBC International Securities Limited, Soochow Securities International Brokerage Limited, Tiger Brokers (HK) Global Limited, Futu Securities International (Hong Kong) Limited, Silverbricks Securities Company Limited, Valuable Capital Limited, Livermore Holdings Limited
Application PeriodDec 18 (Mon) - noon, Dec 21 (Thu)
Price Determination DateDec 22 (Fri)
Result Announcement DateOn or before Dec 27 (Wed)
Result Announcement DateOn or before Dec 27 (Wed)
Result Announcement DateOn or before Dec 28 (Thu)
Dealings in Shares commence onDec 28, 2023. (Thu)
Reallocation of Shares Offered
Times of HK Offer Shares Subscription15X - 50X50X - 100XOver 100X
% of total shares reallocated to HK Offer30%40%50%
Sales Statistics (HKD)
Offer Price$27.47 - $38.45
Capitalization (H Shares)412.05M - 576.75M
NAV / share ($)$14.12 - $16.73 (Unaudited pro forma adj NAV / share)
Use Of Proceeds
Assuming the offer price being at HKD 32.96, the net proceeds raised would be HKD 429.20M, of which
30% : Enhancing R&D and innovation capabilities
30% : Further enrich product portfolio and expand business
10% : Expand customer base and strengthen relationship with customers
20% : Strategic investments and acquisition
10% : Working capital
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