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15/12/2023 08:45

Summary of listed companies announcements (1)

Summary of listed companies announcements (1)

Code Company Summary
00001 CKH HOLDINGS Announcements and Notices - (List of Directors and their Role and Fu
00001 CKH HOLDINGS Announcements and Notices - (Change in Directors or of Important Exe
cutive Functions or Responsibilities / Change of Audit Committee Mem
00005 HSBC HOLDINGS Next Day Disclosure Returns - (Share Buyback)
00005 HSBC HOLDINGS Announcements and Notices - (Overseas Regulatory Announcement - Othe
00019 SWIRE PACIFIC ANext Day Disclosure Returns - (Share Buyback)
00023 BANK OF E ASIA Next Day Disclosure Returns - (Share Buyback)
00025 CHEVALIER INT'LFinancial Statements/ESG Information - (Interim/Half-Year Report)
00045 HK&S HOTELS Announcements and Notices - (Change in Directors or of Important Exe
cutive Functions or Responsibilities / Change in Chief Executive)
00057 CHEN HSONG HOLDCirculars
00057 CHEN HSONG HOLDFinancial Statements/ESG Information - (Interim/Half-Year Report)
00063 CHI ASIA VALLEYAnnouncements and Notices - (Change in Company Secretary)
00073 ASIAN CITRUS Announcements and Notices - (Capital Reorganisation / Trading Arrang
ements (other than Change in Board Lot Size))
00080 CNEWECON FUND Announcements and Notices - (Net Asset Value)
00087 SWIRE PACIFIC BNext Day Disclosure Returns - (Share Buyback)
00090 PUXING ENERGY Announcements and Notices - (Change in Registered Address or Office,
Registered Place of Business in HK or Agent for Service of Process
in HK / Change in Company Secretary)
00098 XINGFA ALUM Announcements and Notices - (Results of EGM/SGM)
00105 ASSO INT HOTELSFinancial Statements/ESG Information - (Interim/Half-Year Report)
00111 CINDA INTL HLDGAnnouncements and Notices - (Discloseable Transaction)
00125 SUN HING VISIONFinancial Statements/ESG Information - (Interim/Half-Year Report)
00126 CARRIANNA Financial Statements/ESG Information - (Interim/Half-Year Report)
00132 CHINA INV HOLD Circulars - (Major Transaction)
00142 FIRST PACIFIC Announcements and Notices - (Terms of Reference of the Nomination Co
00151 WANT WANT CHINACirculars
00151 WANT WANT CHINANext Day Disclosure Returns - (Share Buyback)
00151 WANT WANT CHINAFinancial Statements/ESG Information - (Interim/Half-Year Report)
00165 CHINA EB LTD Announcements and Notices - (Other - Miscellaneous)
00182 CONCORD NE Next Day Disclosure Returns - (Share Buyback)
00213 NATIONAL ELEC HCirculars
00217 CHINA CHENGTONGCirculars - (Major Transaction)
00227 FIRST SHANGHAI Announcements and Notices - (Announcement by Offeree Company under t
he Takeovers Code / Announcement by Offeror Company under the Takeov
ers Code)
00259 YEEBO (INT'L H)Next Day Disclosure Returns - (Share Buyback)
00266 TIAN TECK LAND Financial Statements/ESG Information - (Interim/Half-Year Report)
00268 KINGDEE INT'L Next Day Disclosure Returns - (Others)
00268 KINGDEE INT'L Announcements and Notices - (Issue of Shares under a General Mandate
00270 GUANGDONG INV Announcements and Notices - (Loan Agreement with Specific Performanc
e Covenant)
# in ascending order of company codes, for further information, please visit HKEx news
website https://www.hkexnews.hk/index.htm

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