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Fund Overview
Default Order Ordered by Asset
CodeNameUnderlying AssetNominal%ChangeTurnoverdescendingPrem/DiscountRelated Information
02800TRACKER FUNDHang Seng Indexup28.650+2.504%2.809B+2.30%Details | Quote
03188CAM CSI300CSI 300 Indexup43.300+2.243%1.400B+2.30%Details | Quote
02822CSOP A50 ETFFTSE China A50 Indexup14.560+2.680%835.613M+2.18%Details | Quote
02823ISHARES A50FTSE China A50 Indexup14.520+2.542%777.009M+1.91%Details | Quote
02828HSCEI ETFHang Seng China Enterprises Indexup110.000+2.326%379.983M+2.20%Details | Quote
02840SPDR GOLD TRUSTPhysical gold Bulliondown992.000-0.251%35.523M+0.08%Details | Quote
02821ABF PAIFiBoxx ABF Pan-Asia Indexup115.250+0.480%26.962M+0.30%Details | Quote
83188CAM CSI300-RCSI 300 Indexup38.250+2.136%20.088M+2.08%Details | Quote
03081VALUEGOLD ETFPhysical Gold Bullionup32.650+0.153%18.727M+0.13%Details | Quote
02833HS HSI ETFHang Seng Indexup29.050+2.469%12.566M+2.47%Details | Quote
82823ISHARES A50-RFTSE China A50 Indexup12.820+2.233%11.551M+2.08%Details | Quote
82822CSOP A50 ETF-RFTSE China A50 Indexup12.840+2.229%10.673M+1.81%Details | Quote
03147CSOP CHINEXTChiNext Indexup6.030+2.203%5.813M+2.31%Details | Quote
02801ISHARES CHINAMSCI China Indexup24.700+3.132%5.122M+2.07%Details | Quote
03175F SAMSUNG OILS&P GSCI Crude Oil Index Excess Returnup11.340+4.228%3.485M+3.91%Details | Quote
02827WISE CSI300 ETFCSI 300 Indexup33.950+2.105%3.133M+1.26%Details | Quote
03010ISHARES AXJMSCI All Country Asia ex Japan Indexup50.950+2.309%1.693M+1.77%Details | Quote
83095VALUE A SHARE-RFTSE Value-Stocks China A-Share Indexup6.630+2.473%1.653M+1.98%Details | Quote
02802ISHARES EM ASIAMSCI EM Asia Indexup50.550+2.848%1.077M+1.86%Details | Quote
03173PREMIA NEW ECONCSI Caixin Rayliant New Economic Engine Indexup6.770+3.517%1.071M+2.73%Details | Quote
03140VANGUARDSP500S&P 500 Indexup21.050+0.959%1.059M+0.57%Details | Quote
03011A ICBCCICCUSDUS Dollars-denominated & settled short-term deposits & money market investmentsdown7,835.550-0.023%1.042M0.00%Details | Quote
02805VANGUARDASXJPThe FTSE Asia Pacific ex Japan, Australia and New Zealand Indexup22.850+0.661%966,570+2.18%Details | Quote
02838HS FCI50 ETFFTSE China 50 Indexup189.600+2.653%642,280+2.31%Details | Quote
03087X TRFTSEVIETFTSE Vietnam Indexup244.400+0.908%627,344+0.12%Details | Quote
02803PREMIA BEDROCKCSI Caixin Rayliant Bedrock Economy Indexup7.420+1.644%607,400+1.98%Details | Quote
83100EFUND CSI100-RCSI 100 Indexup39.550+1.933%507,250+0.94%Details | Quote
03169VANGUARDCHINAFTSE Total China Connect Indexup8.760+3.546%408,338+3.23%Details | Quote
03074ISHARESMSCITWMSCI Taiwan Indexup103.400+2.988%381,740+2.74%Details | Quote
02836ISHARES INDIAS&P BSE Sensitivity Indexup25.750+0.195%352,1700.00%Details | Quote
02834ISHARESND100NASDAQ 100 Indexup144.300+1.763%346,110+0.62%Details | Quote
03095VALUE A SHAREFTSE Value-Stocks China A-Share Indexup7.480+2.606%303,520+1.85%Details | Quote
03197CAM MSCI AINCMSCI China A Inclusion Indexup9.900+2.062%294,094+0.91%Details | Quote
03141BMO ASIA IGBBloomberg Barclays Asia USD Investment Grade Bond Indexup15.800+0.127%245,156+0.73%Details | Quote
03186CICCKRANECNETCSI Overseas China Internet Indexup58.100+3.381%234,950+0.91%Details | Quote
03101VANGUARDDVEURFTSE Developed Europe Indexup18.520+1.202%231,694-0.77%Details | Quote
03085VANGUARDAXJHYFTSE Asia Pacific ex Japan, Australia and New Zealand High Dividend Yield Indexup21.250+1.918%210,402+0.83%Details | Quote
82813CAM CTPB BOND-RBloomberg Barclays China Treasury + Policy Bank Indexup102.900+0.049%205,800-0.46%Details | Quote
03146ISHARESDAXDAX Indexup97.000+2.267%194,195+0.39%Details | Quote
83074ISHARESMSCITW-RMSCI Taiwan Indexup91.250+2.701%182,500+2.86%Details | Quote
83140VANGUARDSP500-RS&P 500 Indexup18.540+0.325%163,152+0.49%Details | Quote
03167ICBCCSOPCHINAS&P New China Sectors (A-shares Capped) Indexup67.250+2.907%161,120+3.74%Details | Quote
03115ISHARESHSIHang Seng Indexup102.300+2.402%143,250+2.19%Details | Quote
02819ABF HK IDX ETFiBoxx ABF Hong Kong Indexup96.500+0.416%133,923-2.79%Details | Quote
09074ISHARESMSCITW-UMSCI Taiwan Indexup13.220+2.799%133,854+2.90%Details | Quote
03199CSOP 5YCGBONDChinaBond 5-year Treasury Bond Indexup117.350+0.428%133,750+0.44%Details | Quote
03128HS AINDTOPETFHang Seng China A Industry Top Index up53.350+2.399%133,220+1.85%Details | Quote
03020X TRMSCIUSAMSCI Total Return Net USA Indexup623.000+0.809%130,830+1.04%Details | Quote
03015X TRNIFTY50Nifty 50 Indexup1,300.000+0.077%130,000-0.73%Details | Quote
83079CICC CGB-RBloomberg Barclays China Treasury 1-10 Years Indexdown104.400-0.287%104,400+0.00%Details | Quote
02847ISHARESFS100FTSE 100 Indexup93.800+1.023%103,290+0.14%Details | Quote
83199CSOP 5YCGBOND-RChinaBond 5-year Treasury Bond Indexup103.500+0.194%93,150+0.08%Details | Quote
03110MR HS HDIVY ETFHang Seng High Dividend Yield Indexup29.200+1.038%87,750+4.90%Details | Quote
02846ISHARESCSI300CSI 300 Indexup27.500+2.804%82,750+1.71%Details | Quote
03118HGI MSCI CN AMSCI China A Indexup14.280+2.734%72,828+1.49%Details | Quote
03027X TRMSCIRUSSIAMSCI Russia Issuers Capped 25% Indexup23.600+1.724%70,650+0.99%Details | Quote
82832BOSERA FA50-RFTSE China A50 Indexup6.300+2.773%69,300-3.20%Details | Quote
02810PREMIAEMASEANDow Jones Emerging ASEAN Titans 100 Indexup81.100+1.884%68,730+2.16%Details | Quote
03100EFUND CSI100CSI 100 Indexup44.900+1.814%67,600+1.43%Details | Quote
83115ISHARESHSI-RHang Seng Indexup90.250+2.151%63,175+2.28%Details | Quote
03149CSOP MSCIMSCI China A Inclusion Indexup11.960+2.048%59,800+0.66%Details | Quote
03099X TRMSCIINDOMSCI Indonesia TRN Indexup122.800+2.504%58,185+2.01%Details | Quote
03065TRMSCISGMSCI Singapore Investable Market Total Return Net Indexup11.500+2.313%57,600+2.50%Details | Quote
03170ISHARESKS200KOSPI 200 Net Total Return USD Indexup91.900+2.225%55,070+1.86%Details | Quote
03040MR MSCI CN ETFMSCI China Index up31.200+2.632%52,740+2.07%Details | Quote
03126VANGUARDJAPANFTSE Japan Indexup24.250+0.832%51,310+1.43%Details | Quote
82846ISHARESCSI300-RCSI 300 Indexup24.200+1.681%49,000+1.54%Details | Quote
03073SPDR GREATCHINAFTSE® Greater China HKD Indexup40.350+2.934%48,390+2.68%Details | Quote
83168HS RMB GOLD ETFPhysical gold Bullionup24.100+0.417%48,200+0.13%Details | Quote
03023PA AI&ROBOTICSNasdaq CTA Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Indexup86.750+1.166%43,375+1.09%Details | Quote
02832BOSERA FA50FTSE China A50 Indexup7.160+3.170%39,405-2.62%Details | Quote
03135F CSOP OIL ETFBofA Merrill Lynch Commodity index eXtra CLA Index (Excess Return)up7.680+3.644%39,138+3.23%Details | Quote
03143BMO HK BANKSNASDAQ Hong Kong Banks Indexup8.560+1.302%37,786+2.38%Details | Quote
09836ISHARES INDIA-US&P BSE SENSEX Indexdown3.280-0.304%32,840-0.21%Details | Quote
02843AMUNDI A50FTSE China A50 Indexup15.200+2.564%30,440+2.07%Details | Quote
02848TRMSCIKOREAMSCI Total Return Net Korea Indexup503.000+2.361%25,025+2.40%Details | Quote
03092TRMSCITHAIMSCI Thailand TRN Indexup218.000+1.679%21,700+1.31%Details | Quote
02812SAMSUNGCDRAGONCSI Global China Internet Indexup10.840+3.238%21,640+3.63%Details | Quote
03048TRMSCIBRAZILMSCI Total Return Net Brazil Indexup40.450+2.795%20,225+1.68%Details | Quote
03097F MR OIL ETFS&P GSCI Crude Oil Enhanced Index Excess Returnup4.320+4.348%19,420+3.95%Details | Quote
82828HSCEI ETF-RHang Seng China Enterprises Indexup96.950+1.892%19,390+1.75%Details | Quote
03046VALUE CHINA ETFFTSE Value-Stocks China Indexup38.100+2.419%19,050+1.28%Details | Quote
09010ISHARES AXJ-UMSCI All Country Asia ex Japan Indexup6.500+2.524%14,300+1.71%Details | Quote
03165BMO EU QLTY HDGMSCI Europe Quality 100% Hedged to USD Indexup11.840+1.197%11,920+1.10%Details | Quote
83197CAM MSCI AINC-RMSCI China A Inclusion Indexup8.860+3.263%8,860+2.01%Details | Quote
03082TRMSCIMALAYMSCI Malaysia TRN Indexup93.500+1.630%8,415+1.37%Details | Quote
03086BMO NASDAQ100NASDAQ 100 Indexup15.580+1.565%6,232+1.73%Details | Quote
03070PING AN HKDIVCSI Hong Kong Dividend Indexup29.600+2.600%5,930+1.80%Details | Quote
09140VANGUARDSP500-US&P 500 Indexunchange2.6700.000%5,092-0.07%Details | Quote
03049X TRCSI300CSI300 Indexup7.740+2.926%4,656+2.82%Details | Quote
02811HT CSI300 ETFCSI 300 Indexup15.080+1.892%3,016+0.56%Details | Quote
83118HGI MSCI CN A-RMSCI China A Indexup12.500+2.124%376.800+0.32%Details | Quote
02813CAM CTPB BONDBloomberg Barclays China Treasury + Policy Bank Indexup116.500+0.301%0.000-0.26%Details | Quote
02824LIPPO HK&M PROPLippo Select HK & Mainland Property Indexup81.850+1.551%0.000+2.17%Details | Quote
02825WISECSIHK100ETFCSI HK 100 Indexup25.650+2.600%0.000+2.11%Details | Quote
03007TRFXIC50FTSE China 50 Indexup295.400+1.582%0.000+3.00%Details | Quote
03008C-SHS CSI 300CSI 300 Indexunchange21.7500.000%0.000-1.10%Details | Quote
03012AMUNDI HK35Hang Seng HK 35up21.950+2.570%0.000+1.40%Details | Quote
03016TRMSCIPHILMSCI Philippines Investable Market Total Return Net Indexup15.280+1.731%0.000+0.43%Details | Quote
03019X TRMSCIWORLDMSCI Total Return Net World Indexup48.400+0.624%0.000+0.91%Details | Quote
03024WISE SSE50ETFSSE50 Indexup25.900+2.372%0.000+0.48%Details | Quote
03036TRMSCITAIWANMSCI Total Return Net Taiwan Indexup217.000+2.941%0.000+3.13%Details | Quote
03043TRMSCIPACEXJMSCI Pacific Ex Japan Trn Indexup49.800+2.049%0.000+2.18%Details | Quote
03053CSOP HKD MM3-month HIBORunchange1,013.0500.000%0.0000.00%Details | Quote
03055TRMSCICHINAMSCI China TRN Indexup132.600+2.157%0.000+3.13%Details | Quote
03079CICC CGBBloomberg Barclays China Treasury 1-10 Years Indexup117.950+0.042%0.000+0.07%Details | Quote
03080PING AN CGBCSI PingAn 5-10y CGB Benchmark Indexunchange120.3500.000%0.000+0.41%Details | Quote
03093CICCSELECT100CSI CICC Select 100 Indexup10.800+2.079%0.000+0.96%Details | Quote
03096CSOP USD MMFTSE 3-Month US Dollar Eurodeposit Indexunchange789.6500.000%0.000-0.06%Details | Quote
03116XIE GOLD MINERSFTSE Gold Mines Net Tax Indexunchange7.3000.000%0.000+0.08%Details | Quote
03120EFUND CES 120CES China 120 Indexunchange14.5800.000%0.000+0.90%Details | Quote
03121BMO AP REAL ESTMSCI AC Asia Pacific Real Estate Indexunchange11.1600.000%0.000+0.29%Details | Quote
03122CSOP CNSTBONDFTSE Chinese Government and Policy Bank Bond 0-1 Year Select Indexup172.100+0.204%0.000+0.13%Details | Quote
03127MR CSI300 ETFCSI 300 Indexunchange14.0800.000%0.000-1.62%Details | Quote
03129CSOP 300SMARTCSI 300 Smart Indexup14.360+0.701%0.000+0.92%Details | Quote
03136HGI MSCIA50MSCI China A 50 Indexup17.360+1.758%0.000+0.93%Details | Quote
03145BMO ASIA HIGHDVNASDAQ Asia ex Japan Dividend Achievers Indexup9.590+1.913%0.000+2.35%Details | Quote
03150HGI CSI500CSI Smallcap 500 Indexunchange6.0300.000%0.000-2.27%Details | Quote
03155ISHARESES50EURO STOXX 50 Indexup100.700+1.717%0.000-0.16%Details | Quote
03156GFI MSCI A IMSCI China A International Indexunchange7.7700.000%0.000+1.29%Details | Quote
03157CAM SCSMALLCAPHang Seng Stock Connect Hong Kong SmallCap Indexunchange21.5000.000%0.000-3.38%Details | Quote
03160BMO JAPAN HDGMSCI Japan 100% Hedged to USD Indexunchange10.2600.000%0.000+0.15%Details | Quote
03161XIE CHIMER ETFFTSE China N Shares All Cap Capped Net Tax Indexunchange12.4000.000%0.000-0.74%Details | Quote
03163PA MULTI-FACTORMSCI China Diversified Multiple-Factor Indexup30.600+1.661%0.000+3.09%Details | Quote
03166PA QLTY FACTORMSCI China Quality Indexup32.150+1.580%0.000+3.58%Details | Quote
03171COMSTAGE DAXDAX Index (performance index)up105.500+1.932%0.000+1.39%Details | Quote
03177COMSTAGE DIVDAXDivDAX Index (price index)up144.600+1.474%0.000+0.89%Details | Quote
03180CAM CES A80CES China A80 Indexunchange15.3000.000%0.000-0.74%Details | Quote
03181PREMIAASIATECPremia FactSet Asia Innovative Technology Indexup67.400+2.744%0.000+2.38%Details | Quote
03182WISE NEW ECON50Nasdaq Overseas China New Economy Companies Top 50 Indexup9.840+3.470%0.000+3.75%Details | Quote
03198PING AN 5HANDLNasdaq 5HANDL Indexup83.200+0.060%0.000+0.12%Details | Quote
09011A ICBCCICCUSD-UUS Dollars-denominated & settled short-term deposits & money market investmentsunchange1,000.4500.000%0.000+0.01%Details | Quote
09085VANGUARDAXJHY-UFTSE Asia Pacific ex Japan, Australia and New Zealand High Dividend Yield Indexup2.710+1.498%0.000+0.71%Details | Quote
09086BMO NASDAQ100-UNASDAQ 100 Indexup1.970+1.546%0.000+0.77%Details | Quote
09096CSOP USD MM-UFTSE 3-Month US Dollar Eurodeposit Indexunchange100.9000.000%0.000+0.03%Details | Quote
09101VANGUARDDVEUR-UFTSE Developed Europe Indexup2.360+1.288%0.000-0.97%Details | Quote
09115ISHARESHSI-UHang Seng Indexup13.060+2.673%0.000+2.20%Details | Quote
09126VANGUARDJAPAN-UFTSE Japan Indexup3.100+0.977%0.000+1.57%Details | Quote
09141BMO ASIA IGB-UBloomberg Barclays Asia USD Investment Grade Bond Indexup2.010+0.500%0.000+0.40%Details | Quote
09146ISHARESDAX-UDAX Indexup12.340+1.815%0.000+0.04%Details | Quote
09155ISHARESES50-UEURO STOXX 50 Indexup12.860+1.580%0.000-0.12%Details | Quote
09167ICBCCSOPCHINA-US&P New China Sectors (A-shares Capped) Indexup8.570+3.378%0.000+3.49%Details | Quote
09169VANGUARDCHINA-UFTSE Total China Connect Indexup1.100+1.852%0.000+1.57%Details | Quote
09170ISHARESKS200-UKOSPI 200 Net Total Return USD Indexup11.740+2.265%0.000+1.93%Details | Quote
09181PREMIAASIATEC-UPremia FactSet Asia Innovative Technology Indexup8.610+2.745%0.000+2.46%Details | Quote
09186CICCKRANECNET-UCSI Overseas China Internet Indexup7.410+3.636%0.000+0.80%Details | Quote
09199CSOP 5YCGBOND-UChinaBond 5-year Treasury Bond Indexunchange14.9200.000%0.000+0.03%Details | Quote
09805VANGUARDASXJP-UThe FTSE Asia Pacific ex Japan, Australia and New Zealand Indexup2.920+1.742%0.000+2.28%Details | Quote
09810PREMIAEMASEAN-UDow Jones Emerging ASEAN Titans 100 Indexup10.360+1.768%0.000+2.16%Details | Quote
09834ISHARESND100-UNASDAQ 100 Indexup18.340+1.550%0.000+0.17%Details | Quote
09846ISHARESCSI300-UCSI 300 Indexup3.480+1.163%0.000+0.81%Details | Quote
09847ISHARESFS100-UFTSE 100 Indexup11.940+0.675%0.000-0.15%Details | Quote
82805VANGUARDASXJP-RThe FTSE Asia Pacific ex Japan, Australia and New Zealand Indexup20.100+1.310%0.000+1.97%Details | Quote
82811HT CSI300 ETF-RCSI 300 Indexunchange13.0200.000%0.000-1.91%Details | Quote
82833HS HSI ETF-RHang Seng Indexup25.550+2.200%0.000+1.80%Details | Quote
82834ISHARESND100-RNASDAQ 100 Indexup126.700+0.796%0.000+0.22%Details | Quote
82836ISHARES INDIA-RS&P BSE SENSEX Indexdown22.750-0.438%0.000+0.23%Details | Quote
82843AMUNDI A50-RFTSE China A50 Indexup13.360+1.829%0.000+1.35%Details | Quote
82847ISHARESFS100-RFTSE 100 Indexup82.450+0.243%0.000-0.14%Details | Quote
83008C-SHS CSI 300-RCSI 300 Indexunchange18.3200.000%0.000+1.43%Details | Quote
83010ISHARES AXJ-RMSCI All Country Asia ex Japan Indexup44.800+1.934%0.000+1.52%Details | Quote
83012AMUNDI HK35-RHang Seng HK 35up19.380+2.215%0.000+1.14%Details | Quote
83053CSOP HKD MM-R3-month HIBORunchange897.4000.000%0.000+0.08%Details | Quote
83085VANGUARDAXJHY-RFTSE Asia Pacific ex Japan, Australia and New Zealand High Dividend Yield Indexup18.740+1.407%0.000+0.88%Details | Quote
83093CICCSELECT100-RCSI CICC Select 100 Indexup9.540+1.706%0.000+0.69%Details | Quote
83101VANGUARDDVEUR-RFTSE Developed Europe Indexunchange16.3800.000%0.000-0.43%Details | Quote
83120EFUND CES 120-RCES China 120 Indexunchange12.2400.000%0.000+4.05%Details | Quote
83122CSOP CNSTBOND-RFTSE Chinese Government and Policy Bank Bond 0-1 Year Select Indexunchange151.9000.000%0.000-0.16%Details | Quote
83126VANGUARDJAPAN-RFTSE Japan Indexup21.400+0.469%0.000+1.55%Details | Quote
83127MR CSI300 ETF-RCSI 300 Indexunchange12.3400.000%0.000-2.60%Details | Quote
83128HS AINDTOPETF-RHang Seng China A Industry Top Index up46.900+1.735%0.000+1.14%Details | Quote
83129CSOP 300SMART-RCSI 300 Smart Indexup12.660+0.158%0.000+0.52%Details | Quote
83136HGI MSCIA50-RMSCI China A 50 Indexunchange15.0400.000%0.000-1.25%Details | Quote
83146ISHARESDAX-RDAX Indexup85.250+1.488%0.000+0.10%Details | Quote
83147CSOP CHINEXT-RChiNext Indexup5.290+1.536%0.000+1.40%Details | Quote
83149CSOP MSCI-RMSCI China A Inclusion Indexup10.500+1.156%0.000-0.16%Details | Quote
83150HGI CSI500-RCSI Smallcap 500 Indexunchange5.0500.000%0.000-3.81%Details | Quote
83155ISHARESES50-REURO STOXX 50 Indexup88.850+1.196%0.000-0.06%Details | Quote
83156GFI MSCI A I-RMSCI China A International Indexunchange6.8200.000%0.000+1.75%Details | Quote
83167ICBCCSOPCHINA-RS&P New China Sectors (A-shares Capped) Indexup59.200+2.867%0.000+3.12%Details | Quote
83169VANGUARDCHINA-RFTSE Total China Connect Indexup7.580+1.609%0.000+1.34%Details | Quote
83170ISHARESKS200-RKOSPI 200 Net Total Return USD Indexup81.000+1.823%0.000+1.85%Details | Quote
83180CAM CES A80-RCES China A80 Indexunchange13.0200.000%0.000-0.69%Details | Quote
83186CICCKRANECNET-RCSI Overseas China Internet Indexup51.250+3.119%0.000+0.51%Details | Quote
03041VALUE KOREA ETFFTSE Value-Stocks Korea Indexup26.600+0.188%0.000+1.22%Details | Quote
03060VALUE TW ETFFTSE Value-Stocks Taiwan Indexup41.800+1.456%0.000+1.72%Details | Quote
03084VALUE JAPAN ETFFTSE Value-Stocks Japan Indexup12.820+0.786%0.000+1.39%Details | Quote
09081VALUEGOLD ETF-UPhysical Gold Bullionunchange4.1500.000%0.000-0.31%Details | Quote
83081VALUEGOLD ETF-RPhysical Gold Bullionunchange28.7500.000%0.000-0.44%Details | Quote
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