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Date   Code Name No. of Shares Issued Issue Price Total Fund Raised Type % of issued shs Raising Method
22/10/2019 01109CHINA RES LAND200.000MHKD 33.650HKD 6.730BShares2.886Top Up Placing
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
21/10/2019 01323NEWTREE GROUP250.000MHKD 0.460HKD 115.000MShares9.961Placing/Issue
(Acquisition;Debt Repayment)
21/10/2019 01468UKF250.000MHKD 0.205HKD 51.250MShares5.417Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment)
21/10/2019 03344GTI HLDGS----HKD 150.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of accounts receivables)
21/10/2019 08370ZHI SHENG GP103.333MHKD 0.240HKD 24.800MShares12.852Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of data centre business in Shanghai)
21/10/2019 08370ZHI SHENG GP----HKD 12.400MConvertible Bonds0.000Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of data centre business in Shanghai)
18/10/2019 00070RICH GOLDMAN1.246BHKD 0.120HKD 149.570MShares180.000Rights Issue/Open Offer
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment Rts 9 for 5)
18/10/2019 00331FSE SERVICES43.676MHKD 3.226HKD 140.900MPreference Shares9.706Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of property management business in Hong Kong)
17/10/2019 03908CICC176.000MHKD 14.400HKD 2.534BH4.198Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
15/10/2019 01238POWERLONG146.600MHKD 5.400HKD 791.640MShares3.667Top Up Placing
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
15/10/2019 01679RISECOMM GP148.102MHKD 0.400HKD 59.200MShares17.650Placing/Issue
(Debt Repayment)
15/10/2019 01658PSBC5.948B----A7.340Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base Listing in Shanghai)
15/10/2019 02016CZBANK2.550BRMB 4.940RMB 12.597BA13.623Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base Listing in Shanghai)
15/10/2019 08086SINO VISION WW150.000MHKD 0.170HKD 25.500MShares4.892Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of title sponsorship rights of TV program)
14/10/2019 00030BAN LOONG HOLD----HKD 730.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Business Development)
14/10/2019 00539VICTORY CITY----HKD 65.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Business Development)
14/10/2019 06185CANSINOBIO-B24.800M----A11.139Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base Listing in Shanghai)
11/10/2019 00231PING AN SEC GP2.583B - 2.966BHKD 0.050HKD 129.100M - 148.300MShares57.414Rights Issue/Open Offer
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment Rts 1 for 2)
11/10/2019 02012SUNSHINE OIL37.728MHKD 0.063HKD 2.377MShares0.597Consideration Issue
(Debt Repayment Consideration equal to CAD 402,876)
11/10/2019 00471CMMB VISION630.266MHKD 0.035HKD 22.059MShares20.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base)
09/10/2019 00204CHINA INV DEV211.600MHKD 0.100HKD 21.160MShares19.996Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
09/10/2019 01332CHINA TOUYUN----HKD 210.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Debt Repayment)
07/10/2019 02369COOLPAD GROUP800.000MHKD 0.215HKD 172.000MShares15.894Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment)
04/10/2019 01801INNOVENT BIO-B97.000MHKD 24.600HKD 2.386BShares8.372Top Up Placing
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
04/10/2019 00778FORTUNE REIT3.565MHKD 9.063HKD 32.309MShares0.184Consideration Issue
(Fee Payment)
04/10/2019 08179FOOD IDEA63.000MHKD 0.280HKD 17.640MShares15.183Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of vineyard & wine production business in Australia)
03/10/2019 00245CN MINSHENG FIN5.786BHKD 0.085HKD 491.788MShares20.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
30/09/2019 00357REGAL GROUP200.000MHKD 4.690HKD 938.000MH42.264Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
27/09/2019 01142SIBERIAN MINING241.695MHKD 0.200HKD 48.340MShares20.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment)
27/09/2019 01398ICBC700.000MRMB 100.000RMB 70.000BPreference Shares0.196Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base Convertible into new A shs)
27/09/2019 00809GLOBAL BIO-CHEM1.229BHKD 0.108HKD 132.690MShares16.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment)
27/09/2019 01323NEWTREE GROUP320.000MHKD 0.500HKD 160.000MShares12.750Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Further acquisition of business in ready-mixed commercial concrete in Mainland China)
27/09/2019 02183SANSHENG HLDG22.000MHKD 10.500HKD 231.000MShares5.249Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of property development projects in Mainland China)
27/09/2019 01275NEW CENT REIT4.486MHKD 1.532HKD 6.871MShares0.464Consideration Issue
(Fee Payment Consideration equivalent to approx RMB 6.2 mil)
27/09/2019 01818ZHAOJIN MINING49.697MRMB 8.090RMB 402.049MULS1.543Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of business in exploration of mining resources, geological drilling, procurement of materials and others)
27/09/2019 01323NEWTREE GROUP----HKD 70.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Further acquisition of business in ready-mixed commercial concrete in Mainland China)
26/09/2019 01606CDB LEASING687.024MUSD 0.286USD 196.695MULS5.434Placing/Issue
(Acquisition Net proceeds will be satisfied by offsetting the consideration for H share buy-back; Issue price equivalent to approx HKD 2.2443)
24/09/2019 00309XH NEWS MEDIA46.200MHKD 0.250HKD 11.550MShares2.757Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of waste treatment business; Consideration equal to RMB 10.5 mil)
24/09/2019 00707ATV HOLDINGS----HKD 400.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment)
23/09/2019 02728YUHUA ENERGY78.000MHKD 0.122HKD 9.516MShares2.146Placing/Issue
(Business Development)
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