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Result Announcements
Final Result00839  CHINA EDU GROUP
Interim Result00149  CH AGRI-PROD EX
Interim Result00211  STYLAND HOLD
Interim Result00599  E. BON HOLDINGS
Interim Result00657  G-VISION INT'L
Interim Result00899  ASIA RESOURCES
Interim Result01229  NAN NAN RES
Interim Result01243  WANG ON PPT
Interim Result01348  QUALI-SMART
Interim Result01410  EDVANCE INTL
Interim Result01854  GOAL FORWARD
Interim Result01929  CHOW TAI FOOK
Interim Result01989  PINE CARE GP
Interim Result02189  KATO (HK) HLDGS
Interim Result03816  KFM KINGDOM
3rd Quarter Result01810  XIAOMI-W
Final Result08013  ECI TECH
Final Result08475  K GROUP HLDGS
Interim Result00022  MEXAN
Interim Result00037  FE HOTELS
Interim Result00040  GOLD PEAK
Interim Result00057  CHEN HSONG HOLD
Interim Result00104  ASIA COMM HOLD
Interim Result00147  IB SETTLEMENT
Interim Result00163  EMPEROR INT'L
Interim Result00223  ELIFE HLDGS
Interim Result00237  SAFETY GODOWN
Interim Result00241  ALI HEALTH
Interim Result00276  MONGOLIA ENERGY
Interim Result00296  EMPEROR E HOTEL
Interim Result00298  CHUANG'S CHINA
Interim Result00328  ALCO HOLDINGS
Interim Result00398  ORIENTAL WATCH
Interim Result00426  ONE MEDIA GROUP
Interim Result00474  ACESO LIFE SCI
Interim Result00645  ARES ASIA
Interim Result00677  GOLDEN RES DEV
Interim Result00685  MEDIA CHINESE
Interim Result00787  GLOBAL BRANDS
Interim Result00850  LONG WELL INTL
Interim Result00897  WAI YUEN TONG
Interim Result00938  MAN SANG INT'L
Interim Result00948  ALPHA PRO HLDGS
Interim Result01025  KNT HOLDINGS
Interim Result01050  KARRIE INT'L
Interim Result01222  WANG ON GROUP
Interim Result01341  HAO TIAN INTL
Interim Result01428  BRIGHT SMART
Interim Result01429  SKYMISSION GP
Interim Result01536  YUK WING GP
Interim Result01546  THELLOY DEV
Interim Result01621  VICO INTL HLDGS
Interim Result01653  MOS HOUSE
Interim Result01718  WAN KEI GROUP
Interim Result01783  GOLDEN PONDER
Interim Result01841  A.PLUS GROUP
Interim Result01933  ONEFORCE HLDGS
Interim Result02132  LANDRICH HLDG
Interim Result02288  RYKADAN CAPITAL
Interim Result02326  NPE HOLDINGS
Interim Result03728  CHING LEE
Interim Result03818  CHINA DONGXIANG
Interim Result03938  LFG INV HLDGS
Interim Result06889  DYNAM JAPAN
Interim Result09900  GAIN PLUS HLDGS
Final Result01758  BOJUN EDU
Final Result08383  LINOCRAFT HLDGS
Interim Result00035  FE CONSORT INTL
Interim Result00084  STELUX HOLDINGS
Interim Result00088  TAI CHEUNG HOLD
Interim Result00113  DICKSON CONCEPT
Interim Result00129  ASIA STANDARD
Interim Result00160  HON KWOK LAND
Interim Result00214  ASIA ORIENT
Interim Result00216  CHINNEY INV
Interim Result00224  PIONEER GLOBAL
Interim Result00234  NEW CENTURY GP
Interim Result00278  WAH HA REALTY
Interim Result00280  KING FOOK HOLD
Interim Result00292  ASIA STD HOTEL
Interim Result00341  CAFE DE CORAL H
Interim Result00590  LUK FOOK HOLD
Interim Result00711  ASIA ALLIED INF
Interim Result00727  CROWNICORP
Interim Result00784  LING YUI
Interim Result00789  ARTINI HLDG
Interim Result00855  CHINA WATER
Interim Result00912  SUGA INT'L
Interim Result00923  IWS
Interim Result00959  CENTURY ENT INT
Interim Result00985  CST GROUP
Interim Result00989  GROUND INTL DEV
Interim Result01001  HK SH ALLIANCE
Interim Result01013  WAI CHUN GROUP
Interim Result01160  YOUTH CHAMP
Interim Result01220  ZHIDAO INT'L
Interim Result01235  TRAVEL EXPERT
Interim Result01273  HK FINANCE GP
Interim Result01283  ACCEL GROUP
Interim Result01323  HUASHENG INTL
Interim Result01455  FOURACE IND GP
Interim Result01496  AP RENTALS
Interim Result01547  IBI GROUP HLDGS
Interim Result01632  MSCTECH
Interim Result01633  SHEUNG YUE GP
Interim Result01716  MOST KWAI CHUNG
Interim Result01723  HK ASIA HLDGS
Interim Result01793  WECON HOLDINGS
Interim Result01867  LKS HOLDING
Interim Result02138  UM HEALTHCARE
Interim Result02360  BEST MART 360
Interim Result03683  GREAT HARVEST
Interim Result03822  SAM WOO CONS
Interim Result03998  BOSIDENG
Interim Result06182  TWINTEK
Interim Result06829  DRAGON RISE GP
3rd Quarter Result00434  BOYAA
3rd Quarter Result00950  LEE'S PHARM
3rd Quarter Result01980  TIANGE
4th Quarter Result01878  SOUTHGOBI-S
Final Result01555  MIE HOLDINGS
Final Result01730  LHN
Final Result01765  HOPE EDU
Final Result01792  CMON
Final Result08260  YIN HE HLDGS
Interim Result00025  CHEVALIER INT'L
Interim Result00030  BAN LOONG HOLD
Interim Result00052  FAIRWOOD HOLD
Interim Result00077  AMS TRANSPORT
Interim Result00105  ASSO INT HOTELS
Interim Result00114  HERALD HOLD
Interim Result00125  SUN HING VISION
Interim Result00126  CARRIANNA
Interim Result00156  LIPPO CHINA RES
Interim Result00162  CENTURY GINWA
Interim Result00164  CHINA BAOLI TEC
Interim Result00199  ITC PROPERTIES
Interim Result00213  NATIONAL ELEC H
Interim Result00226  LIPPO
Interim Result00248  HKC INT'L HOLD
Interim Result00259  YEEBO (INT'L H)
Interim Result00266  TIAN TECK LAND
Interim Result00287  WINFAIR INV
Interim Result00290  C FORTUNE FIN
Interim Result00294  YANGTZEKIANG
Interim Result00306  KWOON CHUNG BUS
Interim Result00320  COMPUTIME
Interim Result00343  CULTURECOM HOLD
Interim Result00367  CHUANG'S INT'L
Interim Result00372  PT INTL DEV
Interim Result00375  YGM TRADING
Interim Result00378  FDG KINETIC
Interim Result00384  CHINA GAS HOLD
Interim Result00399  INNOVATIVE PHAR
Interim Result00403  STARLITE HOLD
Interim Result00444  SINCEREWATCH HK
Interim Result00455  TIANDA PHARMA
Interim Result00464  C OVS NUOXIN
Interim Result00483  BAUHAUS INT'L
Interim Result00497  CSI PROPERTIES
Interim Result00498  PYI CORP-NEW
Interim Result00518  TUNGTEX (HOLD)
Interim Result00558  LK TECH
Interim Result00567  DAISHOMICROLINE
Interim Result00577  SOUTH SHORE HLD
Interim Result00621  TAUNG GOLD
Interim Result00638  KIN YAT HOLD
Interim Result00650  IDG ENERGY INV
Interim Result00655  HK CHINESE LTD
Interim Result00681  CHI PEOPLE HOLD
Interim Result00684  ALLAN INT'L
Interim Result00745  CN CULTURE GP
Interim Result00766  SINO PROSPER GP
Interim Result00768  UBA INVESTMENTS
Interim Result00858  EXTRAWELL PHAR
Interim Result00886  SILVER BASE
Interim Result00907  ELEGANCEOPTICAL
Interim Result00918  STATE EN ASSETS
Interim Result00919  MODERNHEALTHTEC
Interim Result00922  ANXIANYUAN CH
Interim Result00928  LIFE HEALTHCARE
Interim Result00931  CHINA LNG
Interim Result01031  KINGSTON FIN
Interim Result01123  CHINA-HK PHOTO
Interim Result01124  COASTAL GL
Interim Result01140  OP FINANCIAL
Interim Result01162  LUMINA GROUP
Interim Result01170  KINGMAKER
Interim Result01173  VEEKO INT'L
Interim Result01213  MOBICON GROUP
Interim Result01218  EASYKNIT INT'L
Interim Result01246  BOILLHEALTHCARE
Interim Result01314  TSUI WAH HLDG
Interim Result01389  MAJOR HLDGS
Interim Result01443  FULUM GP HLDG
Interim Result01460  ICO GROUP
Interim Result01466  AFFLUENTPARTNER
Interim Result01468  KINGKEY FIN INT
Interim Result01472  SANG HING HLDGS
Interim Result01499  OKG TECH
Interim Result01500  INCON
Interim Result01555  MIE HOLDINGS
Interim Result01581  PROGRESSIVE P
Interim Result01591  SHUN WO GROUP
Interim Result01609  CHONG KIN GP
Interim Result01613  SYNERTONE
Interim Result01627  ABLE ENG HLDGS
Interim Result01637  SH GROUP HLDG
Interim Result01663  S HARBOURHOLD
Interim Result01668  CHINASOUTHCITY
Interim Result01682  HP LIVING TECH
Interim Result01703  PALACE BANQUET
Interim Result01705  B & S INTL HLDG
Interim Result01729  TIME INTERCON
Interim Result01792  CMON
Interim Result01796  YIELD GO HLDGS
Interim Result01827  MIRICOR
Interim Result01939  TOKYO CHUO
Interim Result01942  MOG HOLDINGS
Interim Result01943  SILVER TIDE
Interim Result01955  JOHNSON HLDGS
Interim Result02031  AUSUPREME
Interim Result02199  REGINA MIRACLE
Interim Result02230  MEDIALINK GROUP
Interim Result02322  HK CHAOSHANG GP
Interim Result02633  JACOBSON PHARMA
Interim Result02898  LONGRUN TEA
Interim Result02955  CFORTUNEFIN-OLD
Interim Result02957  PYI CORP-OLD
Interim Result03789  ROYAL DELUXE
Interim Result03963  RONGZHONG FIN
Interim Result06063  LOTUS HORIZON
Interim Result06858  HONMAGOLF
Interim Result06893  HINSANG GROUP
Interim Result09913  CHI KAN HLDGS
Interim Result09938  WAH WO HOLDINGS
Interim Result01172  MAGNUSCONCORDIA
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