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Press Release and Financial Events
08:30   SMIC (00981) Q2 Results Announcement Webcast
09:00   TIGERMED (03347) Listing Ceremony
09:30   ALTUS HLDGS (08149) AGM  -  401A, Shun Tak Centre
09:30   TASTY CONCEPTS (08096) AGM  -  24/F, Admiralty Centre 1
10:00   SINCERE (00244) AGM  -  2/F, Island Pacific Hotel
10:00   CHONG FAI JEWEL (08537) AGM  -  40/F, Sunlight Tower
10:00   NOBLE ENG GP (08445) AGM  -  2/F, The Langham Hong Kong
10:00   I-CONTROL (01402) AGM  -  1/F, Empire Hotel Hong Kong
10:00   CBK HOLDINGS (08428) EGM  -  Room 1501, Vanta Industrial Centre
10:00   ALTUS HLDGS (08149) EGM  -  401A, Shun Tak Centre
10:30   MINMETALS LAND (00230) EGM  -  Basement 1, InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong
11:00   GF HEALTHCARE (08143) AGM  -  3/F, China Merchants Tower, Shun Tak Centre
11:00   ROYAL CEN RES (08125) AGM  -  Suite 2201, China Resources Building
11:00   HUASHENG INTL (01323) AGM  -  2/F, The Harbourview
12:15   PERFECT SHAPE (01830) EGM  -  Level 8, Cordis
14:30   ITE HOLDINGS (08092) AGM  -  Units C & D, 1/F., Por Yen Building
14:30   MANSHING GLOBAL (08309) AGM  -  Basement 2, Unicorn & Phoenix Room, The Charterhouse
15:00   UNION ASIA ENT (08173) AGM  -  2/F, Island Pacific Hotel
15:30   GURU ONLINE (08121) AGM  -  4/F, KOHO
Result Announcements
Final Result02221  NEW CONCEPTS
Interim Result00218  SWHYHK
Interim Result00220  U-PRESID CHINA
Interim Result00351  ASIA ENERGY LOG
Interim Result00691  SHANSHUI CEMENT
Interim Result00743  ASIA CEMENT CH
Interim Result00776  IMPERIUM GP
Interim Result00807  SIICENVIRONMENT
Interim Result01270  LANGHAM-SS
Interim Result01278  CHINANEWTOWN
Interim Result01656  ISDN HOLDINGS
Interim Result02038  FIH
Interim Result02788  YORKEY OPTICAL
Interim Result08027  KPM HOLDING-NEW
Interim Result08035  JANCO HOLDINGS
Interim Result08071  CH NETCOMTECH
Interim Result08088  AID LIFE SCI
Interim Result08095  BEIDA JADE BIRD
Interim Result08126  G. A. HOLDINGS
Interim Result08135  ZMFY GLASS
Interim Result08152  M&L HOLDINGS
Interim Result08171  CHINA TRENDS
Interim Result08178  CHINA INFO TECH
Interim Result08198  LOTO INTERACT
Interim Result08203  KAISUN HOLDINGS
Interim Result08215  FIRST CREDIT
Interim Result08227  HAITIAN ANTENNA
Interim Result08229  FUTURE DATA
Interim Result08235  CCID CONSULTING
Interim Result08249  RUIYUAN IC TECH
Interim Result08280  CDV HOLDINGS
Interim Result08290  AHSAY BACKUP
Interim Result08311  PERFECT OPT
Interim Result08368  CREATIVE CHINA
Interim Result08373  INDIGO STAR
Interim Result08375  VERTICAL INT'L
Interim Result08416  HM INTL HLDGS
Interim Result08483  MAX SIGHT GROUP
Interim Result08485  SMART GLOBE
Interim Result08558  KPM HOLDING-OLD
Interim Result08601  BOLTEK
Interim Result08617  BEST LINKING
Interim Result08621  METROPOLIS CAP
1st Quarter Result08023  KWONG MAN KEE
1st Quarter Result08096  TASTY CONCEPTS
1st Quarter Result08125  ROYAL CEN RES
1st Quarter Result08149  ALTUS HLDGS
1st Quarter Result08173  UNION ASIA ENT
1st Quarter Result08206  S ROBOT EDU
1st Quarter Result08221  PF GROUP
1st Quarter Result08275  BEAVER GROUP
1st Quarter Result08300  ROYALCATERING
1st Quarter Result08367  SIMPLICITY HLDG
1st Quarter Result08372  GBG HOLDINGS
1st Quarter Result08431  HAO BAI INTL
1st Quarter Result08441  IWS GROUP
1st Quarter Result08455  LAI GROUP
1st Quarter Result08456  MANSION INTL
1st Quarter Result08537  CHONG FAI JEWEL
3rd Quarter Result08365  VBG INT'L
3rd Quarter Result08451  SUNLIGHT HLDGS
Economic Figures
Date Region Item Period Estimated Value
07/08/2020 00:00ChinaForex ReserveJulUSD 3,140.000B
07/08/2020 00:00Hong KongForex ReserveJul--
07/08/2020 00:00RussiaCPIJul (m/m)0.400%
07/08/2020 00:00RussiaCPIJul (y/y)3.400%
07/08/2020 00:00RussiaCore CPIJul (y/y)3.000%
07/08/2020 00:00ChinaExportJul (y/y)-0.600%
07/08/2020 00:00ChinaImportJul (y/y)0.900%
07/08/2020 00:00ChinaTrade BalanceJulUSD 42.600B
07/08/2020 00:00ChinaImportJul (y/y)--
07/08/2020 00:00ChinaExportJul (y/y)--
07/08/2020 13:00JapanCoincident IndexJun77.200
07/08/2020 13:00JapanLeading IndexJun84.900
07/08/2020 14:00GermanyIndustrial Output(Seasonal Adj)Jun (m/m)8.200%
07/08/2020 14:00GermanyIndustrial OutputJun (y/y)-11.400%
07/08/2020 14:00GermanyCurrent AccountJunEUR 15.000B
07/08/2020 14:00GermanyExport(Seasonal Adj)Jun (m/m)14.400%
07/08/2020 14:00GermanyImport(Seasonal Adj)Jun (m/m)10.600%
07/08/2020 14:00GermanyTrade BalanceJunEUR 11.300B
07/08/2020 14:45FranceTrade BalanceJun--
07/08/2020 14:45FranceCurrent AccountJun--
07/08/2020 14:45FranceIndustrial OutputJun (y/y)-12.900%
07/08/2020 14:45FranceIndustrial OutputJun (m/m)8.400%
07/08/2020 15:00SwitzerlandForex ReserveJul--
07/08/2020 16:00ItalyTrade Balance (EU)Jun--
07/08/2020 16:00TaiwanExportJul (y/y)-1.400%
07/08/2020 16:00TaiwanImportJul (y/y)-3.100%
07/08/2020 16:00TaiwanTrade BalanceJulUSD 4.240B
07/08/2020 16:00TaiwanExportJul (y/y)--
07/08/2020 16:00TaiwanImportJul (y/y)--
07/08/2020 17:00SingaporeForex ReserveJul--
07/08/2020 20:00BrazilCPIJul (m/m)0.350%
07/08/2020 20:00BrazilCPIJul (y/y)2.300%
07/08/2020 20:30United StatesAverage Hourly EarningsJul (m/m)-0.500%
07/08/2020 20:30United StatesAverage Hourly EarningsJul (y/y)4.200%
07/08/2020 20:30United StatesLabor Force Participation RateJul61.800%
07/08/2020 20:30United StatesNet Change on Labor Force (Manufacturing)Jul261,000
07/08/2020 20:30United StatesNet Change on Labor Force (Non-farm)Jul1.480M
07/08/2020 20:30United StatesUnemployment RateJul10.600%
07/08/2020 20:30CanadaLabor Force Employment ChangeJul390,000
07/08/2020 20:30CanadaUnemployment RateJul11.100%
07/08/2020 22:00CanadaJul--
07/08/2020 22:00United StatesWholesale InventoriesJun (m/m)-2.000%
07/08/2020 22:00United StatesWholesale TradeJun (m/m)--
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