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    Mei Ling

    廖吳美玲Mei Ling,做為電視真人騷《盛女愛作戰》幕後顧問一夜爆紅,因其經驗豐富,點評中肯直接,且手握優質筍盤無數,被譽為鑽石媒人,備受好評。其創立的香港婚姻介紹所Hong Kong Matchmakers,日接超過3000個查詢。

    Mei Ling曾於紐約婚姻介紹學院就讀,成為美、德註冊婚配師,創立香港婚姻介紹所,有別於其他婚介所,Mei Ling所設門檻很高,專為香港單身高學歷人士作婚姻配對,創辦數年,成功撮合的高層男女不下數百對。

    Mei Ling曾於世界頂級大企業任要職,包括Levi’s美國市務經理、洛杉磯May百貨曼谷總經理、貿發局法蘭克福貿易顧問等。曾獲歐盟市場開拓及業務發展比賽冠軍,成為首位女性及華人獲得此殊榮。亦曾創立自己的時裝生意,在高峰時賣盤。

    著有《How to Find A Husband》。

    鑽石媒人Mei Ling

  隨著年華逝去,我想,人的時針肯定是愈走愈快,難以相信我為《鑽石媒人Mei Ling》撰寫文章已有四年了!這四年是段美好的時光,一點一滴都是我珍惜不已的回憶。


  自高中起,我已沒有以中文學習了。雖然我的中文程度未至於隻字不識,但寫作水平實在未及成為一位專欄作者。因此,先感謝經濟通體貼地為我翻譯文章,不然便沒有今天的《鑽石媒人Mei Ling》。編輯部一直以來翻譯出高質素的文章,在語言被數碼化及流行文化蠶食、某程度上變得晦澀難懂的今天,編輯部對文字的用心教我敬佩,亦感謝他們這四年來為我翻譯文章。




  在為經濟通寫專欄的這段時間,我分享了一百多篇關於人際關係的文章,我曾把一半的文章結集成書。第一冊《Navigating Relationships》早在2014年推出,為這四年的寫作生涯留個紀念的第二冊將隨著這篇最後的分享推出。我將把新書贈予我的顧客、來看我的演講的聽眾及工作坊的參與者,以及捐出或發售書本,來為本地的慈善團體籌款。
















  I swear the clock ticks faster as one grows older. It is hard to believe that I have been writing the Diamond Matchmaker column for four years! It has been a wonderful experience for me, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.


  My Chinese education ceased after high school. Although I’m not exactly illiterate, my standard of written Chinese is by no means polished enough for a columnist. My first thank you must go to ET Net for their gracious offer to translate all my articles. Without this help the column would not have been possible. The quality of their translations is superb, and consistently so. In this day and age where language is so often butchered and debased by digital jargon and pop culture, to the extent of becoming partially if not wholly unintelligible, I salute the editorial team’s prolific literary skills and feel flattered that they have been translating my writings for four long years. 


  This column has provided me with the opportunity to meet other columnists, and we have from time to time hosted joint events and TV shows. Not only were these a lot of fun, but I have also through them made some precious friends whom I’d like to thank for their collaboration. 


  During my time with Et Net, I have written more than 100 articles on relationship issues for the column, and from these I have since published a little over half in book form. My first volume of Navigating Relationships appeared in 2014, and the second will follow this final article to commemorate the end of this four-year tenure. These books will be given to clients, to people who attend my talks and seminars, and either donated or sold to raise funds for local charities. 


  But it is you, my dear readers, who have been the raison d’être of my column and the inspiration for the material that has filled these books, and I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the staunch support you have given me throughout. I hope you have found my articles enjoyable and helpful, if not all the time, at least some of the time. You have voted me one of the top ten columnists in Hong Kong and I am greatly humbled by this honour. I regret I did not have the time to interact more with you all and to answer your mail. It is a sorrowing fact that I can never find enough time to do all the things I would like to do. 


  In my article “Balancing Love and Career”, I emphasized how important it is to have at least half of each day just for ourselves. This time is ours, and excludes the time we spend at work, play and love. My advice was this:


  “Above all, learn to say NO. With a meagre twelve hours a day to spare, be mindful of who or what is consuming your precious time and why. Any disproportionate demand may require an honest re-evaluation and adjustment, be it your career, relationship, hobby or the lifestyle you’d like to maintain…”


  All too aware that there are so many things I enjoy doing and not enough hours in a day to do them in, I shall take a page from my own column and now strive hard to find more time to spend with my husband!


  Once again, I thank you, my readers, for your kind support of me.


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