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GEM Index
Index Constituent Turnover
0.297 B
Prv Cls 119.84
Open 120.09
High 123.26
Low 120.09
CodeSequenceNameNominalChange%ChangeTurnoverCurrencyLatest NewsRelated
08021WLS HOLDINGSunchange0.0300.0000.000%28,800HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcementsNews
08026CB GLOBALup0.590+0.020+3.509%2.049MHKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (1)News
08032VIVA CHINAunchange0.5800.0000.000%599,960HKD{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:01amNews
08037CH BIOTECH SERdown1.400-0.040-2.778%1.436MHKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (1)News
08039KNK HOLDINGSup0.540+0.020+3.846%6.383MHKD{Hot Stocks}KNK HOLDINGS(08039) quoted at HK$0.53, up 1.92%News
08047CHINA OCEAN GPup0.178+0.020+12.658%4.837MHKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcementsNews
08049JILIN CHANGLONGdown1.310-0.030-2.239%214,520HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (1)News
08053PIZU GROUPdown0.870-0.030-3.333%9.255MHKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (1)News
08057MADISON HLDGunchange0.0680.0000.000%4,132HKD{Hot Stocks}MADISON HLDG(08057) quoted at HK$0.1, up 100.00%News
08069WWPKG HOLDINGSdown0.233-0.007-2.917%834,845HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (1)News
08083CHINA YOUZANup2.090+0.080+3.980%224.338MHKD{Block Trade}CHINA YOUZAN: 29.99m shares, or HK$62.23mNews
08086SINO VISION-NEWunchange0.0000.000%0.000Summary of GEM-listed companies announcementsNews
08095BEIDA JADE BIRDup0.490+0.010+2.083%71,050HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (1)News
08128CH GEOTHERMALup0.089+0.003+3.488%215,760HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcementsNews
08130DADI INTL GROUPdown0.079-0.001-1.250%3,200HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcementsNews
08137HONBRIDGEunchange0.3500.0000.000%470,870HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (1)News
08140BOSATECHdown0.150-0.005-3.226%13,680HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (1)News
08153FARNOVA GROUPdown0.136-0.017-11.111%17.538MHKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcementsNews
08156SINOPHARM TECHdown0.115-0.006-4.959%2.583MHKD{Hot Stocks}SINOPHARM TECH quoted at HK$0.092, down 23.97%News
08158CRMIdown0.500-0.020-3.846%5.254MHKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (1)News
08162LOCO HKup0.340+0.025+7.937%185,600HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (1)News
08167NEO TELEMEDIAdown0.150-0.019-11.243%1.556MHKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (1)News
08178CHINA INFO TECHunchange0.0280.0000.000%1.161MHKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (2)News
08195L&A INTL HOLDup0.425+0.065+18.056%7.815MHKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcementsNews
08225C HEALTH GPdown0.470-0.010-2.083%290,600HKD{Hot Stocks}C HEALTH GP(08225) quoted at HK$0.6, up 21.21%News
08227HAITIAN ANTENNAup1.610+0.030+1.899%6,360HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (3)News
08228NATIONAL ARTSunchange0.1230.0000.000%0.000HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcementsNews
08236POWERLEADERdown3.380-0.020-0.588%475,460HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcementsNews
08246ZHONGHUA GASunchange0.2900.0000.000%34,400HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcementsNews
08260YIN HE HLDGSunchange0.1100.0000.000%0.000HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcementsNews
08279AGTECH HOLDINGSunchange0.3000.0000.000%144,960HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (3)News
08283ZHENG LI HLDGunchange0.1530.0000.000%0.000HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (3)News
08295ZZ CAP INTLdown0.680-0.010-1.449%220,800HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (1)News
08313ZACDunchange0.3050.0000.000%306,400HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (3)News
08325CHINA SMARTPAYdown0.198-0.002-1.000%3,980HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (1)News
08328XINYI HKdown2.050-0.020-0.966%290,920HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcementsNews
08413ASIA GROCERYup0.395+0.085+27.419%2.532MHKD{Hot Stocks}ASIA GROCERY(08413) quoted at HK$0.32, up 48.84%News
08418OPTIMA AUTOup1.800+0.090+5.263%781,100HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcementsNews
08425HING MING HLDGSunchange1.6000.0000.000%87,840HKD{Hot Stocks}HING MING HLDGS quoted at HK$2.1, up 31.25%News
08487ISP GLOBALup1.580+0.020+1.282%861,600HKD{Hot Stocks}ISP GLOBAL(08487) quoted at HK$1.66, up 20.29%News
08513IAG HOLDINGSdown0.930-0.010-1.064%2.789MHKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (5)News
08516GRAND TALENTSdown4.780-0.060-1.240%152,310HKDSummary of GEM-listed companies announcements (7)News
08577SINO VISION WWup0.144+0.012+9.091%52,763HKD 
08619WAC HOLDINGSdown0.400-0.010-2.439%773,980HKD{Hot Stocks}WAC HOLDINGS quoted at HK$0.29, down 40.82%News
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