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HS Composite MidCap Index
Index Constituent Turnover
11.928 B
Prv Cls 4,432.87
Open 4,429.88
High 4,497.19
Low 4,424.27
CodeSequenceNameNominalChange%ChangeTurnoverCurrencyLatest NewsRelated
00008PCCWup4.630+0.060+1.313%25.081MHKDS&P revises outlook for HKT to negative; "BBB" affirmedNews
00010HANG LUNG GROUPup19.700+0.200+1.026%29.639MHKD{Block Trade}HANG LUNG GROUP: 600k shares, or HK$11.83mNews
00014HYSAN DEVup30.800+0.300+0.984%96.918MHKD{I-bank focus}CLSA cuts Hysan Development (00014) to HK$30News
00087SWIRE PACIFIC Bup11.360+0.160+1.429%15.316MHKD{Block Trade}SWIRE PACIFIC B: 1.46m shares, or HK$16.57mNews
00119POLY PROPERTYup2.880+0.020+0.699%6.820MHKDPoly Property (00119) 10-month contracted sales down 3.58%News
00123YUEXIU PROPERTYup1.680+0.010+0.599%16.260MHKDYuexiu Property (00123) Oct contracted sales down 45%News
00136HENGTEN NETup0.126+0.002+1.613%10.263MHKDHengten Networks (00136) year net up 29% to RMB124.5mNews
00142FIRST PACIFICup3.040+0.030+0.997%7.670MHKDFirst Pacific (00142) interim net turns loss at USD148.3mNews
00148KINGBOARD HLDGup22.750+1.400+6.557%69.508MHKD{I-bank focus}Citi cuts Kingboard Holdings (00148) to HK$26News
00152SHENZHEN INT'Lunchange16.8000.0000.000%34.485MHKD{I-bank focus}Daiwa ups Shenzhen Int'l (00152) to HK$19News
00165CHINA EB LTDup13.100+0.240+1.866%114.393MHKDChina Everbright (00165) interim net down 34% to HK$1.28bnNews
00168TSINGTAO BREWup50.550+0.050+0.099%96.263MHKD{Block Trade}TSINGTAO BREW: 680k shares, or HK$35.34mNews
00173K. WAH INT'Lup4.290+0.010+0.234%5.533MHKDK. Wah Int'l (00173) interim net up 164% to HK$1.53 billionNews
00177JIANGSU EXPRESSup10.600+0.140+1.338%23.023MHKD{I-bank focus}Huatai lifts Jiangsu Expressway to HK$12.7News
00178SA SA INT'Lup1.890+0.070+3.846%20.657MHKD{I-bank focus}Nomura lowers Sa Sa Int'l (00178) to HK$1.5News
00179JOHNSON ELEC Hdown17.740-0.220-1.225%28.403MHKD{I-bank focus}CS ups Johnson Electric (00179) to HK$19.63News
00200MELCO INT'L DEVup20.250+0.330+1.657%33.539MHKD{I-bank focus}Macau Nov GGR seen down 8-10% to MOP22.5-23bnNews
00215HUTCHTEL HKunchange1.5900.0000.000%5.650MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC cuts HutchTel HK (00215) to HK$1.77News
00220U-PRESID CHINAup7.880+0.260+3.412%47.206MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC cuts Uni-President China (00220) to HK$10News
00268KINGDEE INT'Lup8.420+0.160+1.937%106.506MHKD{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:05amNews
00272SHUI ON LANDunchange1.5700.0000.000%11.431MHKDShui On Land (00272) Oct contracted property sales up 149%News
00285BYD ELECTRONICup15.360+0.440+2.949%158.498MHKDBYD Electronic (00285) 9-month net down 43% to RMB1.03bnNews
00303VTECH HOLDINGSup77.200+1.050+1.379%58.909MHKDVTech Holdings (00303) interim net up 31% to USD118mNews
00308CHINA TRAVEL HKup1.250+0.030+2.459%7.392MHKDChina Travel HK (00308) interim net up 11% to HK$419.43mNews
00336HUABAO INTLup2.780+0.070+2.583%4.778MHKDHuabao Int'l (00336) CFO Xiong Qing to retireNews
00338SHANGHAI PECHEMup2.160+0.050+2.370%21.248MHKD{I-bank focus}CS ups Shanghai Petchem (00338) to HK$2.3News
00341CAFE DE CORAL Hup19.860+0.240+1.223%11.023MHKD{Block Trade}CAFE DE CORAL H: 500k shares, or HK$10.94mNews
00345VITASOY INT'Lup32.600+0.300+0.929%91.400MHKD{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:00amNews
00358JIANGXI COPPERup9.140+0.070+0.772%16.598MHKD{I-bank focus}Goldman ups Jiangxi Copper (00358) to HK$10.5News
00363SHANGHAI IND Hunchange14.3800.0000.000%15.300MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC starts Shanghai Industrial at HK$18.3News
00390CHINA RAILWAYup4.710+0.030+0.641%54.170MHKD{I-bank focus}Daiwa lowers China Railway (00390) to HK$5.3News
00405YUEXIU REITdown5.220-0.010-0.191%7.102MHKD 
00410SOHO CHINAunchange2.8400.0000.000%7.266MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC downgrades SOHO China (00410) to "hold"News
00425MINTH GROUPdown28.650-0.350-1.207%64.458MHKD{I-bank focus}Goldman starts Minth Group (00425) at HK$33.5News
00440DAH SINGup29.000+0.400+1.399%7.435MHKD{I-bank focus}JPM cuts TPs for DSBG (02356) & DSF (00440)News
00460SIHUAN PHARMunchange1.0200.0000.000%17.565MHKD{I-bank focus}Larger drug price cuts seen in national tenderNews
00467UNITEDENERGY GPdown1.550-0.010-0.641%6.847MHKD 
00489DONGFENG GROUPup7.990+0.010+0.125%50.089MHKD{I-bank focus}H-shr full circulation to cause ST nervousnessNews
00493GOME RETAILunchange0.7000.0000.000%8.534MHKDGOME Retail (00493) 1Q net turns loss at RMB86.74 millionNews
00494LI & FUNGup0.870+0.020+2.353%35.736MHKD{I-bank focus}Goldman lowers Li & Fung (00494) to HK$1.2News
00506CHINA FOODSup3.160+0.070+2.265%2.037MHKDChina Foods (00506) year net down 79% to RMB320.86mNews
00522ASM PACIFICup105.900+1.700+1.631%146.676MHKD{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:02amNews
00551YUE YUEN INDup23.350+0.450+1.965%39.891MHKD{I-bank focus}Goldman lifts Yue Yuen Ind (00551) to HK$23.7News
00552CHINACOMSERVICEup5.320+0.110+2.111%59.081MHKD{Block Trade}Trading session block trades at 9:00amNews
00570TRAD CHI MEDup3.760+0.170+4.735%31.984MHKD{I-bank focus}UBS cuts Trad Chi Medicine (00570) to HK$5.4News
00576ZHEJIANGEXPRESSup7.210+0.060+0.839%20.660MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC cuts Zhejiang Expressway to HK$9.5News
00581CHINA ORIENTALdown2.740-0.020-0.725%16.144MHKD{I-bank focus}UBS lowers China Oriental (00581) to HK$4.54 News
00586CONCH VENTUREup30.750+0.300+0.985%63.273MHKD{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:05amNews
00590LUK FOOK HOLDup20.800+0.350+1.711%6.659MHKD{I-bank focus}Citi raises Luk Fook (00590) to HK$25.1News
00604SHENZHEN INVESTup3.110+0.040+1.303%8.305MHKDShenzhen Investment (00604) Sep contracted sales down 7.1%News
00606CHINA AGRIup3.070+0.050+1.656%23.516MHKD{I-bank focus}Morgan lowers China Agri (00606) to HK$2News
00636KERRY LOG NETup12.300+0.140+1.151%3.515MHKD{Block Trade}KERRY LOG NET: 998k shares, or HK$12.05mNews
00658C TRANSMISSIONdown4.500-0.010-0.222%5.686MHKD{I-bank focus}Citi cuts China Transmission (00658) to HK$3.6News
00665HAITONG INT'Lup2.280+0.050+2.242%13.733MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC cuts Haitong Int'l (00665) to HK$2.7News
00667CHINA EAST EDUdown16.200-0.100-0.613%68.089MHKD{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:05amNews
00670CHINA EAST AIRunchange4.0100.0000.000%27.690MHKDChina East Air (00670) Oct passenger capacity up 9.28%News
00694BEIJING AIRPORTup7.710+0.090+1.181%49.835MHKD{I-bank focus}H-shr full circulation to cause ST nervousnessNews
00696TRAVELSKY TECHup17.740+0.280+1.604%106.240MHKD{Block Trade}TRAVELSKY TECH: 628k shares, or HK$10.88mNews
00699CAR INCdown5.900-0.010-0.169%1.315MHKDCAR Inc (00699) interim net up 106% to RMB279.21mNews
00753AIR CHINAup7.220+0.100+1.404%76.946MHKDAir China (00753) Oct passenger capacity up 2%News
00754HOPSON DEV HOLDup7.710+0.040+0.522%5.793MHKDHopson Dev (00754) 10-month contracted sales up 34.6%News
00763ZTEup22.200+0.400+1.835%140.595MHKD{Block Trade}ZTE (00763): 496k shares, or HK$11.8mNews
00778FORTUNE REITup9.070+0.020+0.221%18.436MHKD{I-bank focus}HK property sector view changed to "in-line" News
00780TONGCHENG-ELONGup11.980+0.120+1.012%14.300MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC lowers Tongcheng-Elong (00780) to HK$12.3News
00806VALUE PARTNERSup4.470+0.130+2.995%5.707MHKDValue Partners (00806) end-Oct AUM up 3.4% to US$15.2bnNews
00817CHINA JINMAOup5.570+0.180+3.340%114.926MHKDChina Jinmao (00817) Oct contracted sales up 55%News
00839CHINA EDU GROUPup10.640+0.140+1.333%31.737MHKDChina Edu Group (00839) student enrolment up 35%News
00867CMSup12.400+0.180+1.473%33.553MHKDCMS (00867) signs products license agreementNews
00868XINYI GLASSup9.440+0.190+2.054%105.773MHKD{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:04amNews
00881ZHONGSHENG HLDGup27.900+0.400+1.455%40.674MHKD{I-bank focus}Goldman revises TPs for China auto dealersNews
00884CIFI HOLD GPup5.880+0.230+4.071%122.998MHKDCIFI Holdings (00884) 10-month contracted sales up 32%News
00902HUANENG POWERup3.670+0.040+1.102%57.875MHKDImpact of new tariff on most coal-fired gencos manageableNews
00914CONCH CEMENTup49.350+1.500+3.135%339.465MHKD{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:05amNews
00916CHINA LONGYUANunchange4.2000.0000.000%10.857MHKD{I-bank focus}H-shr full circulation to cause ST nervousnessNews
00958HN RENEWABLESup2.990+0.010+0.336%51.312MHKD{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:00amNews
00968XINYI SOLARup4.640+0.100+2.203%44.541MHKD{I-bank focus}Daiwa upgrades Xinyi Solar (00968) to HK$4.45News
00973L'OCCITANEup17.980+0.180+1.011%17.541MHKD{Block Trade}L'OCCITANE (00973): 1.4m shares, or HK$25.34mNews
00981SMICdown10.180-0.420-3.962%771.187MHKD{I-bank focus}UBS lifts SMIC (00981) to HK$10.5; "neutralNews
01030FUTURE LANDup8.390+0.180+2.192%103.451MHKDFunding crunch to curb expansion pace of developers in ChinaNews
01055CHINA SOUTH AIRdown5.030-0.020-0.396%48.242MHKDChina South Air (01055) Oct passenger capacity up 7.11%News
01060ALI PICTURESunchange1.3100.0000.000%13.739MHKDAlibaba Pictures (01060) sees increase in interim lossNews
01066WEIGAO GROUPup10.080+0.210+2.128%97.528MHKD{Block Trade}WEIGAO GROUP: 1.05m shares, or HK$10.55mNews
01083TOWNGAS CHINAup5.560+0.010+0.180%5.160MHKD{I-bank focus}Daiwa lifts Towngas China (01083) to HK$6.3News
01099SINOPHARMup26.950+0.350+1.316%245.902MHKD{I-bank focus}H-shr full circulation to cause ST nervousnessNews
01112H&H INTL HLDGup32.250+1.250+4.032%46.053MHKD{Block Trade}H&H INTL HLDG (01112): 500k shares, or HK$17.5mNews
01171YANZHOU COALunchange6.7800.0000.000%78.506MHKDYanzhou Coal (01171) 2Q saleable coal production down 1.7%News
01186CHINA RAIL CONSdown8.460-0.010-0.118%61.020MHKD{I-bank focus}Daiwa cuts China Rail Construction to HK$10.8News
01199COSCO SHIP PORTdown6.580-0.100-1.497%19.406MHKD{I-bank focus}Daiwa cuts COSCO Ship Ports (01199) to HK$9.4News
01208MMGup1.730+0.060+3.593%18.442MHKDMMG (01208) to delist from Australian Securities ExchangeNews
01211BYD COMPANYunchange38.0000.0000.000%92.505MHKD{I-bank focus}China 4Q auto sales seen down 3.7% - JPMNews
01212LIFESTYLE INT'Lup8.310+0.330+4.135%10.865MHKD{I-bank focus}Citi lowers Lifestyle Int'l (01212) to HK$9.5News
01233TIMES CHINAup16.380+0.660+4.198%253.512MHKDFunding crunch to curb expansion pace of developers in ChinaNews
01269FIRST CAP GPdown2.130-0.020-0.930%10.792MHKDFirst Cap Gp (01269) expects to record loss before taxNews
01308SITCdown8.550-0.010-0.117%18.613MHKDSITC (01308) 9-month revenue up 6.5% to US$1128.2 millionNews
01313CHINARES CEMENTup9.000+0.150+1.695%119.764MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC lifts CR Cement (01313) to HK$9.4; "buy" News
01316NEXTEERdown7.170-0.040-0.555%24.093MHKD{I-bank focus}Goldman starts Nexteer (01316) at HK$6.6News
01333CHINA ZHONGWANGup3.090+0.050+1.645%3.716MHKDChina Zhongwang (01333) 9-month net down 11.5%News
01336NCIup32.000+0.650+2.073%224.475MHKDNCI (01336) 10-month premium income up 8.09%News
01337RAZERdown1.430-0.020-1.379%5.438MHKD{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:00amNews
01339PICC GROUPup3.240+0.030+0.935%57.321MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC lifts PICC Group (01339) to HK$3.5News
01347HUA HONG SEMIup13.900+0.520+3.886%100.108MHKD{I-bank focus}Jefferies lifts Hua Hong Semi (01347) to HK$18News
01357MEITUup1.640+0.050+3.145%18.524MHKDMeitu (01357) interim loss widens to RMB371.23 millionNews
01359CHINA CINDAup1.660+0.020+1.220%39.004MHKDChina plays safe in handling troubled Bank of Jinzhou - S&PNews
01382PACIFICTEXTILESup5.760+0.040+0.699%10.174MHKD[I-bank focus]Citi trims Pacific Textiles (01382) to HK$9.2News
01458ZHOU HEI YAup4.680+0.840+21.875%62.657MHKD{I-bank focus}Goldman lowers Zhou Hei Ya (01458) to HK$3.9News
01508CHINA REup1.260+0.020+1.613%7.697MHKDChina Re (01508) 10-month premiums income up 12.22%News
015303SBIOup12.420+0.280+2.306%72.650MHKD3SBio (01530) to start clinical trial of capsuleNews
01548GENSCRIPT BIOup18.760+0.580+3.190%85.570MHKD{Block Trade}GENSCRIPT BIO: 944k shares, or HK$18.52mNews
01579YIHAI INTLdown50.400-0.850-1.659%186.840MHKD{I-bank focus}Huatai starts Yihai Int'l (01579) at HK$52.6News
01628YUZHOU PPTup3.610+0.060+1.690%27.698MHKDYuzhou PPT (01628) Oct sales up 46% to RMB9,201mNews
01638KAISA GROUPup3.360+0.070+2.128%23.414MHKDKaisa Group (01638) Oct contracted sales up 2.2%News
01668CHINASOUTHCITYunchange0.9200.0000.000%5.601MHKDChina South City (01668) 6-month contracted sales up 13.7%News
01717AUSNUTRIAup10.520+0.570+5.729%41.908MHKDAusnutria (01717) 9-month net up 37% to RMB624.9mNews
01728ZHENGTONGAUTOup2.270+0.050+2.252%15.188MHKD{I-bank focus}Goldman revises TPs for China auto dealersNews
01766CRRCup5.150+0.060+1.179%26.296MHKD{I-bank focus}Daiwa trims CRRC (01766) to HK$5.9News
01776GF SECup8.580+0.180+2.143%28.387MHKDGF Sec (01776) Oct net profit up 237% to RMB321.41mNews
01788GUOTAI JUNAN Iup1.290+0.030+2.381%6.972MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC cuts Guotai Junan Int'l (01788) to HK$1.9News
01800CHINA COMM CONSup6.050+0.050+0.833%62.462MHKD{I-bank focus}Daiwa raises China Comm Construction to HK$7.9News
01813KWG GROUPup8.650+0.240+2.854%82.724MHKDFunding crunch to curb expansion pace of developers in ChinaNews
01816CGN POWERdown2.000-0.010-0.498%29.885MHKDNuclear power output likely to rise marginally in 20 yearsNews
01833PA GOODDOCTORup59.900+2.250+3.903%444.039MHKD{I-bank focus}Daiwa raises PA Good Doctor (01833) to HK$62News
01882HAITIAN INT'Lup18.060+0.580+3.318%19.232MHKDHaitian Int'l (01882) interim net down 22% to RMB908mNews
01888KB LAMINATESup9.250+1.040+12.667%217.084MHKD{I-bank focus}Citi ups Kingboard Laminates (01888) to HK$11News
01896MAOYAN ENTup10.960+0.160+1.481%3.025MHKD{I-bank focus}Citi starts Maoyan Ent (01896) at HK$18News
01898CHINA COALup3.040+0.020+0.662%5.641MHKDChina Coal (01898) October commercial coal sales up 60%News
01910SAMSONITEup16.560+0.340+2.096%69.373MHKD{I-bank focus}Morgan cuts Samsonite (01910) to HK$17.9 News
01951JXRdown14.140-0.080-0.563%86.302MHKD{I-bank focus}CS raises Jinxin Fertility (01951) to HK$15.12News
01958BAIC MOTORdown4.750-0.030-0.628%13.818MHKD{I-bank focus}H-shr full circulation to cause ST nervousnessNews
01999MAN WAH HLDGSup5.930+0.250+4.401%82.315MHKD{I-bank focus}Citi lifts Man Wah Holdings (01999) to HK$6.8 News
02005SSY GROUPdown6.440-0.080-1.227%19.503MHKD{I-bank focus}Huatai lowers SSY Group (02005) to HK$8.17News
02039CIMCunchange6.9000.0000.000%1.050MHKDCIMC (02039) 9-month net down 73% to RMB636.33mNews
02128CHINA LESSOdown8.900-0.030-0.336%34.127MHKD[I-bank focus]Citi lifts China Lesso (02128) to HK$9.3News
02186LUYE PHARMAup6.470+0.360+5.892%123.283MHKD{I-bank focus}UBS upgrades Luye Pharma (02186) to HK$7.8News
02196FOSUN PHARMAup23.600+0.350+1.505%52.922MHKD{I-bank focus}Goldman cuts Fosun Pharma (02196) to HK$28.8News
02202CHINA VANKEup28.900+0.600+2.120%141.120MHKD{I-bank focus}JP Morgan raises China Vanke (02202) to HK$41 News
02232CRYSTAL INTLup3.120+0.040+1.299%1.096MHKD{Block Trade}CRYSTAL INTL: 4.17m shares, or HK$12.77mNews
02238GAC GROUPup8.520+0.070+0.828%169.131MHKD{I-bank focus}Credit Suisse ups GAC Group (02238) to HK$10.6News
02314LEE & MAN PAPERup5.460+0.220+4.198%52.394MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC starts Lee & Man Paper (02314) at HK$6.5News
02331LI NINGup26.050+0.900+3.579%196.934MHKD{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:05amNews
02333GREATWALL MOTORup6.300+0.020+0.318%159.725MHKD{I-bank focus}China 4Q auto sales seen down 3.7% - JPMNews
02338WEICHAI POWERup13.720+0.180+1.329%79.922MHKDWeichai Power outlook revised to positive; "BBB" affirmedNews
02357AVICHINAup3.530+0.040+1.146%27.435MHKD{I-bank focus}Daiwa raises AviChina (02357) to HK$5.7News
02380CHINA POWERunchange1.6400.0000.000%20.258MHKDImpact of new tariff on most coal-fired gencos manageableNews
02386SINOPEC SEGdown4.610-0.010-0.216%8.659MHKD{I-bank focus}H-shr full circulation to cause ST nervousnessNews
02588BOC AVIATIONdown77.300-0.800-1.024%61.939MHKD{Block Trade}BOC AVIATION (02588): 152k shares, or HK$11.84mNews
02600CHALCOdown2.340-0.030-1.266%41.919MHKD{I-bank focus}Goldman lowers Chalco (02600) to HK$2.8News
02607SH PHARMAup14.360+0.220+1.556%27.150MHKD{I-bank focus}Morgan cuts Shanghai Pharma (02607) to HK$17.1News
02611GTJAup12.200+0.120+0.993%6.391MHKDGTJA (02611) 9-month net up 19% to RMB6.55 billionNews
02689ND PAPERup7.900+0.110+1.412%76.299MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC starts Nine Dragons Paper at HK$10.6News
02768JIAYUAN INTLunchange3.0000.0000.000%3.034MHKDJiayuan Int'l (02768) buys land in Jiangsu for RMB1.01bnNews
02777R&F PROPERTIESup13.020+0.320+2.520%102.514MHKDFunding crunch to curb expansion pace of developers in ChinaNews
02778CHAMPION REITup5.040+0.040+0.800%22.039MHKD{I-bank focus}UBS slashes Champion REIT (02778) to HK$4.8News
02858YIXINup1.890+0.050+2.717%9.779MHKD{I-bank focus}Credit Suisse cuts Yixin (02858) to HK$1.6News
02869GREENTOWN SERup9.050+0.110+1.230%84.004MHKD{I-bank focus}Nomura rates Greentown Services (02869) HK$9.3News
02883CHINA OILFIELDdown10.800-0.020-0.185%144.613MHKD{Block Trade}CHINA OILFIELD (02883): 1m shares, or HK$10.99mNews
02899ZIJIN MININGup2.860+0.050+1.779%50.486MHKD{I-bank focus}CS starts Zijin Mining (02899) at HK$4News
03301RONSHINECHINAup9.350+0.270+2.974%16.117MHKDFunding crunch to curb expansion pace of developers in ChinaNews
03311CHINA STATE CONup6.820+0.320+4.923%72.084MHKD{I-bank focus}Daiwa cuts China State Construction to HK$7.5News
03323CNBMup7.180+0.140+1.989%179.114MHKD{I-bank focus}H-shr full circulation to cause ST nervousnessNews
03360FE HORIZONup7.000+0.180+2.639%17.575MHKD{Block Trade}FE HORIZON (03360): 3m shares, or HK$21.86mNews
03377SINO-OCEAN GPup3.010+0.060+2.034%9.325MHKDSino-Ocean Group (03377) Oct contracted sales up 7%News
03380LOGAN PPTup12.320+0.280+2.326%91.350MHKDLogan Property (03380) Oct contract sales up 41%News
03383AGILE GROUPup11.200+0.360+3.321%72.801MHKDFunding crunch to curb expansion pace of developers in ChinaNews
03396LEGENDHOLDINGup16.200+0.060+0.372%11.890MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC starts Legend Holdings (03396) at HK$21News
03606FUYAO GLASSdown23.250-0.100-0.428%33.935MHKD{I-bank focus}Goldman starts Fuyao Glass (03606) at HK$23.7News
03618CQRC BANKup4.070+0.020+0.494%18.282MHKD{I-bank focus}Huatai cuts CQRC Bank (03618) to HK$5.2; "buy"News
03633ZHONGYU GASup7.150+0.020+0.281%3.511MHKDZhongyu Gas (03633) year net up 11% to HK$620.68mNews
03669YONGDA AUTOunchange6.2000.0000.000%30.057MHKD{I-bank focus}Goldman revises TPs for China auto dealersNews
03800GCL-POLY ENERGYdown0.255-0.015-5.556%82.153MHKD{I-bank focus}UBS cuts GCL-Poly Energy (03800) to HK$0.51News
03808SINOTRUKunchange13.5600.0000.000%27.073MHKD{I-bank focus}China's PV growth seen down 4% in 4Q - JPMNews
03883CHINA AOYUANup11.040+0.340+3.178%84.903MHKDFunding crunch to curb expansion pace of developers in ChinaNews
03888KINGSOFTup18.460+0.660+3.708%501.163MHKD{Block Trade}Trading session block trades at 10:53amNews
03898CRRC TIMES ELECup27.500+0.100+0.365%55.763MHKD{I-bank focus}Daiwa lowers CRRC Times Elec (03898) to HK$28News
03899CIMC ENRICup4.550+0.150+3.409%20.439MHKD{Block Trade}CIMC ENRIC (03899): 5.2m shares, or HK$24.05mNews
03900GREENTOWN CHINAup8.310+0.040+0.484%21.939MHKDGreentown China (03900) to issue US$600m senior notesNews
03908CICCup14.320+0.280+1.994%84.729MHKD{I-bank focus}H-shr full circulation to cause ST nervousnessNews
03918NAGACORPup14.160+0.140+0.999%34.285MHKDNagaCorp (03918) 9-month net gaming revenue up 29%News
03969CHINA CRSCup4.350+0.080+1.874%21.723MHKD{I-bank focus}Daiwa lowers China CRSC (03969) to HK$5News
03990MIDEA REAL ESTup19.780+0.320+1.644%3.985MHKDFunding crunch to curb expansion pace of developers in ChinaNews
03993CMOCup2.540+0.070+2.834%33.821MHKD{I-bank focus}Daiwa lifts CMOC (03993) to HK$2.85News
03998BOSIDENGup3.850+0.180+4.905%138.603MHKDBosideng (03998) year net up 59% to RMB981.32mNews
06030CITIC SECup15.220+0.280+1.874%238.560MHKDCITIC Sec (06030) 9-month net up 44% to RMB10.52bnNews
06060ZA ONLINEup25.750+1.400+5.749%156.446MHKD{I-bank focus}H-shr full circulation to cause ST nervousnessNews
06088FIT HON TENGdown3.000-0.020-0.662%47.008MHKDFIT Hon Teng (06088) 9-month revenue up 9.33%News
06098CG SERVICESup27.500+0.050+0.182%110.668MHKD{I-bank focus}Nomura starts CG Services (06098) at HK$28.7News
06158ZHENRO PPTup5.130+0.060+1.183%185.165MHKD{Block Trade}ZHENRO PPT: 28.67m shares, or HK$141.04mNews
06818CEB BANKdown3.600-0.010-0.277%23.204MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC revises earnings & TPs for China banksNews
06837HAITONG SECup8.180+0.130+1.615%93.685MHKDHaitong Sec (06837) 9-month net up 106% to RMB7.39bnNews
06881CGSup4.170+0.060+1.460%33.606MHKDCGS (06881) Sep net profit up 136% to RMB393.12 millionNews
06886HTSCup12.360+0.180+1.478%71.437MHKDHTSC (06886) Oct net profit up 52% to RMB460.59mNews
87001HUI XIAN REITunchange3.2800.0000.000%2.507MCNY{I-bank focus}HSBC cuts Hui Xian REIT (87001) to RMB3.6News
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