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HS Composite LargeCap Index
Index Constituent Turnover
57.232 B
Prv Cls 2,621.23
Open 2,629.23
High 2,643.49
Low 2,591.71
CodeSequenceNameNominalChange%ChangeTurnoverCurrencyLatest NewsRelated
00001CKH HOLDINGSdown97.850-1.100-1.112%369.172MHKD[I-bank focus]UBS lifts CK Hutchison (00001) to HK$127News
00002CLP HOLDINGSup76.650+0.650+0.855%214.961MHKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa lifts CLP Holdings (00002) to HK$82News
00003HK & CHINA GASup15.120+0.320+2.162%377.584MHKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa lifts HK & China Gas (00003) to HK$16.3News
00004WHARF HOLDINGSunchange29.0500.0000.000%115.625MHKD[I-bank focus]DB revises TPs for HK property countersNews
00005HSBC HOLDINGSdown80.950-2.600-3.112%7.007BHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC's 4Q 2017 numbers lighter; pressure seenNews
00006POWER ASSETSdown65.650-0.450-0.681%296.643MHKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa lowers Power Assets (00006) to HK$61.5News
00010HANG LUNG GROUPdown26.500-0.200-0.749%11.262MHKDHang Lung Group year net up 43% to HK$5.31bn; div HK61 ctsNews
00011HANG SENG BANKdown189.200-3.100-1.612%510.722MHKD[I-bank focus]Hang Seng Bank's results above expectationsNews
00012HENDERSON LANDdown49.850-0.250-0.499%143.093MHKD[I-bank focus]Kai Tak plots acquisition neutral to HendersonNews
00016SHK PPTup126.800+1.300+1.036%348.725MHKD[I-bank focus]DB revises TPs for HK property countersNews
00017NEW WORLD DEVdown11.560-0.060-0.516%115.798MHKD[I-bank focus]Nomura starts New World Development at HK$14News
00019SWIRE PACIFIC Aup75.300+1.000+1.346%105.344MHKDJohn Robert Slosar to retire as Swire Pacific ChairmanNews
00020WHEELOCKup56.600+0.050+0.088%27.080MHKD[I-bank focus]Kai Tak plots acquisition neutral to HendersonNews
00023BANK OF E ASIAup33.300+0.450+1.370%95.933MHKD[I-bank focus]Virtual banks present risk for HK banks - MSNews
00027GALAXY ENTup68.000+1.300+1.949%992.842MHKD[I-bank focus]Strong start to CNY Golden Week for MacauNews
00066MTR CORPORATIONup41.250+0.350+0.856%302.165MHKD[I-bank focus]DB revises TPs for HK property countersNews
00069SHANGRI-LA ASIAup17.040+0.280+1.671%91.283MHKD[I-bank focus]BofAML restarts Shangri-La (00069) at HK$25News
00083SINO LANDdown13.600-0.400-2.857%66.789MHKD[I-bank focus]DB revises TPs for HK property countersNews
00101HANG LUNG PPTdown18.380-0.240-1.289%148.955MHKD[I-bank focus]Macquarie ups Hang Lung Properties to HK$20.52News
00135KUNLUN ENERGYup7.270+0.230+3.267%132.924MHKDChina oil & gas reform changes entire value chain - DeloitteNews
00144CHINA MER PORTup18.620+0.240+1.306%112.176MHKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa cuts China Merchants Port to HK$23News
00151WANT WANT CHINAup6.290+0.100+1.616%130.301MHKD[I-bank focus]Citi lifts Want Want China (00151) to HK$8.28News
00175GEELY AUTOup23.250+0.550+2.423%1.270BHKD[I-bank focus]BofAML ups numbers for Geely post January dataNews
00241ALI HEALTHunchange3.8400.0000.000%15.025MHKDAli Health (00241) to place shares to parent's subsidiaryNews
00257CHINA EB INT'Lup11.560+0.160+1.404%67.837MHKD[I-bank focus]Morgan ups China EB Int'l (00257) to HK$14.87News
00267CITICup11.220+0.080+0.718%111.877MHKD[I-bank focus]Credit Suisse trims CITIC (00267) to HK$12.5News
00270GUANGDONG INVup11.980+0.860+7.734%156.589MHKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa lifts Guangdong Inv (00270) to HK$12.8News
00288WH GROUPup9.050+0.060+0.667%328.763MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC lifts WH Group (00288) to HK$11.8News
00291CHINA RES BEERup29.850+0.150+0.505%137.755MHKD[I-bank focus]Goldman lifts CR Beer (CRB)(00291) to HK$37.2News
00293CATHAY PAC AIRup12.920+0.140+1.095%60.542MHKDCathay Pacific (00293) January passenger traffic down 1.9%News
00322TINGYIup15.700+0.400+2.614%72.691MHKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa upgrades Tingyi (00322) to HK$16.2News
00371BJ ENT WATERup5.140+0.020+0.391%168.751MHKDBJ Ent Water (00371) to raise HK$3.66bn from shares placingNews
00384CHINA GAS HOLDup24.800+0.550+2.268%165.063MHKD[I-bank focus]Citi lowers China Gas (00384) to HK$28.5News
00386SINOPEC CORPdown6.190-0.080-1.276%434.921MHKDSinopec (00386) oil and gas output up 3.4% in 2017News
00388HKEXdown277.800-2.200-0.786%2.631BHKDHK Govt appoints directors to HKEX BoardNews
00392BEIJING ENTup43.750+0.150+0.344%35.402MHKD[I-bank focus]UBS lifts Beijing Enterprises (00392) to HK$60News
00494LI & FUNGdown3.910-0.010-0.255%29.350MHKD[I-bank focus]Goldman lifts Li & Fung (00494) to HK$3.8News
00551YUE YUEN INDdown33.350-0.100-0.299%70.574MHKDYue Yuen Ind (00551) January net operation revenue down 1.8%News
00607FULLSHAREup3.790+0.030+0.798%22.322MHKDFullshare & C Transmission unveil potential offeror detailsNews
00656FOSUN INTLdown16.940-0.020-0.118%136.831MHKDMoody's upgrades Fosun International to Ba2; outlook stableNews
00659NWS HOLDINGSup14.520+0.040+0.276%27.349MHKDNWS Holdings (659) to place 208m H shares in Beijing AirportNews
00669TECHTRONIC INDup48.750+0.950+1.987%95.760MHKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa raises Techtronic Ind (00669) to HK$58News
00683KERRY PPTdown35.000-0.300-0.850%29.302MHKD[I-bank focus]MacQ ups Kerry Properties (00683) to HK$48.22News
00688CHINA OVERSEASdown28.300-0.350-1.222%367.367MHKDCOLI (688) Jan contracted property sales up 30% to HK$25.8bnNews
00700TENCENTdown445.800-1.200-0.268%9.192BHKDChina Lit (00772) to film TV series with Tencent PicturesNews
00728CHINA TELECOMup3.470+0.010+0.289%125.120MHKD[I-bank focus]Lower tower lease fee paves way for IPO - MSNews
00762CHINA UNICOMdown10.140-0.060-0.588%245.812MHKDChina Unicom Senior Vice President Jiang Zhengxin resignsNews
00813SHIMAO PROPERTYdown21.450-0.250-1.152%140.646MHKDShimao Property Jan contracted sales up 96% to Rmb10.02bnNews
00823LINK REITup65.000+0.300+0.464%388.012MHKD[I-bank focus]Morgan lifts Link REIT (00823) to HK$72News
00836CHINA RES POWERup13.520+0.240+1.807%103.966MHKDChina Res Power (00836) January net generation up 25.9%News
00857PETROCHINAdown5.420-0.030-0.550%647.127MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC lifts PetroChina (00857) to HK$5.55News
00880SJM HOLDINGSup7.610+0.080+1.062%93.772MHKD[I-bank focus]Strong start to CNY Golden Week for MacauNews
00883CNOOCdown11.340-0.060-0.526%913.037MHKD[I-bank focus]Positive developments seen for CNOOC - HSBCNews
00939CCBdown8.330-0.150-1.769%3.477BHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC lifts CCB (00939) to HK$11.2News
00941CHINA MOBILEdown74.000-0.200-0.270%936.635MHKD[I-bank focus]Lower tower lease fee paves way for IPO - MSNews
00960LONGFOR PPTdown23.950-0.050-0.208%103.958MHKDLongfor (0960) January contracted sales up 33% to Rmb16.02bnNews
00966CHINA TAIPINGdown29.500-0.600-1.993%128.346MHKDChina Taiping units' Jan premium income down 4% to Rmb39.2bnNews
00992LENOVO GROUPup3.970+0.030+0.761%183.787MHKD[I-bank focus]CLSA upgrades Lenovo (00992) to HK$4.82News
00998CITIC BANKdown5.780-0.040-0.687%370.556MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC lifts CITIC Bank (00998) to HK$6.3News
01038CKI HOLDINGSdown65.100-0.250-0.383%116.062MHKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa tweaks CKI Holdings (01038) to HK$86News
01044HENGAN INT'Ldown74.150-0.850-1.133%387.099MHKD[I-bank focus]CS trims Hengan Int'l (01044) to HK$108News
01060ALI PICTURESup1.080+0.060+5.882%44.228MHKDAli Pictures (01060) plans to further expand Tao Piao PiaoNews
01088CHINA SHENHUAdown22.000-0.250-1.124%336.020MHKDChina Shenhua (01088) Jan coal output down 3.5%; sales up 6%News
01093CSPC PHARMAup17.700+0.200+1.143%224.863MHKDCSPC Pharma (01093) breast cancer drug granted approvalNews
01109CHINA RES LANDdown29.750-0.450-1.490%304.496MHKDCR Land (01109) Jan contracted sales up 9.3% to Rmb11.17bnNews
01113CK ASSETup68.000+0.750+1.115%354.141MHKD[I-bank focus]DB revises TPs for HK property countersNews
01114BRILLIANCE CHIunchange20.7000.0000.000%370.999MHKDBattery electric vehicles to pressure automakers' returnsNews
01128WYNN MACAUup27.700+0.450+1.651%256.080MHKD[I-bank focus]Strong start to CNY Golden Week for MacauNews
01169HAIER ELECup27.100+0.500+1.880%82.960MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC upgrades Haier Elec (01169) to HK$31.8News
01177SINO BIOPHARMdown13.980-0.020-0.143%289.243MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC lifts Sino Biopharm (01177) to HK$19.9News
01193CHINA RES GASup26.700+0.200+0.755%40.430MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC cuts China Resources Gas (01193) to HK$26News
01288ABCdown4.310-0.060-1.373%633.016MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC upgrades ABC (01288) to "buy" and HK$5.9News
01299AIAdown63.250-0.050-0.079%1.588BHKD[I-bank focus]Macquarie lifts AIA Group (01299) to HK$55News
01359CHINA CINDAdown2.920-0.010-0.341%138.649MHKDChina Cinda (01359) to issue US$2.5bn guaranteed notesNews
01398ICBCdown6.880-0.110-1.574%1.720BHKD[I-bank focus]UOB Kay Hian lowers ICBC (01398) to HK$8.65News
01658PSBCdown4.710-0.040-0.842%116.942MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC tweaks PSBC (01658) to HK$5.2News
01800CHINA COMM CONSup8.360+0.040+0.481%137.197MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC lowers China Comm Cons (01800) to HK$12.2News
01928SANDS CHINA LTDup45.100+0.500+1.121%922.572MHKD[I-bank focus]Strong start to CNY Golden Week for MacauNews
01929CHOW TAI FOOKup8.410+0.080+0.960%47.088MHKD[I-bank focus]UBS upgrades Chow Tai Fook (01929) to HK$11News
01972SWIREPROPERTIESup26.550+0.050+0.189%62.972MHKD[I-bank focus]MacQ ups Swire Properties (01972) to HK$32.35News
01988MINSHENG BANKdown8.120-0.140-1.695%207.918MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC lifts Minsheng Bank (01988) to HK$9.3News
01997WHARF REICup50.550+0.400+0.798%87.076MHKD[I-bank focus]DB revises TPs for HK property countersNews
02007COUNTRY GARDENdown13.580-0.280-2.020%909.719MHKDCountry Garden (02007) sees annual profit to rise over 90%News
02018AAC TECHup156.900+3.900+2.549%679.154MHKD[I-bank focus]Goldman upgrades AAC Technologies to HK$198News
02020ANTA SPORTSup38.300+1.200+3.235%161.834MHKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa lifts Anta Sports (02020) to HK$40News
02282MGM CHINAup23.400+0.950+4.232%265.290MHKD[I-bank focus]Strong start to CNY Golden Week for MacauNews
02313SHENZHOU INTLup79.500+1.900+2.448%140.452MHKD[I-bank focus]Goldman lifts Shenzhou Int'l (02313) to HK$88News
02318PING ANdown85.100-1.750-2.015%3.980BHKDPing An units' Jan premium income up 20.7% to Rmb144.89bnNews
02319MENGNIU DAIRYdown24.850-0.350-1.389%156.748MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC lifts Mengniu Diary (02319) to HK$31.5News
02328PICC P&Cdown15.060-0.080-0.528%230.325MHKDPICC P&C (02328) January premium income up 26% to Rmb41.4bnNews
02382SUNNY OPTICALup131.300+3.300+2.578%1.272BHKDSunny Optical's positive profit alert supports "Baa2" ratingNews
02388BOC HONG KONGdown38.900-0.500-1.269%476.992MHKDBOCHK (02388) keeps interest rates steadyNews
02601CPICdown37.250-0.550-1.455%396.364MHKDCPIC (02601) units' Jan premium income up 23% to Rmb63.1bnNews
02628CHINA LIFEdown23.100-0.050-0.216%976.406MHKDChina Life (02628) Jan premium income down 21% to Rmb126.8bnNews
02688ENN ENERGYup64.000+0.300+0.471%390.490MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC trims ENN Energy (02688) to HK$64News
02799CHINA HUARONGup3.550+0.030+0.852%66.250MHKDChina Huarong says Huarong Exchange Center starts businessNews
02888STANCHARTdown89.050-0.400-0.447%122.479MHKD[I-bank focus]StanChart (02888) 4Q revenues seen at US$3.7bnNews
03311CHINA STATE CONunchange10.6800.0000.000%58.439MHKDChina State Cons January new contract up 17% to HK$11.62bnNews
03320CHINARES PHARMAup10.900+0.520+5.010%44.671MHKD[I-bank focus]Nomura starts CR Pharma (03320) at HK$11.7News
03328BANKCOMMdown6.210-0.060-0.957%223.932MHKD[I-bank focus]UBS upgrades BankComm (03328) to HK$6.3News
03333EVERGRANDEunchange24.1500.0000.000%323.709MHKDEvergrande (03333) Jan contracted sales up 73% to Rmb64.36bnNews
03799DALI FOODSup7.600+0.110+1.469%22.651MHKD[I-bank focus]Credit Suisse ups Dali Foods (03799) to HK$9.6News
03968CM BANKdown33.400-1.000-2.907%731.407MHKD[I-bank focus]UBS upgrades CM Bank (03968) to HK$43.6News
03988BANK OF CHINAdown4.310-0.090-2.045%1.762BHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC lifts Bank of China (03988) to HK$5.8News
06808SUNART RETAILup10.180+0.020+0.197%111.650MHKD[I-bank focus]Morgan lifts Sun Art Retail (06808) to HK$12News
06837HAITONG SECdown11.160-0.020-0.179%59.079MHKDHaitong Sec (06837) net profit up 61% to Rmb533m in JanuaryNews
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