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China Enterprises Index
Index Constituent Turnover
36.840 B
Prv Cls 11,492.77
Open 11,475.78
High 11,622.35
Low 11,394.22
CodeSequenceNameNominalChange%ChangeTurnoverCurrencyLatest NewsRelated
00267CITICup11.160+0.020+0.180%110.953MHKDFDG E Vehicles (00729) clarifies no shares sale by CITICNews
00270GUANGDONG INVup12.700+0.300+2.419%290.465MHKD[I-bank focus]UBS upgrades Guangdong Inv (00270) to HK$16.2News
00384CHINA GAS HOLDdown31.250-0.200-0.636%145.971MHKDChina Gas (00384) expects annual net profit to rise over 45%News
00386SINOPEC CORPup7.170+0.180+2.575%1.543BHKD[I-bank focus]Jefferies lifts Sinopec (00386) to HK$8.75News
00390CHINA RAILWAYdown6.070-0.030-0.492%81.429MHKDChina Railway (00390) to spin off CRHEEC on NEEQNews
00489DONGFENG GROUPup8.840+0.130+1.493%108.665MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC raises Dongfeng Motor (00489) to HK$11.9News
00700TENCENTup400.200+3.400+0.857%9.196BHKD[I-bank focus]Suspension of new game registration temporaryNews
00728CHINA TELECOMup3.560+0.030+0.850%155.265MHKD[I-bank focus]CS lifts China Telecom (00728) to HK$4.6News
00753AIR CHINAdown9.200-0.100-1.075%146.077MHKDAir China (00753) passengers carried rise 8% in MayNews
00857PETROCHINAup5.850+0.020+0.343%823.807MHKD[I-bank focus]Jefferies lifts PetroChina (00857) to HK$9News
00883CNOOCup12.860+0.320+2.552%936.870MHKD[I-bank focus]Jefferies raises CNOOC (00883) to HK$19.75News
00902HUANENG POWERup5.450+0.140+2.637%277.523MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC cuts Huaneng Power (00902) to HK$5.5News
00914CONCH CEMENTdown45.750-1.550-3.277%975.016MHKD[I-bank focus]Limited impact on suspension of Tongling ConchNews
00939CCBdown7.530-0.020-0.265%3.502BHKD[I-bank focus]Positive NIM outlook remains for China banksNews
00941CHINA MOBILEup69.400+0.150+0.217%998.695MHKDChina Mobile (00941) 4G net adds at 2.51m in MayNews
00998CITIC BANKunchange5.1000.0000.000%293.176MHKD[I-bank focus]CS upgrades Citic Bank (00998) to HK$6.4News
01044HENGAN INT'Lup76.500+1.600+2.136%169.961MHKD[I-bank focus]Jefferies starts Hengan Int'l (01044) at HK$97News
01088CHINA SHENHUAup20.450+0.150+0.739%515.705MHKDChina Shenhua (01088) Vice President Zhang Zifei retiresNews
01093CSPC PHARMAup23.800+0.400+1.709%661.807MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC raises CSPC Pharma (01093) to HK$28.6News
01099SINOPHARMup32.900+0.300+0.920%165.665MHKD[I-bank focus]UBS lowers Sinopharm Group (01099) to HK$40.15News
01109CHINA RES LANDdown28.050-0.200-0.708%320.526MHKDChina Res Land (01109) May gross contracted sales up 28.8%News
01211BYD COMPANYdown48.500-1.300-2.610%380.070MHKD[I-bank focus]Nomura chops BYD Company (01211) to HK$46.1News
01288ABCdown3.830-0.040-1.034%1.083BHKDABC (01288) non-public A shares issuance approved by CSRCNews
01336NCIdown35.700-0.100-0.279%228.102MHKDNCI (01336) 5-month premium income up 8.9% to Rmb54.62bnNews
01339PICC GROUPdown3.800-0.010-0.262%200.008MHKDPICC Group (01339) gets approval for A share offeringNews
01359CHINA CINDAunchange2.7200.0000.000%92.086MHKDMoody's affirms Cinda AMC's "A3/P-2" ratings; outlook stableNews
01398ICBCdown6.130-0.010-0.163%1.887BHKD[I-bank focus]Positive NIM outlook remains for China banksNews
01658PSBCup5.340+0.110+2.103%246.780MHKD[I-bank focus]Goldman downgrades PSBC (01658) to HK$6.4News
01766CRRCdown6.340-0.040-0.627%161.948MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC cuts CRRC Corporation (01766) to HK$9.3News
01776GF SECdown11.840-0.120-1.003%56.634MHKDGF Sec (01776) net profit up 12% to Rmb445m in MayNews
01800CHINA COMM CONSup8.190+0.030+0.368%106.915MHKDCCCC (01800) says Aecon buy blocked by CanadaNews
01816CGN POWERup2.080+0.040+1.961%78.704MHKDCGN Power (01816) 1Q on-grid power generation up 15.5%News
01988MINSHENG BANKup7.090+0.080+1.141%217.038MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC cuts Minsheng Bank (01988) to HK$8.3News
02202CHINA VANKEup29.750+0.100+0.337%182.955MHKDChinese developers to brace for drying liquidity conditionsNews
02238GAC GROUPdown8.310-0.030-0.360%205.469MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC cuts GAC Group (02238) to HK$17News
02313SHENZHOU INTLup96.550+0.850+0.888%300.890MHKD[I-bank focus]CS ups Shenzhou Int'l (02313) to HK$103News
02318PING ANdown76.800-0.300-0.389%4.126BHKD[I-bank focus]CS cuts Ping An Insurance (02318) to HK$98News
02328PICC P&Cup13.540+0.060+0.445%243.183MHKDPICC P&C (02328) 5-month premium up 15% to RMB166.7bnNews
02333GREATWALL MOTORup6.820+0.020+0.294%301.367MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC raises Great Wall Motor (02333) to HK$9.8News
02601CPICdown32.600-0.070-0.214%635.178MHKD[I-bank focus]Credit Suisse trimms CPIC (02601) to HK$41News
02628CHINA LIFEup21.400+0.050+0.234%880.484MHKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa lowers China Life (02628) to HK$30News
02799CHINA HUARONGup2.470+0.020+0.816%127.432MHKD[I-bank focus]HSBC trims China Huarong (02799) to HK$2.9News
03328BANKCOMMup6.230+0.070+1.136%309.698MHKDBoCom (03328) plans to set up asset management subsidiaryNews
03968CM BANKdown30.400-0.150-0.491%754.608MHKD[I-bank focus]Positive NIM outlook remains for China banksNews
03988BANK OF CHINAup3.970+0.010+0.253%1.709BHKDBank of China branches' MTN drawdowns assigned 'A' ratingsNews
06030CITIC SECdown17.180-0.100-0.579%377.899MHKDMoody's assigns P-2 rating to CITIC Securities ECP programNews
06060ZA ONLINEdown52.250-0.050-0.096%40.910MHKD[I-bank focus]UBS trims Zhong An Online (06060) to HK$56.8News
06837HAITONG SECdown8.470-0.110-1.282%244.196MHKD[I-bank focus]Daiwa cuts Haitong Securities (06837) to HK$12News
06881CGSdown4.370-0.020-0.456%92.624MHKDCGS (06881) net profit up 30% to Rmb253m in MayNews
06886HTSCdown13.500-0.020-0.148%150.545MHKDHTSC (06886) net profit down 24% to Rmb269m in MayNews
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