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2022-02-21 14:00

Jockey Club Engage Digital Exploration - Digital NGO: Advocating for Video-storytelling Adoption and Digital Transformation for NGOs in Hong Kong

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 21 February 2022 -

The 2021 Year in Review:

"YouTube platform has been on the rise to become the no#1 social media platform according to Hootsuite, the social media management platform, in 2021, yet most NGOs are not confident in using videos for storytelling"

Perhaps no other type of industry is more applicable for video storytelling than nonprofit. The objectives are genuine and powerful, and the characters are passionate and inspiring. Yet, many NGOs are not leveraging this channel to communicate their impact and it's simply hard to write a well-told story. 


"Digital transformation has impacted the marketing and communications industry.  NGOs agree that a data-driven content communication is essential but consider that implementing data-driven marketing is somehow beyond reach."

NGOs showed they are eager to adapt a data-driven mindset in setting up digital campaigns to create more engaging communications of their mission and vision to the public, yet the digital skills know-how in nonprofits is largely limited and creates additional challenges in analyzing big data in marketing.


In 2021, under the Jockey Club Engage Digital Exploration (JC ENGAGE) organized by Asian Charity Services (ACS) and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, we were privileged to serve 125 NGO leaders, equipping their teams with basic skills in video storytelling and digital campaigns for more effective digital communication capabilities. Through the JC ENGAGE journey, the teams gained:

  • Thoughtful insights and frameworks into creating effective communication strategies for the nonprofit sector
  • Training and resources from communications professional
  • Customized assistance and advisory services from pro bono skill-based volunteers

Highlights from JC ENGAGE participants:

"Deepening understanding around developing clear and measurable objectives and strategy based on factual/data-driven knowledge of the market and our donors and audience."

"Our biggest takeaway is the startup model and strategies of crafting a story. We only created videos from our existing skills in the past, and now we have learned to narrow down the target audience to improve effectiveness. We also learned how people from other fields think in the workshops, which was invaluable. The workshop materials were practical and helped us execute our plan step by step."


"We seldom have the chance to stand behind the camera and create a video from scratch ourselves. We did this thanks to JC ENGAGE. After the workshops, we found that we could publish the video already, and readily promote our message of aging-in-place to the public. It also means a lot to us that we invited service users to share their real-life experiences and bring focus to their perspectives to be shared with the public." 


Looking Forward 2022:

The pandemic has shaken the world in the past 24 months and embracing digital is a non-negotiable part of any organizational strategy.  It's no longer about striving to be online but how to thrive.  Nonprofits need strategies to launch hybrid fundraising events, reaching donors virtually using powerful video content to make a strong emotional connection as well as exploring the data insights the online channels can bring to be more efficient and focused. Nonprofits need to have a digital strategy as part of their game plan to thrive in the new normal.


Our team will launch a large-scale online digital survey to build stronger partnerships and an understanding of Hong Kong NGOs' digital marketing landscape.  The research will help highlight the needs and guide the focus areas for the nonprofit sector. JC ENGAGE team is enthusiastic to be part of the drive to build digital capacity in the ecosystem. The journey goes beyond the training but community support to create capacity and to convene more resources.


Nonprofits often lack investment in marketing and technology, creating constraints in digital transformation. Skilled volunteering is a powerful way to bridge the technical gap between nonprofits and the digital world. Whether you are a digital media service provider or an individual marketing specialist, your support is extremely helpful. To get started, click the link: https:/

About Asian Charity Services

Asian Charity Services (ACS) offers customized philanthropic services to enable foundations and corporates to engage and impact NGOs in a meaningful and innovative way. ACS provides training and support for capacity-building and helps bridge the gap between funders and non-profits. To learn more, visit / or follow @asiancharityservices on Fb, IG, and LinkedIn.

About Jockey Club Engage Digital Exploration Program (JC ENGAGE)

JC ENGAGE is a digital exploration program for staff from non-profit organizations. We aim to equip NGOs with the knowledge of storytelling and digital campaigns taught by subject matter experts and coached by our skilled-based professionals. Through this journey, non-profit communication with stakeholders can be better, stronger, and deeper. To learn more, visit

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source: Jockey Club Engage Digital Exploration

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