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Believe and Fearless Announce New Partnership

TOKYO, Dec. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Believe, one of the world's leading digital music companies, and Fearless, the company providing total business support for Nissy, announced today the partnership. 

Based in Paris, France, Believe was founded in 2005 by its CEO Denis Ladegaillerie. In October 2023, the company announced the launch of its Japan office in Tokyo, headed by Erika Ogawa-Arai.

Fearless, provides Nissy with full business support, including label, management and franchise business. The company is based in Tokyo, Japan, and is run by its CEO Kenji Shima

Believe and Fearless have partnered since Nissy's last single "When You Were Mine," which saw a +115% month-on-month increase in monthly listeners on Spotify (surging from approx. 400,000 to 850,000) in the first month of the preceding period. This growth included a significant influx of streams from the Latin America, Asia and other new regions outside of the country.

On 28 November, as the second partnership project, Nissy released a new Nissy x Saweetie song, "Feels," as Nissy's first international collaboration.

About "Feels"

"Feels," a collaboration with Nissy and Saweetie.

The collaboration on this new track "Feels" began around 2018, featuring Saweetie, nominated for Best New Artist and Best Rap Song at the 64th Grammy Awards in 2022 and is one of the female icons of the hip-hop scene.

While Nissy's sweet and alluring vocals lead the song, the presence of sound adds more depth to the chorus, creating an indescribable sense of comfort. This piece not only showcases the multifaceted nature within a single work but also beautifully matches Nissy's sweet and sometimes assertive vocals with Saweetie's rap.

Nissy and Saweetie, each leading their respective scenes, release "Feels," a piece that stimulates the mind strongly the more you listen, ultimately creating a work that makes you "feel."

The music video, which was released on the same day as the digital release, was filmed with Saweetie in LA. The entire video is a full CG production, portraying a surreal and bizarre world where grandiosity and contrasts stand out, and the laws of physics change freely. Nissy and Saweetie unfold scenes along with the music in this peculiar world. The coloring and computer graphics that change from scene to scene, as well as the costumes and expressions of the two actors, are also a highlight of the film.

The high-quality and sophisticated music video is a work to be enjoyed together with the song "Feels," which has become a new cornerstone.

"Feels" Streaming&Downlad: https://lnk.to/Nissy_Saweetie_Feels
"Feels" Music Video: https://youtu.be/CQ2DdIPdX-A

About Nissy

Born 1986, singer and actor.

In 2013, Nissy started his solo career as a self-produced artist. He also writes lyrics, directs stage productions and music videos himself.

In 2019, Nissy became the youngest Japanese male solo artist ever to immediately complete a four-dome tour, and released his long-awaited third album "HOCUS POCUS 3" on 24 May. In October of the same year, he held a six major dome tour, the largest in his career and the second ever for a solo artist, "Nissy Entertainment 4th LIVE ~DOME TOUR~," which ended with all shows sold out. On 14 July, Nissy released his first single in a year, "Rendezvous." On 20 October, he released a new single "When You Were Mine," his first single with all English lyrics. 

On 28 November, "Feels," a collaboration with Grammy-nominated artist Saweetie, was released for distribution.

Nissy also announced the worldwide distribution of Amazon Prime Video of the live and documentary footage from their six major dome tour "Nissy Entertainment 4th LIVE ~DOME TOUR~" starting 29 November, and the 24 December release of the DVD and Blu-ray.

Nissy Official Informationhttps://bio.to/Nissy

Comments from Fearless

"Fearless is an agency team that connects a diverse array of talented artists with a broad spectrum of projects, aiming to expand the horizons of music possibilities. Through our partnership with Believe, we are committed to advancing the digital music space in Japan and around the world. We aspire to continue leading the music industry into a new era."

Comments from Believe Japan

"Believe is excited to support Nissy with Fearless in developing his artistic activities both in Japan and internationally in the digital music space, utilizing our dedicated team and technology, along with our strong partnerships with global and local key DSPs. We believe Believe and Nissy's team make a perfect match. Fearless and Nissy represents an innovative, outward-looking, and truly independent artist emerging from a successful domestic artist group as a solo artist. They are quickly adapting to the changes in the digital music business landscape by taking more ownership of his career.

Fearless and Nissy are strategically reaching out to potential fans, gradually building up strategically, taking on new creative challenges, and strengthening artist's digital presence. This approach is based on a local-first strategy, focusing on building a strong, engaged community, and subsequently expanding outward. Artists who adopt a constructive approach with a challenging spirit and an open mind have found success in other parts of the world. We will continue to support Fearless and Nissy as they venture into new endeavors."

About Fearless

Established in 2017, Fearless is an agency team that brings together staff from diverse backgrounds, each with their own exceptional capabilities and track record. We focus on the traditional operations of the music business, with a specialist approach to a wide range of areas including finance, production management, and organizational management, providing artists with the right team for the job. We continue to develop new possibilities for artists with bold ideas that are not bound by conventional frameworks and ideas.


About Believe

Believe is one of the world's leading digital music companies. Believe's mission is to develop independent artists and labels in the digital world by providing them the solutions they need to grow their audience at each stage of their career and development. Believe's passionate team of digital music experts around the world leverages the Group's global technology platform to advise artists and labels, distribute and promote their music. Its 1,720 employees in more than 50 countries aim to support independent artists and labels with a unique digital expertise, respect, fairness, and transparency. Believe offers its various solutions through a portfolio of brands including Believe, TuneCore, Nuclear Blast, Naïve, Groove Attack, AllPoints, Ishtar and Byond. Believe is listed on compartment B of the regulated market of Euronext Paris (Ticker: BLV, ISIN: FR0014003FE9).


About Believe Japan G.K.

In March 2023, Believe Japan G.K. was established and launched in Japan to support artists and labels of all genres at every stage of their career development in the Japanese market. Believe Japan offers services in two areas: "Believe Label & Artist Solutions" and "Believe Artist Services."


source: Believe

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